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  1. CHANGES Today evening: Koita ti Ekanes: NO DALARA: "Α.ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΑΚΗΣ
  2. Dear Friends, Saturday, 02.october, 2004, ERT sat and NET 22.00-01.00 (greek time) ΚΟΙΤΑ ΤΙ ΕΚΑΝΕΣ (E): "Γ. ΝΤΑΛΑΡΑΣ (Β' ΜΕΡΟΣ)"
  3. Dear Friends, Saturday, 02.october 2004 NET and ERT-sat at 22.00 -01.00 (greek time): ΚΟΙΤΑ ΤΙ ΕΚΑΝΕΣ (E) : "Γ. ΝΤΑΛΑΡΑΣ (Β' ΜΕΡΟΣ)"
  4. This is the text of "To kapanti" ????? I would like the greek version.... Can you help me? P.s.: Maybe the tabulatures or only the chords of "To kapanti" in english or greek language? Thanks a lot! ハチムチヘヤノ フ・・: ネワ瀅・フ鳰鳰・ モ・ ペ・・ハ矮粃葹碪 フ・褥鰡・゙・・ ・ ・・鳫鳰鰡・ ン涖 ゚ ・碎粃゚ ・・ 肬ン・蔟・鱚・ン涖 ・ ・・ ・碵・鱧・ '・碎゚・・鳰ン・ ...
  5. Dear Fadi! Thank you very much for the quick answer! I'm very happy! Have a nice day! Gabi
  6. Dear Apostolis and Hrodion-friends! We are very glad to have met you, we hope we will meet ourselves very soon. It was very marvellous and unforgetable to be with Dalaras and with you. Thank you for your big help, you everybody are very good friends! I am going to send you an article about Dalaras-published in the Metro, City Press, Miso-Miso (02.aug.) and & 7 (01.aug.) in Athens. Please give you address. He is really a MAGICIAN!!! He is really UNIQUE!!! Epharisto poli!!! Gabi /Gabor :
  7. NOW! ERT.SAT 23.00-01.00 OLIMPIAKO GALA: JORGOS DALARAS...... and others
  8. Dear Ilias, very, very thank you for translation! Big, but beautiful work!
  9. Today night: 01. July: 22.00-23.00 ERT SAT ΟΙ ΦΙΛΟΙ ΜΟΥ: Γ. ΝΤΑΛΑΡΑΣ
  10. Dear Geske, I am very sorry not heard the Dalaras-interview in Melodia-radio. I would like very much to hear it, is it possible to send it to me? Very thanks