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  1. Untill when will Dalaras and Remos play in the Athens arena???? Henkos
  2. It is still available at Trehantiri in London and in Amsterdam at the Griekse Eiland. Henkos
  3. Nikola, I try to reach you by phone and e-mail. Pls answer. henkos
  4. Gag, I fully agree with Francois, pls stop insulting people. Henkos
  5. Dear GAG, I would not use this kind of words. Just lost my grandmother with this decease. We should find a solution to safe the forum and respect each other. In my opinion it is only one who makes the trouble. Why donot we avoid her???? Henkos
  6. Kate, thanks for the info, but you know what I mean. Henkos
  7. Dear members, I received a private mail from Olga that she is stopping writing in this forum. I would like to ask the members a couple of questions: In the past we were an active forum with all kind of members and everybody wrote a lot, why is this not happening anymore???? Answer: members were finished with Geeske. Where is Anna, Kate and all those other old members, does anyone know why they are not writing anymore????? Geeske thinks she is Dalaras master, I remmeber two years ago to Frankfurt. It was her first concert and she didnot know anything about Dalaras. Yvonne is my withness. Nowadays she thinks she is married with him. I also had argue with her and ask members how it ended. I am still visiting the forum veryday and see what is happening with this forum. A pity for this forum. Why donot we go back to the old forum with respect for each other. Can somebody tell me? I would like to start this discussion and Olga pls write and ask on. REgards Henkos
  8. Anna, You can order it in the Netherlands as well. In amsterdam in the greek book shop. Henkos
  9. Kostantina, Thanks. I was very impressed by the audience and the band. Does this song have a special meaning for her and if so what???? Henkos
  10. Dear members, Does any member have an idea what will happen this winter with George?
  11. Dear members, Just returned from London and will give a short description about the London concert. First of all it was our first time that we saw Marinella and we were very impressed about her condition and her showmaking. The first seven songs were from the cd "mazi". Dalaras sung five old songs and there was a break. Then Marinella started with seven songs and then the show finished with some songs of ""mazi". the concert was really great and Marinella did not want to stop the show. One of the greatest moments was when Dalaras announced a song special for Marinella and she started crying when the whole audience sung this song. Sorry, I donot know the name of the song, maybe another member can help me with that. That's a quick one for now later on I will report more
  12. Dalaras in UK. In the past G.D. was performing during end nov/beg dec because of the shopping of Anna for x-mas. So I personally that will be the time that he will perform. Henkos
  13. Dear members, Due to family circumstances I missed the concert in Irodion. Thanks for the impressions and Agnie very good pictures. Olga, I think Anna was going. Henkos
  14. Exactly the one from ANT1. Henkos