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  1. thanks Chris! I wonder if you can compile me a track list of that show (with no rush!) and send it to my e-mail ... it would help me to start finding the records with the stuff I love most... at least as a start since I'm planning to get everything theres' out in the next years... let me know about the shows wheneever you'll know... I'm already crossing my finger... I'm sure Dalars could become BIG in Italy since his connection with Bregovic who is some kind of semigod in Pizzaland... that Mediterranean feel (with no "cheese") george has could conquer lots of heart also without understanding Greek m
  2. I think sow... from the sounds it could be from that time, I giev you three hints: -at the opening of the show he introduce himslef in greek while a woman translate in french. -in the 3rd or 4th song sings in duetto witha woman (couldn't udnerstand teh name sorry... -toward the end of the show everybody ask at loud voice "I fantasia" , he makes them wait a couple of songs more to then perform it with everybody singing...that was emotion... anotehrq uestion, I've seen you featured on your web site the notive of Dalaras playing in Italy in October, but couldn't find any infos on his web site... do you have any hints since I'm booking in two weeks my October trip over there? M
  3. Thanks Michale for quick reply, making my night of insomnia very productive, I just dowloaded the fantastic unreleased tracks on the web site, wow... Btw I'm wondering if anybody can help me in finding a track list of a quite known show in Montreal of some years ago... I know it's a vague indication, but you never know... It's the first thing i got from a Greek coleague who, unfortunately, is not a die hard music fan so he didn't bother to get me the titles... I'm recognizing some from a couple of track lists I've seen around, but having the whole lot would save me the Hassle... thanks m
  4. Hallo. First fo all superb website. I'm living in Uk and I can find just extremely expensive "compilations" and "best of". Does anybody know any European web site that features old and new records at a more affordable price? Consider that unfortunately I can't read Greek. I discovered Dalaras last summer while cruising by taxi around Hania, Kokkino Horio, Amiridha (sorry for dodgy Greek mispells), and I started trembling whenever I was approaching that taxi. I'm Italian and Dalaras music is so far away, but so close to our Italian "pop" music. What I really like is the mix of emotions and atmopsheres George is able to build, mixing epical moments (that has something so common with some Morricone's intense soundtracks) with choral explosions. I wish I could understand the lyrics! M