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  1. Christo-Regnis, You wrote uploading the song "s'agapw giati eisai wraia" BUT as a DUET with Dalaras and Parios. I tried to find in your text where you referred to the ALBUM from which you got this information. I just happened to answer a question on this song by Francois in the thread "Looking for a song" a minute ago There I added covers and info about the 2 CD's I know the song was at it. Maybe it would have been better to add the Parios cover here because it is the THREAD of PARIOS. I am glad that this thread still draws new information since I started it a year ago. Maybe best we add here the back covers of that "Mousikh kouth" of his which is called "Syllogi Erwtas" and consists of 8 CD's that cover a great deal of his songs.
  2. But now look at the lyrics as I downloaded them.........way back too. It says stixoi Pariou ΣΑΓΑΠΩ ΓΙΑΤΙ ΕΙΣΑΙ ΩΡΑΙΑ Στίχοι Γιάννη Πάριου Σαγαπω, σαγαπω γιατι εισαι ωραια Σαγαπω γιατι εισαι ωραια Σαγαπω γιατι εισαι εσυ Αγαπω, αγαπω κι ολο τον κοσμο Αγαπω κι ολο τον κοσμο Γιατι ζεις και εσυ μαζι Το παρα-, το παραθυρο κλεισμενο Το παραθυρο κλεισμενο Το παραθυρο κλειστο Ανοιξε, ανοιξε το ενα φυλλο Ανοιξε το ενα φυλλο Την εικονα σου να δω Σαγαπω
  3. I just added it, It took some time to pick it up. I think this was the conlusive result about a year ago
  4. I hoped this helped you out. Because it is difficult to conclude WHO WROTE it: Aristeidhs Mosxos according to Protopsalth Back Cover
  5. HOWEVER you started with Protopsalth and the CD she sings it at is Paradextikh of which I add back and front cover here. To make sure we talk about the same thing
  6. Look as well INSIDE it says he did it with his son Xaris
  7. In the past we have hasd this song as a TOPIC. But where is it?? I remember Michael knew it very well too. It is a song Parios sings too at "Πιο καλη η μοναξια" There is probably your answer at the back cover.
  8. If it is not available it is at least handy if you can look at and download the COVER of it This is a RE-SUBMIT of an earlier message BUT noew with RESIZED covers
  9. Francois, You may be right but there is a difference in the way, perhaps, you come to your conclusion. You play bouzouki and therefore you judge on music in a professional way. So is the "Technically best piece of music" at the same time "The most beautifull" to hear? I must admit "Just to listen and if I like it a lot, than I call it a beautifull song" despite it is by Ksarxakos, Theodwrakhs or......Markopoulos maybe. And which part has the singer in it? So consider the song "Ειν' αρρωστια τα τραγουδια" (in the past I had this as my signature in this forum) and it is a song I like very much, like the other song just mentioned "Μαυρος ο ηλιος" . Reason I bring it up is that Giannhs Parios sings it too at a CD on Ksarxakos. But I don't like it as I like the Dalaras version. Here is the cover of Ξαρχακος/Παριος
  10. Francois thanks for your compliment. (but in fact you owe it to Sarper who put me on track of this movie some time ago) PROBLEM is while reading scenario you cannot LOOK at the movie. So it is time consuming. For learning Greek I added a post, in "General Discussion" at the bottom of the main page, about a book (in german) on Modern Greek that I found. Have a look at it despite you may perhaps not speak german
  11. I allways thought that in 1967 the regime had forbidden the party with throwing 'China"to pieces. But I remember I could buy them while enjoying Bouzouki later on.
  12. I see you want the lyrics of Ithaki. I'll search for it but may I post here the COVER of the CD that it is on. Typical very colorfull CD Cover
  13. A picture where he is playing. Look at the floor and you will realise that this was before 1967
  14. I am happy to be the first to reply here on ΠαπαΪωαννου. For those who want to know EVERYTHING about him read a 317 pages of the book: "Ντομπρα και σταρατα" . It is his Biography written by Kwstas Xatzhdoulhs. First printed in 1966 and the latest edition that I have is from 1982. (There is a book on Raza Eskenazy available too)
  15. Geiasou Christo, I read your remark and I think it is just a marketing trick. They have put things together to make it a nice promo. I have no other clues for you. I gonna post something similar on Ksarxakos synaylia versus Rempetiko CD in this ALBUM REVIEW part
  16. Finally the Front cover. One of the songs of Kazantzidhs that is burnt in my head is: "Siko xorepse koukli mou" which is from the days that I went to Greece for the first time in my live. . Especially the Taksim of that song I like.