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  1. Can somebody tell me more about this singer?? I heard him on the last trip to Greece, and I think he has a wonderful voice!! Franz
  2. There is a CD ,with this title in E-bay. I have never heard about this Album. Can somebody tell me something about this CD? Franz
  3. First of all,it is such a pleasure,after a hard day of working and stress,to look into the club-site,while listening a Dalaras CD.I don't want to miss the club. But somethings in my opinion could be done better. At first,we are a international club.I like the greek letters.But I cannot read them!And so I think most of our members outside Greece.My suggestion is,if someone wants to write in greek words,give a translation behind. The second is,we have nearly 300 members.Mostly,there is a new member,Micki welcomes the new member,and nothing heard about the member.There are,I think only 20 members who write regular in the club.That must have a reason.As I think most of the new members want to learn more about G.D.When they read all the posts,there are so many names and things they don't know.What we need is a explanation for members who wants to know more about G.D.Some is to find in,but the most not. Someone must start a new topic:Questions of new members.Then there must be a expert,who answers the questions. Franz
  4. I read,that George Dalaras worked together with Ian Anderson.Can anybody tell me when,and what they worked together?? Franz
  5. Thank you everybody for the coments to the new CD!! There are 105 replies , but no coment in english language !! Franz
  6. Thank you so much for your information!! I wished so much , that there could be more posts in english language for members , who cannot read greek language. Franz
  7. Hello together!! I must tell you a little story! We are in holiday on crete. This morning I went to Rethymnon, to look into the CD -shops. In the first shop I asked for the new Dalaras CD "Erima Choria". The man said, maybe in 3 days!! I went to one other CD -shop. The man said the same. This moment the postman came with a package. The man from the Cd-shop said, please wait. He oppened the package, and it was full of "Erima Choria" !!!!!!!!!!!!! Back in our hotel I heard the CD, and I must tell you, the CD is great!!! I think this is a nice story. Franz
  8. Nikolas I will also thank you for your answer, and what you want to do for us.This site is very important for all Dalaras friends!! Franz
  9. I agree with Chris! It is high time to renew the site.I don't understand Nikolas, sometimes he is in the site, but as Chris said, he is no " Captain" since long time.Maybe he has lost interest in the site, then he must say that!! Franz
  10. Thank you Dora, Marijke asked what I also wanted to ask!! Franz
  11. Anna, you are right! I think there are some members who give up! Geske, thank you for your understanding. The last time , I loose more and more interest in this site. Not because of loosing interest in the music, only because, that I cannot read all the posts! And I think, that I am not alone.I am very sad because of this. The forum was and is very important for me. # Franz
  12. Hello Music Lover Welcome in this forum. The same problem for me. I also do not speak greek. It is very difficult for us , to " follow this web site". Maybe two years ago this was a international web site ,with half english and half greek language. But now we have maybe 90% greek language. But we have this topic. Have much fun with this web site! Franz
  13. Danke Geske ! Es hat keine Eile!! Gruß Franz
  14. Where can I find the translation for the song "Tou Vagori"? Franz
  15. Thank you Dora for your help!! I remember the early days of the community (2001) we had maybe 75% posts in English , and the rest in Greek language. Now it is the opposite!! Franz
  16. Thank you so much,Apostolis , for writing in greek and in english!!! I hope , that some other members will do it also. For the none greek speaking members it is very bad , to look in the site ,and cannot read. By the way, my favourite video clip is :Amor Amor!! Franz
  17. John I support your idea!! But ,sorry, I have no idea what a ICQ number is, and how to provide!Please tell me. Franz
  18. Thank You Geske!! It is three years ago, that I have asked this question!! Never give up!!! Franz
  19. ????????????Please in english!! Franz
  20. Mr. Dalaras I have a question. On the web-site there is an announcement, that you want to come to Germany in 2005. I cannot believe that. Please tell me, is that true??? Franz