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  1. Den aneferes ka8olou thn Omonoia. Sou 8umise Desert Rose ka8olou? Shmera to akosa pali merikes fores kai... nomizw oti uparxei kapoia omoiothta h' einai h idea mou.
  2. Kalh spera, Agorasa to disko prin liges meres kai m'arese polu. Exw mia erwthsh omws: H mousikh tou tragoudiou Omonoia - kuriws to refren - de sas 8umizei kati apo to Desert Rose? Emena mou fanhke oti uparxei kapoia omoiothta. Akoma kai h endiamesh mousikh (prin to teleutaio Είμαι εδώ είμαι καλά) moizei me thn antistoixh tou Desert Rose... (Shmeiwsh: To Desert Rose einai ena tragoudi tou Sting me ton Cheb Mami)
  3. You are right Michael about the above nationalities. Natalie, send us the names you need and we'll reply accordingly
  4. Bre Michael, pws kai tous xereis olous autous? :blink: :blink: Apisteuto! S'euxaristoume gia to link
  5. Dhladh to aspromauro einai tou studio kai auto me to paidaki einai ths Ieras Odou 2??
  6. Who knows? Maybe they are just readers. They log in, read the news - if they are able to read - and that's all they need. Some people are shy, others think they have nothing to offer and finally another party registers "just for fun".
  7. I empathise with you, but still the problem has nothing to do with the writers' intentions. You see, when a discussion takes place in Greek, between two or more Greek members, nobody is concentrating on the fact that other members can not follow. That's why some topics are being "straggled" in one language only. But again if somebody asks for explanation, then immediately a translation or a brief description of the topic is sent by a volunteer. However, let's not forget that there might be members who can not write in English as easy as they can in Greek. Anna: You confuse me :blink: You say: "No one is demanding for writing in English, its just a small wish to those who are able to do". But the "service" Michael is talking about already exists! And dispite its existance.... you want more! ! The only thing that can be done is to oblige all the members to write in English, which is impossible - and unfair. It's good that HARDET openned - again - this subject. But unfortunately the solution is in every member's choice of language...
  8. De lew... einai gousta, alla to tragoudi den armozei. Pws na to pw? An labeis upopsh ola ta upoloipa tragoudia tou diskou, to ntoueto auto akougetai "parafwno". Oi stixoi einai entelws a8lioi! Eipame na akousoume apla tragoudakia s'auto to CD alla oxi kai toso ... ftwxika.
  9. Man... everytime I visit the forum I come to this page and see your three-dotted edited message... and I keep trying to remember what was written there and what does the edited message mean Today I decided to write my enquiry because my curiosity is about to become an obsession :blink: You don't have to answer. I am just writing a thought.
  10. Just for the record: As Antometrios mentioned, for Orthodox Christians there is no purgatory. There is only Heaven (Pradise) or Hell. The purgatory was "invented" by the Catholic Church. Plus, in general, the soul does not travel and keep searching for its way. Thus the prayers are not like those in the Book of the Dead - like in ancient Egypt. The prayers are made in order to ask for mercy, hoping that God will forgive the sins made by our lost loved ones.
  11. I don't want to sound like an expert, but it is written that the music is by Dalaras. So it is probably composed by him. I'll check it again and in case I am wrong I - or somebody else - will inform you.
  12. An kai den zw sthn Ellada - kai den eimai palioteros - den etuxe pote na anafer8ei tipota peri platineniwn diskwn tou Ntalara oute sto radiofwno oute sthn efhmerida (BHMA). Ginontan "giortes", alla to ma8aina... katopin eorths. Apo thn allh, gia tous pio emporikous kalitexnes panta anaferontan ta "kator8wmata" tous p.x. o Takis Taramakhs me ton kainourio tou disko...2 fores platinenios!!! klp Thn propagnada auth thn proo8ei, mallon, h etairia (EMI) kai o Ntalaras den antisteketai sta "επικοινωνιακής φύσεως λάθη"
  13. Wow! Euxaristw Petro. 8a to psaxw amesws!!!