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  1. Good news, if that's right: Dalaras is coming to London, together with Michalis Xatzigiannis
  2. Somebody knows, where I can get tickets for the concerts at Theatro Gis, Thessaloniki (16.09. + 17.09.2004)? And the preselling date? Thanks!
  3. Somebody knows, where you can can buy tickets for the two concerts at Dimitsana and Examilia (16./17.08)?? Thanks! Maria
  4. Dear members, I have just seen, that there will be four more concerts with Dalaras and Marinella in the Megaron!! 5th., 6th., 8th. and 9th of February! Preselling date: 15. Jan. Maria
  5. Sorry - I don't know anything more about this concert. I hope, that it is 'only' Dalaras!!
  6. Dear members, Great news, Dalaras will play 16th of february in Paris! Tickets online: Maria
  7. Since yesterday you can bougth tickets at Trehantiri for the concert at the London Palladium! Maria
  8. Good news: Go to then to 'Forum' and then click on 'Dalaras'!! For Tickets for the concert in Mainz ("Mainzer Zeltfestival" im "Volkspark") see: : Kartenvorverkauf Mainz Kartenvorverkauf Karstadt Telefon: 0 61 31/22 19 35 Tourtistik Centrale Mainz Brόckenturm Telefon 0 61 31/28 62 10 TICKETBOX Residenzpassage Telefon: 0 61 31/22 39 27 Kartenvorverkauf Wiesbaden Webergasse 5 Telefon: 06 11/30 29 22 Kaufhaus Galeria TelefoN: 06 11/37 64 44 Kartenvorverkauf Frankfurt Kartenkiosk Sandrock Hauptwache-Passage Telefon: 0 69/9 20 09 20 Kartenvorverkauf Worms Zigarren Mans Telefon: 06241/27 66 8
  9. Hi Fans! under you can order tickets for the concert in Berlin (05.07.2002) !!!!!
  10. It would be lovely if somebody could help a Zygos-newcomer - I read with enthusiasm that Dalaras will sing regularyly in Zygos between end of February and end of April. I've already been to Athens a couple of times and sort of know my way around there, but never went to a concert at "Zygos". So, how does it all work? Can I just drop in any time I like? Will I have to buy a ticket in advance? Will Dalaras be there once a week or even more often? I'm just planning my holiday in Greece for next year, and Zygos would be a special treat for me. Thanks! Maria
  11. Hi Micki, hi Geeske, thank you very much for the wonderful news!! But I have a Problem: I try to buy tickets for the Crossing Border Festival, but there is obviously no possibility to do this neither from Germany via Internet (with creditcard) nor via telephone. How I unterstand it, you need an adress in the Netherland and you have to pick up the tickets personal in one of the ticket offices in the Netherlands! Have you try it too? Is there another way? Maria
  12. Ist wirklich lustig: ich sitze auch in Reihe 5! Bin schon riesig gespannt auf das Programm, besonders auf den ersten Teil! Leider noch fast 2 Monate.... :-(