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  1. You are right Francois. The Aeriko song is by Giwrgos Romanos. For your information I can tell you that BOTH songs are at Difwno-09 Of which I attac here the resized covers for documention
  2. Melissa, the time from which I remembered a request for Difwno CD's was somewhere END of 2001. That time, I mentioned it at the top of the thread, it was about nr-15 with title Difwnies. As it looks like there is a lot of interest in this here, So I'll add the other cover of nt 15 as well. (because I have them about ALL I can add within Greek Music thread others if appreciated)
  3. Problem is that Difwno CD's were never "For Sale". They were given, for free, with the monthly magazine. So the only way is to get a copy burnt by someone you know.
  4. Back Cover of Megalyteres Epityxies-2 (new challenge is to find CD at which song was AT First introduced. This is ONLY an Album that puts old things together.
  5. Here is A cover of Megalyteres Epityxies Kazantzidhs-2
  6. Problem left is that you want the Mousxouri version?
  7. I expect I can help you out, at least to start with covers of Odod Oneiron
  8. I used ACDSee for that purpus that has a resize option. I resized to a WIDTH of 450 pixels while maintaining the aspect ratio. The reslults kan be found in thread "Album Reviews" In particular: Live & Unplugged ( not yet fully OK) and in Ellinhko proswpo (satisfactory result)
  9. Now I know how to resize I like to add here the illustration of the subject concerned. Front and Back Cover
  10. The BACK-cover of Difwno-49 "LIVE & UNPLUGGED" Comparing it with the other CD shows few differences in track number and few songs are different
  11. I checked it and you are right. However I had no idea about Cause and Consequence at this point. So you learned a new fact. But it is Nikolas who can resize it for VIEW reasons only. I now realise that at some sites where covers can be taken from they do the same. However I'll have a look into this to find out what I "Should have done".
  12. Geeske, You made it clear you had a VIEW problem but WHY. The allowed size of attachments is 512kb. So this is what is reasonable.. When I scroll I see only pictures without any interruptions due to loading or whatever.
  13. For completeness I'll add page 605 here. So in fact almost everything is together in TWO pages after printing them out. If you still use a phoneline I advice to move over to ADSL or Cable. I must be a great deal cheaper too. BTW these files are around 250kb However a bigger problem is that all sort information is spread all over the entire Forum. Maybe Nikolas can think of the idea to store this sort of info (files of pictures and covers etc) in one particular part. At those places where it originally was , (earlier put there in the context of a particular thread), define there the link that brings it at the screen when requested. I got this idea since yesterday I was pointed by means of such a link to another place where similar information (the list of Gold & Platinum albums) once before was added.
  14. If you look carefully at earlier messages about roughly the same information than you will notice that the earlier informatiuon is from 1972 and so less complete
  15. A size of 512.000 is allowed and all files shown are therefore smaller and not VERY LARGE
  16. 50 xronia rempetiko tragoudi was Platinum with 300.000 SOLD If you are interested in other Sales-figures look at this file
  17. For comments on Tsaligopoulou there is a topic a few lines below this one. And on the other artists mentioned you can start a seperate topic if you want. That makes searching the info on a particular artist easier.
  18. I think this topic better fits within PAST CONCERTS. Nikolas could you transfer it to that part of the site?
  19. I had to re-install my operating system again and consequently I had to reset the use of Greek fonts. Because very often it appears that members cannot read the greek attachments I have put it together how it can be done. It is in the WORD-file below STEP 6 must read: DOUBLE CLICK post-65171-Installing_GREEK_fonts.doc