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  1. the interview's being aired right now!
  2. Geia sas paidia, my friend Natasa Mpofiliou is being interviewed tomorrow night on Melwdia 99.2FM at midnight Greek time. And here's a live video of her single Aspirinh (too bad it's not full length): video_Natasa Enjoy! jj
  3. I have 2 favourite songs this week: Paraponemena Logia and H Mana Tou Aleksandrou (Ax Makedonia xiliomorphi!)
  4. hi all here's my story: I'm from France but in 2002-2003 I lived in England (Erasmus program, for those who know). In my residence hall I met a Greek guitarist (Nikos) and his girlfriend (Natasa)who is a wonderful singer (she was just there for a few days). I jammed with Nikos and we quickly formed a band playing Gypsy jazz and Greek music (Evdokia, politiko chasapiko...), at some point Nikos showed me his music files and I quickly fell in love with a song called To'pes. A few months later Natasa came back and she sang with us for a concert. I'll always remember the first time I heard her sing Kapia, kapou, kapote! Then I borrowed Nick's cd "Apo Kardia" and discovered other songs. Since then I've discovered other albums (Latin, Rembetika tis katochis, Ta chromatat tou chronou...) and I really like G Dalaras, especially the older, more traditional songs. Now I'm back in Fance but I'm still in touch with my Greek friends and I listen to Dalaras almost everyday...by the way my friend Natasa is working on an album of her own which will come out soon, but maybe some of you have already heard her on the radio, she has a song called Aspirini which you can also hear onthe CD "DEFTERI AKROASI Tis Mikris Arktou"...
  5. Merci, au fait comment dit-on "bienvenue" en Grec?
  6. euxaristo kapetanio, milas gallika? Ego milao poli ligo Ellhniko (kai den grafo kala opos mporeis na deis!)
  7. merci beaucoup Irina, tu habites en Fance?
  8. geia sas paidia! eimai enas megalos "fan" tou giorgou ntalara apo tin Gallia. Eithela na xero an echete to stixoi tou "Mambo Brazileiro" s'to "Latin" CD euxaristo poli ps: sorry for my mistakes
  9. geia sas paidia! I' m a French guitarist who fell in love with Greek music and culture. I'm looking for the lyrics of Oi thalassinoi ("se perimeno min argis..."). Could anyone help me? thanks jj