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  1. Some corrections to your translation and historical reference: "Αμυνης" is translated to "Defence". It refers to the National Defense movement (Εθνική ’μυνα), that was a military organisation that made a coup and brought Venizelos in power. που έδιωξε απ' την Αθήνα τα θηρία || that it (the national defense movement) sent the beasts away from Athens Και στην άμυνα εκεί όλοι οι αξιωματικοί || And there in the Defense are all the officers δείχνει το δρόμο στο νέο στρατηγό μας || she shows the way to our new general τον ήρωα της εθνικής αμύνης || the hero of National Defense Της αμύνης τα παιδιά διώξανε το βασιλιά || The boys of Defense, they kicked out the king τον περίδρομο να τρώει με το ξένο του το σόι || that he might eat himself sick, along with his foreign family της αμύνης το καπέλο έφερε το Βενιζέλο || the Defense's hat has brought Venizelos, έφερε το Λευτεράκη || has brought Lefteraki (refers to Venizelos, whos first name was Eleftherios - Lefteris)