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  1. Here is another guitar Georgo used during a concert.
  2. To follow up on Petro's observation on the 1997 collectors.Most if not all of the 1997 parlor guitars were sent back to the ovation factory in New Hartford Ct. due to problems with the electronics.Almost all of them failed within the first year.They were fitted with a different style electronics and resold as refurbished.They were available at stores for around $600.00US dollars including the case.Great guitars but not dependable with the original electronics.If you were lucky enough to buy one at $600 with the upgraded electronics then you are golden.They also made the guitar in two neck widths.I always liked the wide neck 1' 7/8" and flt more like a classical neck. Here are a few of my guitars in my music room.some may look familiar in the back..
  3. Then tin exo thei live potes ...Alla then xero sigoura
  4. Nefelli,then xero poses kithares exi o Georgos...Xero oti preppie na exie pano apo 10 ... Vangeli, exo thei mia Gibson Jazz elektriki se mia fotografia.Den xero poses akoma tha exi ..
  5. andoni,i blea Adamas aenae pragmatiki koukla.Alla kai e kokini eanae orea. Giafto tis pera se olla ta xromata Vangeli, e Larrivee kai e yamaha enae poli diskoles na vrethoun. E yamaha me perea 3 xronia na tin vro sto edio modelo kai xroma me to Georgou..E Larrivee vreskounde me $1500-$2000 dollaria.E Yamaha an tin vres pane gia $1000-$1500 ..Prosexe omos giati eparxoun e Yamaha APX20 alla e diskolles eanae e APX20D..To D eanae (Deep Body).. E Adamas 1687-9 boris navris me $1500- $2500..
  6. Petro,den exo thoulepsi potes gia tin Ovation alla tous xero tous persoterous stin eteria..Me xerounae aepedes exo agorasi tis pio spoudeas ovation apo tin arxi tou Ovation(1966)kia adamas opos tou Paul McCartney tin Adamas..Xero kia poli kalla ton Bill Kaman pou orizi tin eteria Ovation/Adamas/Takamine/Hamer ..Apo tin proti fora pou eida ton Georgo na pezi tin proti adamas to 1979 exera oti ethella na agoraso aftin tin kithara....Epitellos tin vrika..Ovation adamas model 1687-9 Meta arxinisa na mazevo kialles kithares eithes me tou Giorgou. vrika tin Buscarino,Yamaha ,Custom Legend,olympic model kai alles E 2004 olympic Ovation custom legend etanae dikimou ethea kai e Ovation efkiaxe 3 .Mia tin exo ego,e defteri tin edosa ston Georgo kai e teleftea enae kapou stin elada essos na tin thosane sto magazi zozef ?? Den eamae sigouros giati ego pira mono tis dio.Tin triti tin kratisea e ovation alla mou epanea oti tha tin stilounea sto "Ovation Distributer "stin eladda..Aftes tis kithares prepea na tin dis apo konta gia na tin xaris.Ta graphics kai to eanae poli orea.
  7. Hristaki,first of all the package arrived with all the music CD,s and the DVD.The DVD is a great concert.I love it..Thanks you very,very much once again for all the goodies. As far as the Ovation custom legend guitar.If your really serious about getting one,i will track one down for you.I find them from time to time...Thanks again Hristaki,you are the best!!
  8. vasos, an exis mia fotografia essos na sou po tei kithara einea.. Ziogos-Vangelis, e protes "production" adamas apo to 1977 -97 enea $2000-$3000 dolaria..E telefteis adamas apo 1998-2006 model CVT ,SMT poulanae stin agora gia $1000-$1500.. E protes 34 "pre production prototype "pou pigane se epagelamties sa ton Cat Stevens,Glen Campbell,Nancy Wilson from Heart,Neil Diamond,Paul McCartney and wings an tis vris aftes pane gia $8000-$10,000 dolaria..Ego exo tin adamas tou Paul McCartney (serial number 57).Tin agorasa apo tin aglia prin 7 xronia..E githara enea stin fotgrafia edo.. Its the guitar on the left in this picture
  9. Thoedore, to epeas anapoda ,e kithares pigan apo mena sto georgo,oxi apo ton georgo se mena....e alli fotografia edo me tis poles kithares,aftes enae dikesmou..exo tin trella me tis kithares kai me tin mousiki..exo megallo "guitar collection".exo 47 kithares kai psaxno gia tin 48 .ti na sou po enea arostia...
