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  1. As I read above it is at Grammes twn Orozontwn.
  2. Talking about Ksarxakos one may as well think of the CD by Dalaras titled TA KATA MARKON which is from 1991. It has the song Gramma sto Marko Bambakarh as track #11 who is subject in an other thread. I add Covers here for review
  3. Thanks for your comments. Those "Booklets"I downloaded allready few days ago. Very good format to get things together. What I missed for downloading was a "BLANK BOOKLET" or EMPTY. In which one can type its text. And another thing I noticed is that ONLY DALARAS songs of this Sto Attikon CD were translated.
  4. Thank you Sarper. BTW how are you doing. I asked in another thread to link our former discussion on the movie Rempetiko to the Album Review of Ksarxakos. Maybe it is done. I must yet go there to check.
  5. Very interesting ALL those "NOT FOR SALE" items.. Thanks for the picture BUT I saw, when I was resizing the pictures that I added here, that the filesize gets too small for proper use once downloaded. Hope you can send me thru Mail the full size COVERS and CD of this Promo. I'll send you a mail so you can hopefully attach it with the reply.
  6. In a thread on "S'agapw giati eisai wraia" Christos Regnis has found 'Old words" back on that particular subject, In this thread on Ksarxakos it may be handy to ADD A LINK to "Old words " on the subject REMPETIKO which started as I remember by a question about Kwstas Ferrhs. I don't know how to put a LINK of that into this thread. Therefore Christos Regnis or Francois can you deal with that. Additional question on emoticons. I ONLY SEE THEIR LINKS but how to SEE them as picture without the need to click at the link.
  7. YES you are right Christos. I overlooked it. I looked again and it is perfectly clear now.
  8. You are welcome Francois. BUT you can help me out on something too. Those SMILIES I see only the link to a file that represents one of them. I need therefore to click at the linl to see it. What should I do to simply see that smily "WITHOUT opening a link"?
  9. Concerning the other Protopsalth CD Zwntanh sto ZOOM from 1991-1992 I saw track #21 was called "Den kserw poso S'agapw". I don't have the song so cannot listen to check
  10. While looking at this Glykeria cover I noticed that there are a few songs from Rempetiko. Kaigoume, mana mou ellas and Mpournabalia.
  11. Christos Regnis thanks for finding back "My old words on this topic" I just re-read it and saw that we missed here to mention Glykeria as one of the singers "who dit IT" . I noticed as well that those days I was not yet aware of adding resized files. What I like most at this moment is the enormous production in getting information together in a very short time. BRAVO. What I'll do is try to add the other cover here too in order to get things a bit together.
  12. I just read in another THREAD on Giannhs Parios that Dalaras sang the song in a Duet with Dalaras. Do you know more about that?
  13. In this sequence I add them. NOW 3&4
  14. It consist of 4 Double CD's with ONE back cover each