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  1. Krasivi duso Penelope,

    Oto imas lyrics pjesmu Protopsalth.

    Nadam se cujes u Ithaku tako ti nika bila!

    T αηδόνια στην Ιθάκη

    Τ αηδόνια πια δε θάρθουν στην Ιθάκη

    Μα πέρασμα θα έχει η ζωή

    Κι ο κόσμος όλος είναι μια γιορτή

    Απ την Τριπολιτσά στο Δερβενάκι (2)

    Της λησμονιάς το χόρτο δε φυτρώνει

    Στα Γιάννενα στην ’ρτα στο Μωριά

    Σαν αγκαλιά και σαν κληματαριά

    Ο δεκαπεντασύλλαβος απλώνει (2)

    Χωρίς ψωμί και δίχως καρυοφύλλι

    Μονάχος θα μιλήσεις στο λαο

    Μια Κυριακή ξημέρωμα Βαγιών

    Εσύ φωτιά κι ο κόσμος το φυτίλι (2)

    Στίχοι του Μάνου Ελευθερίου

    Μουσική του Ηλία Ανδριόπουλου

    Pocelujem veliki pozdrav od mora jadranska


  2. The Information ON "Who played which Instrument at what Album" can be found in the section "DISKOGRAFIES"

    As an example, because it was mentioned above in this same thread:

    Attikon with Papakwnstandinou:

    Όνομα μουσικού Έπαιξε...

    Μάκης Μαυρόπουλος μπουζούκι, τζουρά

    Γιάννης Σπάθας ηλεκτρική και ακουστική κιθάρα

    Νίκος Αντύπας τύμπανα, midi drums

    Χρήστος Ζέρβας κιθάρες (ηλεκτρική & ακουστική), μπαγλαμά

    Νίκος Ζέρβας πλήκτρα

    Πάνος Γκέκας πλήκτρα, πιάνο

    Γιώργος Νταλάρας ακουστική κιθάρα, μπαγλαμά, ούτι, τζουρά, φυσαρμόνικα

    Αχιλλέας Περσίδης κλασική κιθάρα

    Τάκης Μπουρμάς ηλεκτρικό μπάσο

    Αποστόλης ’νθιμος κρουστά

    When you look at the site itself it is "more beautiful put together"

  3. That is true francois. BUT if you want to take TEXT "OUT of Document" and put it as WORD-file in your PC it is impossible.

    You can only keep the entire PDF -file AS IT IS.

    What you can do is:

    PRINT it on paper and than SCAN with the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.

    Normally you scan PICTURES built up of thousands of pixels but

    OCR recognises the characters if the picture you scan is a sheet with text, AND it puts that in WORD as if you had written it yourself.

    HANDY for students !!!!! And it is used for instance in the banking world to read "hand written payment orders".

    This OCR software comes with most scanners for FREE.

    BUT when "NOT in Greece" it needs something more to recognise the Greek Symbols!!!!!!

    Because e.g in the USA they expect that users want to recognise "Roman Symbols".

    Therefore you may go to GOOGLE and search "SON of WinGreek".

    It is a very small program you can download.

    With the use of this Son of WinGreek AND OCR you can get all you scan as text into a WORD-file where you are further able to adjust text or add or anything.

  4. I missed the GREEN book of TO SKRIPTO as it is called.



    Is a site where thousands of lyrics, (at the moment 4353 to be precise and listed PER ARTIST and PER SONGTITLE) can be found AND easily be Copied & Pasted to WORD-file.

    The advantage is that you can make changes and/or additions.

    UNLESS someone knows how to do this with PDF files the Kithara site is the best alternative.


    Acrobat reader used to read PDF files is an ADOBE product.

    There is software to make PDF-files out of WORD-files but NOT inverse.

    (this way copying is, more or less, prevented)


  5. Well at least I did not count on Papadopoulos but now you mention him IF LOIZOS is there he must be there. And he is the one with "To mpoufan sous omous" (jacket at his shoulder)

    We agreed on Dalaras at the back at least.

    But on Parios, he took part in the CD, and he looked like that. But haircut has changed drastically so it became difficult for us.

    I'll add a picture of Parios those days, (from the cover of his Self titled CD presented in 1971)