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  1. Δραπετσώνα, Την πόρτα ανοίγω το βράδυ, Μάνα μου και Παναγιά, Βρέχει στη φτωχογειτονιά...... and many more beautiful songs set to music by Theodorakis and other composers. Who can tell me more about him or direct me to some source of information ?
  2. Niki, here are a few lines taken from Paco de Lucia's biography on one of the website dedicated to him (this one = : "He has been criticized by flamenco die hards for his forays into other styles (his own sextet, organized in 1981), includes bass, drums, and saxophone) and his high profile collaborations, especially with jazz musicians, most notably with pianist Chick Corea and fellow guitarist John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell and Al DiMeola. But the often dazzling results of these collaborations have been documented in several releases including the guitar trio albums Castro Marin (1979), Passion Grace and Fire (1982) and Friday Night in San Francisco (1981). He has also recorded soundtracks for films such as Carlos Saura's Carmen, Borau's La Sabina, and the ballet Los Tarantos, presented at Madrid's prestigious Teatro de la Zarzuela in 1986. " "de Lucia shrugs off the complaints or the concerns that he might lose his roots or betray the essence of flamenco. "I have never lost my roots in my music, because I would lose myself," he once said. "What I have tried to do is have a hand holding onto tradition and the other scratching, digging in other places trying to find new things I can bring into flamenco." "There was a time when I was concerned about losing myself," he added, "but not now. I've realized that, even if I wanted, I couldn't do anything else. I am a flamenco guitarist. If I tried to play anything else it would still sound like flamenco" Do you see similarities ? :blink: You must absolutely see Carmen, Carlos Saura's film if you haven't seen it yet !
  3. I can't believe it !!!!! The forum is working again for me !!!! Malware can't be that bad after all.....
  4. Εξαιρετική συνέντευξη! Μπράβο!
  5. Να συνεχίσεις με την ίδια τελειότητα, είναι αυτό που σου εύχομαι Θάνο! Ποιος είναι ο τίτλος, και το όνομα του συνθέτη (από την Κρήτη αν κατάλαβα καλά) του τρίτου τραγουδιού που είπε ο Ανδρεάτος ότι είχε μια «Τσιτσανηκή γραφή»; Πολύ ωραίο τραγούδι.
  6. Συμφωνώ απόλυτα. Μπράβο Θανάση!
  7. Επιτέλους!!!! Μπράβο Θάνο! Καταπληκτικά τα νέα σου!
  8. Απόδειξη ότι τα « like » δεν σημαίνουν τίποτα; ή τα poll;;;;
  9. Η επιλογή είναι δύσκολη. Video θα έλεγα…… συμφωνώντας με την παρατήρηση του Theodore : « Α! δε μου αρέσουν τα poll-παγίδες!!! »
  10. We have run out of words to express our appreciation and thanks by now !!! Superb photos, thank you Elpida. Not only are we privileged, we are also spoiled ….and we don’t mind!
  11. Kostas Makedonas/Melina Aslanidou Κώστας Μακεδόνας/Μελίνα Ασλανίδου in Basel Saturday Oct 20th, 2012 http://basel.eventse...20-2012/6601360
  12. I’m afraid, I haven’t been very successful either. The friends I asked for help in recording the concerts cannot do it for the same reason I can’t: either they will be out of the country end of June…. or they don’t have TV ….Such a pity!
  13. Και από μένα επίσης, καλό μεσημέρι και καλό βράδυ σε όλους σας στη Δάφνη . Τρέμω και σας θαυμάζω. Είστε όλοι στην καρδιές μας, να είστε καλά!!!
  14. Congratulations Thanasis and Petros! With this research and analysis you have done an impressive job. Its novelty and its importance are abundantly clear even for a non musician like myself…. The fact that Dalaras himself has seen fit to give you his help is proof enough of the seriousness of the research. It also goes to show his fondness and regard for the authors of the article
  15. Thank you, thank you all for the beautiful pictures and the comments . Alona the video of the new song is a superb gift, thank you! As for the song itself…pure bliss! Nothing better could have happen to us! Just hoping and waiting for some more to come now…
  16. Many thanks, all of you! Never mind the railing Sofia....a "golden" one too
  17. Please have a look at this date: Sun, 13. Nov. 2011 Does anyone knows anything about this concert at the Basle fair in November? More details under "programme" with a sample from Agrigento to tempt your hears...
  18. Congratulations and good luck to all!
  19. Great photos Maro, thanks a lot. There are very much appreciated; we always feel extremely happy to see him happy.....