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  1. I have poems of my own that can be sung, Dalaras would have a blast with them. teehee, but I have not published the work yet, so Dalaras can wait. My point on this matter. :cool:
  2. Aprox: 52 000 fans (Greek) Aprox: 12 000 Fans (spanish-protguese) Aprox: 35 000 Fans (US/Canadian Greeks)
  3. Yes, that code and version was at HMV when I last checked but that was 6 months ago.
  4. I found that CD in HMV, one time in the Classical/Ethnic section, had the LP and CD REmix CD.
  5. I never see the difference between Liaka and Demotika. *huff*
  6. All I do is listen to his music, I don't have posters of him anywhere. I do have a Desktop theme which is pretty sweet. Especially the Empty Recycle Bin song, #### sweet.
  7. I want the title for a desktop theme song, the one for the Empty Recycle Bin Dalaras 3.0 To kaneis skopedia tous aionas. Don't know if that is the right title. Help.
  8. 1. Manouella 2. Luna Rossa 3. Paraponemena Logia 4. Mi Mou Thimoneis Matia Mou. 5. Sthn Alana
  9. Ottawa is the capital, he should come and play in Ottawa. Oh, well.
  10. Finally, Dalaras has come to Ottawa... Oh, I wish he comes to Ottawa or Toronto again. Please, Please, Please, Please, God. Make Dalaras come sing in Ottawa. *cries*
  11. Christo, Geeske, and Chris and whoever I missed. God bless you all. Christo your post was superb, and I loved it. Ethnic Diversity still goes on today, just people don't understand the language and they are afraid. I've loved Dalaras ever since I was 12 *is 20 now* Oh and I also like the Hard Rock music, MEtallica, Ozzy etc, but I tend to listen to Dalaras more. I am happy being a Dalaras fan.
  12. Oh, didn't put Elvis and Dalaras in the same boat.. Bah, Elvis is someone people know the most because of media boasting. I believe Nick Cave is a great substitute and well less known. Dalaras is better than Elvis in many ways. Three I's. = p
  13. Mr.Dalaras is my hero. It's True, It's True. While he sings he has the three 'I's' Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence. Not only the I's Dalara's has, but he also has compassion and respect for his fans, that is good.
  14. My favorite song is 'Mi Mou Thimoneis matia mou. Makes me cry, and Manouella is sweet.