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  1. Reason why this post and Francois post immediatly draw my attention was that IMITLERIM is at this CD. And we all know how fabulous Dalaras sings it at "Ksarxakos synnaylia sto Pallas" (that's the CD with Dimitra Galanh)
  2. The CD Francois mentioned and gave the link for is originally from 1980. It was: 70745 & 834461 REGAL The CD is from 1995 and has the same number as you can see on next picture of the Back Cover.
  3. front cover with a nice picture from the old times
  4. The CD "Tragoudia apo ths 45 strofes" has as the title: "Gia ta tragoudia kai egw ftaiw" Here it is and Prosmoni is track 18, (hope it is still readable) Front and back follow next
  5. It is Difwno again this time
  6. And if you look a little further the impression ciomes alive that a lot of music is NOT for SALE.
  7. As on 20 Xronia Dromos, that was NOT FOR SALE as you can see he sings with Bob Dylan. An aspect not yet mentioned is that those covers are Fine Pieces of Art with Savvo in a charicaturial (is this a word ?) set up
  8. The best there is.....The Teacher
  9. It was on Nana Mouskouris: "Mes plus belles chansons grecques" by FONTANA in 1964. (see your Dragoumanos too) But probably NOT LIVE as you wanted. This CD is available at Greek City Toronto.
  10. I agree with you that the basic question is not yet satified with an answer. I think it is very difficult. But you never know. I keep you informed
  11. There is a LIVE recording of the song dated 1969. It is at Difwno-55
  12. The version with Sokraths Malamas is at "20 xronia meta" the memorial CD to loizos's death
  13. As one can see here it has the song "Den tha ksanagaphsa" sung by Malamas. (mentioned in another thread)
  14. 20 xronia meta BACK
  15. 20 xronia meta FRONT
  16. For those who want to know MORE about Loizos. Thanashs Sglibos has written "H dikh tou istoria" With a prolog in it by Lefterhs Papadoopoulos. For ilustrating this thread I attach FRONT and BACK cover of this book that costs some 10 EURO