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  1. Is there any member who knows Kostas Ferris s recent works and plans.He is also lyricist of "Stou Thoma To Magazi". There are some movies in your life that affact you deeply.One of them,for me is "Rebetiko"by Kostas Ferris.There is a scene that I never forget:Heroine in a miserable hotel in America and hears some melodies from the outside and ,realizes that a few black people play sax.She likes very much and, throws a dish towards them but,black people think,she didn t like the melody and was disturbed by the sound. Anyway! I will be pleased if I can get some info about Ferris.
  2. 1-Sto Metaksi I Ellada Taksideui 2-Ta Smirneika Ta Tragoudia 3-Notos 4-Ah Helidoni Mou 5-Logariasete Lathos
  3. I and Zeynep(another member) have tried to translate this beautiful song to English but,it was realy difficult to give exact meaning to some words,especially "ah kai vah",same meaning in Greek and Turkish but not in English.Anyway,it can be better with some correction. Μουσική: Απόστολος Καλδάρας Στίχοι: Πυθαγόρας Μες του Βοσπόρου τα στενά ο Γιάννης κλαίει τα δειλινά και ο μεμέτης πλάι του πίνει και τραγουδάει του Τούρκος εγώ κι εσύ Ρωμιός κι εγώ λαός κι εσύ λαός εσύ Χριστό κι εγώ Αλλάχ όμως κι οι δυο μας αχ και βαχ Με λίγη αγάπη και κρασί μεθάω κι εγώ μεθάς κι εσύ πιες λίγο από το τάσι μου αδέρφι και καρντάσι μου Τούρκος εγώ κι εσύ Ρωμιός κι εγώ λαός κι εσύ λαός εσύ Χριστό κι εγώ Αλλάχ όμως κι οι δυο μας αχ και βαχ On the Bosphorous Yanni cries at sunsets and Mehmet, sitting next to him, drinks and sings to him: I am Turkish you are Greek I ve my people you have yours You believe in Christ,I believe in Allah But what falls to both of us is to say "ah and vah" With a little bit of love and a little bit of wine You get drunk so do I Take my cup and drink Adelfi and kardesim* *Brother in both languages.
  4. Guzel hanoum: Guzel hanim : Beautiful lady in Turkish. Girl is ''kiz'' in Turkish. Kaiksis : Kayikci : Boatman Kayik is boat in Turkish. Some clarity for this ''semi Turkish '' song Thank you Geeske for your translation for this ''guzel'' song
  5. Dalaras was invited to Istanbul by Patriarch Barthelemeos for a special consert on the occasion of anniversary of Patriarchate My friends from Greek minority in İstanbul said that Dalaras accepted this invitation.Date is 29 or 30 November,2003.Place is not certain at the moment.Concert will be free just for people invited by Patriarchate
  6. Sarper!! cok guzel,eline saglik.Davetiyeyi fazlasiyla hakettin
  7. Here is the Turkish translation of To Gramma,for Kate,Turkish friends and "mad"people who try to learn Turkish Mektup Sen bu mektubu aldiginda ben cok uzaklarda olacagim ve bir kalbe iki askin sigmadigina Inanacaksin Sen bu mektubu aldiginda kapkara gozyaslari ile aglayacaksin Yuzunde hep bir maskeyle konusur, iki askin olmasini isterdin ama iki kalple oynayabilecegini kim söylemis Sen bu mektubu aldiginda kapkara gozyaslari ile aglayacaksin Burda hazin gozyaslariyla bu oyku bitiyor pisman degilim seni sevdigime ama uzgunum seni hala sevdigime
  8. Savvopoulos came to Istanbul in the beginning of this summer.He was invited by Patriarhc too.His consert was realy fantastic and in İstanbul Hilton Concert Hall.This was also a private concert for invited people.There were around 500-600 audiences mostly from Greek minority in Istanbul.All Romoi in Istanbul(approximately 1300)are nice friends of Patriarch. I think,Dalaras consert will be in the same way of Savvopoulo consert.
