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  1. In Poland Goran Bregovic was colaborated with two artists: 1. Kayah 2. Krzysztof Krawczyk With Kayah - was a good job, super CD, and tousends people in concerts. Kayah sings famous Bregovic hits like "Theos an ine" (Jesli Bog istnieje), "Triantafilaki" (Bylam roza), With Krawczyk in my opinion was very poor. "Nihil novil" "Pali ta idia" One song - One milion versions
  2. Francois Thanks, you are "O MEGAS"
  3. Ναι, ναι εχεις δικιο (Yalo, Yalo !!!) :lol: Super site about Irene Papas www.thegoldenyears.org/papas.html
  4. Αγαπιτη Ελενη Ευχαριστω για την πληροφορια
  5. In this fantastic movie (Anthony Quinn, Gregory Peck, Irene Papas) was scene with wedding. What song singing all the people (title)? Whos the composer ?
  6. Paidia !!! Venzinadiko - Gas Station Xerete auth tragoudi, peripou prin 10-12 xronia; mousikh Goran Bregovic, alla xechasa pia Glykeria h Alkistis Protopsalti ;
  7. Anna !!! Its not special edition. It was original old "black 2 longplays" realy in 1981 In 1983 remstering CD-s is without 3 or 4 songs like "To dendro", "Stin allana"
  8. SHEIK !!! Exo auto to tragoudi sto mp3 !!!!!!!!!! Grapste mou dikosou e-mail Prosoxi !!! File size - 3,6 Mb m.jeropulos@olimpia.com.pl
  9. 'Ta tragoudia mou" is the best album in history !!!!! "Paraponemena logia" is the best song !!!!! In 1981 I was in Greece and in Thessaloniki in little shop my father buy this fantastic album. Since this year my favourite singer is "Dalaras the Great" :lol:
  10. Agnes Baltsa (mezzo-sporan) tragoudai "classic greek songs" (Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Xarhakos, Tsitsanis). Sto kainourio CD "From Greece With Love - Songs from the Home of the Olympics". Athens Experimental Orchestra Stavros Xarhakos. Kostas Papadopoulos - solo bouzouki. Pios akouse auth; Pote na traghoudai mazi me to Dalara;
  11. Eurika sto internet 5 diaforetika versions. Glykeria, Eleuteria Arvanitaki, Aris San, Bratsch, Pios thelei, grapste e-mail m.jeropulos@olimpia.com.pl :lol:
  12. Panos !!! Mporoume na kanoume mikro lexiko ENG - Welcome in Club (sorry, my english is very poor) POL - Witamy w klubie EGY - ???
  13. Annemarie !!! Euxaristo polu gia link kai ena kainourio link me pontiaka (traghoudane paidia) www.xeniteas.net