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  1. I have recently downloaded many songs by Eleni Karaindrou. I was blown away by the beauty of the songs, especially by one sung by Dimitra Galani, H Timh Ths Agaphs. I was wondering if anyone could hand me the lyrics to that song? I've been looking everywhere, but it seems they don't exist. Thanks I've been dying to sing along since I heard it
  2. I didn't know that, Christos, thanks for that information. Would you know what is the english title of the movie? I'm curious about it now
  3. A few days ago, my mom asked me to find her the lyrics to some of her favorite Dalaras' songs. I had no trouble to find most of them, but there's one that she loves, and that I can't seem to find anywhere. The transliteration of the title is (according to the mp3) "To Nisi Tis Afroditis". Would anyone please tell me where can I find the lyrics to this song? It's a quite long track (around 6 minutes I think), it starts with very mellow music, and then in about one minute into the song it gets a bit stronger and Dalaras starts to sing. I wish I could say something more about the lyrics, but I'm still in the process of learning greek Thanks.