  9. Sorry,I couldn't manage to quote,my answers left in the quotation of Vivian
  10. Just a small note:Kavvadias dedicated this poem to Giorgo Seferis. Geske,thanks for your beautiful translation
  11. Dalaras:HUMAN He keeps on touching US. Thanks for the statement,Soc
  12. I have tried to translate a Turkish poem by Ataol Behramoglu that I find it in relation with translation efforts for Dalaras songs. This poem is neither a composed song nor Dalaras sings it.Maybe here is wrong place to post it.Thats why, I have to apologize.But I couldnt help myself sharing it with you. I dedicate it to all Dalaras Club translators,especially to Geeske. Ne Anlatır Yunan Şarkıları/ What do Greek songs portray Ne anlatır Yunan şarkıları / What do Greek songs portray Geceye dair, aşka dair / about night,about love Ne anlatır Yunan şarkıları /What do Greek songs portray Hayatımıza dair / about our lives Ne anlatır Yunan şarkıları / What do Greek songs portray İnsanı tepeden tırnağa saran bu hüzünle / with this sorrow that covers the human from top to toe Sanki hep anlatılmayan bir şey kalmıştır / as if something has remained that wasnt portrayed İçimizi ne kadar döksek de / no matter howmuch we unburden our hearts Ne anlatır Yunan şarkıları / What do Greek songs portray Biten bir aşk mı, başlayan bir aşk mı / an ending love or a starting one Bir kız mı, yüzünü hiç görmeyeceğimiz / a girl whose face we will never see Çayırlarına hiç uzanamayacağımız kırlar mı / countrysides that we never can lie down on their meadows Ne anlatır Yunan şarkıları / What do Greek songs portray Bu sürekli, bu yumuşak ısrarla / with this continous,with this soft insistence Ne anlatır Yunan şarkıları / What do Greek songs portray Yüreğimize işleyen tempolarla / with tempos beating in our hearts Ne anlatır Yunan şarkıları / What do Greek songs portray Sonsuzluğa güzelliğe, sonsuz barışa dair / about infinity,beauty,about immense peace Acılarla dolsak da ne kadar / though we are filled up with pain too much Sımsıcak yaşamaya dair / about leading a warm life Ne anlatır Yunan şarkıları / What do Greek songs portray Bir gün birleşeceğini mi bütün şarkıların / one day all songs will come together Ne anlatır Yunan şarkıları / What do Greek songs portray Bu kadar bu kadar yakın / so far...and close Ataol Behramoğlu
  13. Andreas,you are right.Sorry for my poor English and hasty writting.I edited my silly errors on my first post.Thank you. Geeske,Olga,thank you very much for your kind words.
  14. Just a small contribution.
  15. Nikola,Geeske, killjoy or wet blanket could be more suitable instead of "unreliable"for κάνει νερά ?
  16. Thank you Geske for your translation.Here is the original version of the poem.This poem is a part of 9-10 P.M.Poems Written For Piraye. This big poet wrote that poem for his wife Piraye when he was in Bursa prison for ten years between 1940-50. You can get more info from 20 Kasım 1945 Saksılarda hâlâ tek tük karanfil bulunursa da ovada güz nadasları yapıldı çoktan, tohum saçılıyor. Ve zeytin devşirilmekte. Bir yandan kışa girilmekte, bir yandan bahar fidelerine yer açılıyor. Bense hasretinle dolu ve büyük yolculukların sabırsızlığıyla yüklü yatıyorum demirli bir şilep gibi Bursada...
  17. H kardia mas toufekizontai sto Palestine. I hope our Dalaras will sing "Na'tave to 21" tonight.I think it is a reasonable song for the current case.(Of course,without μια Τουρκοπούλα αγκαλιά )And also Stin Alana.
  18. Μουσική: Μάριος Τόκας Στίχοι: Νεσιέ Γιασίν Λένε πως ο άνθρωπος πρέπει την πατρίδα ν' αγαπά λένε πως ο άνθρωπος πρέπει την πατρίδα ν' αγαπά έτσι λέει κι ο πατέρας μου συχνά έτσι λέει κι ο πατέρας μου συχνά Η δική μου η πατρίδα έχει μοιραστεί στα δυο η δική μου η πατρίδα έχει μοιραστεί στα δυο ποιο από τα δυο κομμάτια πρέπει ν' αγαπώ; ποιο από τα δυο κομμάτια πρέπει ν' αγαπώ; My Own Land They say that,a man must love his land My father says this to me too My own land has been divided into two Which of the two parts should I love? Music:Marios Tokas Lyrics:Nese Yasin
  19. Here is the Turkish version, Vatanim Derler ki,insan vatanini sevmeli Babam da hep bunu soyler bana Benim vatanim ikiye bolunmus Bu iki parcanin hangisini sevmeliyim?
  20. Dear Geeske Kavvadias was an excluded poet in his life time.Therefore,even his lover said(or could have said)him "I love you" only when she was drunk.
  21. I would like to add some points to Michael s contributions as for the translation by Geeske which contains appreciated efforts. -Modigliani has either never drawen the pupil of people in his pictures or drawen some dim pupils only. -Smaro is the girl whom Kavadias loved when he was living in Kalamaria. -The two menwho loved the girl of Modigliani from Marmara takes us to Mikra Asia so,theyatakiin the following quetrion comes from the Turkish word yatak(which means bed)also connected with Mikra Asia.Otherwise Kavadias could have used one of many Greek words instead of yataki. -The blind girl guides you a journey through your self. Above interpretations taken from theTranslation Projectby my friend Kosta,Bogazici University Istanbul.His Project examines 12 poems of N.Kavadias.He(Kosta)has also translated Bammena Kokkina Malia (The Hair Dyed Red)by Kostas Mourselas into Turkish and,this novel became a best-seller in Turkey in last two years.
  22. SPQR,thanks a lot for your correction.I replaced "sings his song" with "sings to him"on my first post.Thank you kardesim