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  1. Let this experience be a lesson for all of us to respect each other member a little more and let's move on.
  2. The Live Recordings Google will translate this link in English .
  3. On the contrary, nobody takes this stuff seriously. Of course, it is Nikolas' choice as well as anyone else's choice. It is a moral choice each of us has and is free to make. A few days ago, I read on Google News that the sales of records of Canadian artists has gone down significantly this year, even with the legal downloads. It is their bread and butter we are taking away, simply put, bootleg or not. Where do we draw the line? Stealing is stealing, whether here in the forum or privately.
  4. Nikolas, I know your intentions are good, i.e. to share with us the music of the concert. But I would hesitate greatly before doing it for the following reasons: 1) The tour has barely started. Let Dalaras have the chance to finish it first. It is not right and very unfair to him. Besides some places may still have unsold tickets, so who is going to buy them? 2) It is unfair to the people who have paid money and travelled from far away to see the concerts to see this CD given free - and now. Those people still have to wait for their concerts. 3) It is ILLEGAL. For those reasons also, I would suggest that if members have taken some short videos of their concerts, to wait at least for the tour to finish before posting them. Thank you for your understanding.
  5. Lefteris, I am going to hear Dalaras right here at home . (I don't live in Europe.) It seems like there will be more members attending the three concerts you will go too, I don't know why, maybe the cities are closer to each other or maybe the cities are bigger. If Dalaras keeps changing the songs from the program, you will have three different concerts instead of the same one, don't you like that? Have a great time in all of them, Lefteris.
  6. I just noticed. Welcome to the forum, Lefteris. I hope the time won't seem too long to you before you can attend "your" concerts too.
  7. Dear Gabriella and Vitaly, Thank you for your reports about the opening concert in Budapest and the list of songs. We can expect that the Vienna concert will be as successful, if not more. Hoping that some members will tell us all about it too.
  8. Olga, try sending an email to the webmaster, if you can, and ask how you can register.
  9. Thanks, Vitaly, for your translation offer. There are one or two songs I especially like and I am going to check if there is a translation or not, while you are cruising. Thanks also for your wishes about my "travels". Right now, I am content to be an armchair traveller by watching videos about other countries, but one day, I hope I will be able to visit Egypt and China. And, by psycho, I meant psychologist, or worse , psychiatrist.
  10. That's one of my favorite songs, Vitaly. Thanks for the translation. What a surprise, you are an electronics engineer! I thought you were a psycho or a teacher in the Arts Dept. That's something to ponder about, like, what we do for a living compared to our screen personalities. I know there are quite a few members who are teachers, actually a big proportion statistically based on the number of teachers and the members who participate or used to. I wonder if that number is representative and could be projected, maybe. Anyhow, have a great time during "your" European Tour 2007. If you follow the itinary of the cities Dalaras will appear in, you may see him driving along the way, unless you both fly in the same plane.
  11. Dear Gabriella, I am touched by your friendliness and hospitality. This is the first time I talk to a person from Hungary, and it is a very nice feeling I have. It would have been great to meet with you, but I am not able to go to the concerts because Europe is too far for me and too expensive. I am happy for you, however, that you can make it. I wish you a great time at the concert. Thanks for thinking of sharing with us afterwards.
  12. Well, lucky you, Gabriella, and this time you can see Dalaras right at home, again. Thanks for all the articles and have a great concert. I hope you will be able to meet some of the members of the forum, they are really swell. Thank you also to all the other members for your info. This is really great.
  13. That's very nice of you, Aaz, we all look forward to your pictures and videos. Thanks in advance. The concert looks very promising in Amsterdam. What does alona mean, btw?
  14. Gee, just now I checked back the dates of the concerts. Well, the first one is Budapest and sooooooon. Have fun all of you who go to these concerts. We know so far Celeste, Vitaly, Gabriella and Aaz are going. Gabriella and Aaz, is this your first Dalaras concert? It must be very exciting for you. Remember to bring your binoculars if you don't sit in the front.
  15. Part of the 1986 Palais des sports and Olympia concerts in Paris were recorded in Live Recordings. I would be surprised if Dalaras had given 14 or 12 consecutive concerts. To keep him there for two weeks is kind of expensive for whoever had to shoulder the cost. As we have seen with the Greek Culture Month in Vienna, he appeared only once (or twice, I can't remember). In any case, the Greek Community in Paris may know something, but again, it is so far back. Or the Olympia itself may have something in its archives. Just some suggestions if anyone is interested.