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  1. Are you saying, Olga, that this whole CD is in Byzantine? I would not have known the difference.
  2. Anna Do you have more info on the remastered collection?
  3. US $ or Australian $? Just boycott the show and they will lower the prices next time, if there is one.
  4. There was talk of a DVD to come out last year, but so far, nothing yet. You've just got to be patient. Maybe it will be out this year, or next ... Once it will be out, it should normally be available where you get your Dalaras CD's online. Who is your online merchant?
  5. Some Greek songs have been made famous in English or in French by Nana Mouskouri and Demis Roussos. What about the reverse? Are foreign songs translated into Greek and who would have sung them? Any chance "Ne Me Quit-te Pas" has been translated? What about popular songs like Happy Birthday or We Wish You a Merry Christmas? Does Dalaras sing Chrismas songs at concerts that are scheduled near Christmas?
  6. Welcome back,Olga! And this time, Ne nous quit-te pas!
  7. Thank you to all for this wealth of information. I would not be surprised if there are Turkish songs also. I liked Anna, Kane Kouragio. A lot, in fact. Mad About You? The voices don't match at all. I much prefer Wooden Horse/Periplanasi (??). As for the French side, I don't know Nina Simone. But I am willing to try. I hope I won't catch the chills like Francois. I can't stand the cold. And Brel's live version of Olympia 61 is breathtaking. You are right, Celeste!
  8. To Pelago Einai Vathi I can imagine myself floating on the Mediterrean sea, and looking at the sky, and just thinking... Does the sea reflect the colour of the sky, or does the sky reflect the colour of the sea?
  9. What an interesting choice of songs! And of course, since he is so good in all of them, how can one even start to decide? For one thing, I can see now why he dedicated "Ah, Helidoni Mou" to his daughter. Secondly, I think that Olga's song will also definitely figure among the top ones to be well remembered when one thinks of Dalaras. But such a sad song, Olga!
  10. Thanks Geske. I would like to ask another question to all of you. Which song do you think is most identified to Dalaras? It would be not only for now, but in 10, 20, 30 years' time. It would be a song that when people hear, they would say "no one sings it like Dalaras does (did)". For example: When I think of Lisa Minelli, I think "New York, New York"; Barbra Streisand "The Way We Were", Elvis "Love Me Tender" and Frank Sinatra "My Way". I must say that I have trouble answering my own question. May be "Ah, Helidoni Mou"? What are your choices?
  11. Ego eimai yios tis Kokkinias A nice surprise at the end, since the Apona Matia CD does not have so many good songs (to me at least).
  12. Has anyone published a book on Dalaras yet?
  13. How are Greece and Dalaras known internationally, except for those who are crazy about them? Greece = Greek islands, Zorba the Greek, souvlakis, the Olympics. Dalaras = pardon me? Personally, I think it does not matter how each one views Dalaras, as the best singer in the world, or something more. People get what they can, and what they want, from music, and from the artists/singers they like. After all, it is them who attend the concerts and buy the CD's. Singers come and go, only in Dalaras' case, he stays a little longer than most.
  14. Anyone who has followed his career would have noted that Dalaras' hairstyle has changed throughout the years. However, there had been a drastic change in recent years. I must say that the short hair suits him very well. However, I can't figure out what could have caused such a big change. Was it because: His hair is falling down, or He makes more money now and can afford a haircut, or He changed barbers, or He finally decided to look his age, or His wife told him: "Honey, I'm fed up with you following me all the time to my hairdresser. Would you mind to get your own?"
  15. The song was in 1965.
  16. I got some help from a French speaking friend.
  17. Does Anna Dalara attend all Dalaras' concerts?