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  1. There was an ad in Neos Kosmos this week announcing the tour - and the October dates. Said tix were on sale in July. Very vague.
  2. Hey there Are the Australian tour dates confirmed? And if so .. When are tickets available? I am interested in all australian cities!!! We are going on a road trip!!!! Yeah!
  3. Thank you for your reply. Is there a website which lists upcoming concerts and events in Greece?
  4. Hello everyone! I am coming to Greece in May! I was hoping that Giorgos Dalaras was going to be playing live anywhere? Does anyone know any dates and locations? And if I can book a ticket to the concert online!? Thank you Dimitris.
  5. Oh my god Thannasi thank you so much!! I will look for that CD as soon as possible. I think it is also on the 'Rembetiko' soundtrack which I will look for also.
  6. Hello everyone, I've been looking for a song by George Dalaras for a while and I just can not find it. I first heard it on the movie 'Rembetiko' it is the very first song in the movie, in the opening sequence. I then heard it at a Dalaras concert and it has stuck with me ever since. I think it is called 'Tis Armenis Ta Paida" but I am not sure. It is a fast tempo song (Xasaposerviko). Can anyone help please?? :blink: A line in the song goes "tous pseftarades kai tous maskarades"
  7. Thanks Thanasi. But I was looking for something longer, something with a bit more meaning.... ??? I'm looking through my dalaras collection as we speak!!
  8. Hello, I am currently designing my own wedding invitations and on the back of I would love a quote or lyric from a song sung by George Dalaras. Do any of you have any suggestions? Obivously the quote has to be romantic and about love and friendship. Thank you! Dimitris.
  9. Hello, I just love the song 'Erotokritos' ... Does anyone have the lyrics? Is this a Cretan song? Who sang the original version? thank you.
  10. Does anyone know of any Dalaras concerts, documentaries or shows on DVD? Preferably available online as I am in Australia.
  11. The prices are ridiculously high. No, salaries in Australia aren't that high at all. Is anyone from here actually going?
  12. I just had a look at the ticket prices for the Dalaras show in Melbourne on the 15th of February and I can not believe how expensive the ticket prices are. They start at $100 and go to $255 for VIP seating. This is an absolute joke. Melbourne is filled with first and second generation Greeks, it is the largest Greek populated city outside of Greece, many of whom are aged over 45. Do they really think that these people, our mothers and fathers, can afford ridiculously high prices like that!? appauling.