  10. edo me tin Ovation 1994 collectors edition me tin proti tou Ovation adamas me tin buscarino me tin mavri ovation custom legend me tin yamaha APX20D me tin ovation country artist me tin Ovation custom legend 2004 olympic model
  11. Dalarofili ,afti e fotografia enea e kithara sto spiti mou..Enae e edia kithara pou enae stis fotgrafies edo...
  12. Kapetanios,oxi eana apo to dekomou to spiti ala tis exie pexi o Giorgos tis persoteres. Here is a picture of some of the exact guitars Dalaras plays.I also have the same guitars as well in my collection. Left to right , Ovation Adamas ,Buscarino classical , Ovation custom legend olympic flag guitar , Yamaha APX20D , Ovation country artist model.
  13. Im sorry but my computer cannot write in greek so i will write in english.Here are the models of guitar that Georgo has used on stage thru the years.Early on in his career he played.. 1979 Ovation Adamas 1687-9 (brown) 1970's Ovation 1624-4 country artist model (Just to clear up some facts.Dalaras did not use an Adamas 2 model,he used an Adamas 1 or actually the correct name is simply "Adamas" ..He could not have used the adamas guitar in 1976 because the Adamas line was introduced in 1977.So it makes it impossible to have been using one in 1976..Dalaras' adamas is a1979 and he bought it in Germany.) He used these primarily on stage until the mid 90's where he changed to a Yamaha apx 20D in sunburst finish and a custom guitar by John Buscarino.The Buscarino is a nylon string classical guitar.He still uses this guitar today as his classical giutar. he used these starting in 1993. He then switched to a Ovation 1994 collectors series for his acoustic steel string guitar from 1994 until november 1999. In 1999 he started using a Ovation adamas CVT model with a cobalt blue finish.This guitar was the very first CVT adamas to be built and was custom built for Georgo.It has his name inlayed at the 12th fret.It reads G. DALARAS in ebony while the back ground is maple wood. He still uses the Buscarino as his nylon string stage guitar.He also used during the Rio -Adirio ceremony concert a custom built Ovation "custom legend" model that there were only three built.It was a commemorative 2004 olympic model with the greek flag painted on the top.He used that guitar during that concert..I have pictures of most of these guitars and will try to post..Georgo also uses a Larrivee acoustic guitar quite a bit during certain concerts.He has a large collection of instruments but only uses certain one's during concerts.My email is So here are the guitars dalaras has used primarily on stage thru the years..He has used others breifly but these were and are his primary guitars for stage. Ovation Adamas( model 1687-9 brown) Ovation Country artist (model 1624-4 nylon string) Yamaha (model APX20D sunburst finish) John Buscarino custom(starlite classic model) Ovation 1994 collectors edition Ovation 1997 collectors edition Larrivee acoustic Ovation Custom Legend (black finish) Ovation custom legend (greek flag model) Ovation Adamas CVT (cobalt blue finish)custom model built for Dalaras
  14. I want to wish all the members of the Dalaras club a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.I have not been around in a long time and wanted to drop in and say hello and send holiday greetings.Also if anyone has Hristaki's email address please post it here for me.Hristaki ,i have been trying to contact you for about amonth.I changed computers and lost your email address.I apologize for that.Your phone number just rings and rings,never an answer?Please contact me and thank you very much for the package.You are a great freind as always..Best wishes ,Sarantis