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  1. It doesn't really say much, about the second part...only about the first...
  2. Hello everybody, I really apologize for writing this in Greece section, but I haven't used this site for quite a long time. I couldn't find the English section(and if such section still exist, then I guess this topic should be moved there). I wanted to ask about the upcoming concert( Erima Horia in Nikaia] at 18th of September ), or rather the details: where it will be held, what are the prizes of tickets, how/where can I buy/order them, who will be performing and etc. (since my parents don't know Greece as well, to read the sites in Greece langauge, I would appreciate only English replies/links). Furthermore, any additional info, about the stated topic, would be really nice. Thanks for reading/helping me, with providing any help... Best wishes, Peter
  3. Ann one more calender Dalaras appears only at 9th,and in the link you provided me about hellenicfestivel,it looks like the concerts will be at 8 and 9th of October...because of this little mismatch,I i would like to know if Dalaras will be performing both 8 and 9 or only at 9th of October :P ... thanks...
  4. Welcome back... First of all I would like to thank those people which helped my providing infomation about concert which took place at 30 January(Dalaras with Remos in Athens Arena). My parents were :lol: delighted by the fantastic performance of the Greek singers,and Greek people having so much fun from such beatiful music(and not only music). Now I have another request :lol: ,and i'm looking forward somebody could provide me,with any useful infomation about upcoming Dalaras concerts(specifically the 9th of September - Theodorakis at Irodion,with other renowned Greek artists). I guess now I have to wait for your replies ... Speaking in the name of my parents Piotr Kossecki
  5. Yeah you helped me in a very meaning of this word....thanks a lot I owe you one you know there are a lot of Polish people whom just love to listen to Greek music or their performance now I'm sure my parents will be in heaven's mood .
  6. Hello I'm writing this post because i'm hoping to get some information about Dalaras's upcoming concerts and i would be very happy if you could aid me in my lack of information... And so...let me parents are willing to go to Greece(speaking frankly to Athens)at the end of January / beginning of February and they are really great fans of Greece music as a whole,and espacially about George's music...they would love to go to his concert(thats one of their main reasons to go the Greece soon)and in fact thats what i want to ask you??Are these concerts provided in the calendar true? And if they are where can my parents buy tickets ? Are they reachable sry for my english...i haven't been using it for 2 years . Well i'm looking forward for your replies and thx a lot if you do so Peter Kossecki,Poland P.S Greece performance at Euro Cup was amazing congratulations