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  1. i read this topics all. i read 44 pages but i could not find any translation which i need. i love arvanitaki eleftheria, alexiou haris, mando ESPECIALLY... can u write their translations here in my topic please???? i m waiting , please perimeno, parakalo... FATIH
  2. hey friends :: GEIA SAS OLA i m a turkish boy, greek music crazy... i especially love arvanitaki, alexioy kai mando... i play guitar, piano and fulute . i have some alexiou and arvanitaki chords from this websites: and i have mando lyrics here: but :: 1- i need mando's chords (in there is no mando chords.) 2- i have no greek notes.. i want to have greek notes a lot... i love gelasti fotografia, meno ektos, ta shoina, tha spaso koypes(arvanitaki)...apopse thelo na pio(alexiou)....gia oles tis fores, fovamai, pos zeis, mple, i zoi (MANDO) buut i must have their notes and chords why i look for them for a lot of years but i cant find:( i m really angry about it... please help help help..... anyone didnt give me them. when a greek friend asked me turkish mp3 , clip and notes/chords i could gave what he/she want. why greeks cant do it? why is it very hard???? i had videos of alexiou kai arvanitaki but i have no mando video...i cant see mando's face???? i cant go to her concert she is in greece but i cant watch her in video too (hıll '!!! because i cant find videos) because greeks dont love mando!!! she is so succesfull but greeks dont love her''''!!!!! they dont have anything (about mando). EX: look the there r hundrads of sSUCCESSFUL and UGLY SINGERS CHORDS but no mando !!! i m sorry I WROTE A LOT BUT A LOT OF YEARS PASSED I M LOOKING FOR JUST......I MUST FIND SOMETHING OR I LL BE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME PARAKALO.....
  3. if u help me please write me mail. wanted help from a lot of sites so i cant find all the messages from all the sites... anyone didnt help me yet in the forum i wrote: u can use parapono too...
  4. hello i m a new fan on this site ALL THE GREEKS PLEASE HELP ME !! i m a greekmusic crazy. i love greek language and music. i play kithara, piano kai fulute. but i have no greek notes. i have alexiou and arvanitaki chords but i havent got any mando CHORDS too i love mando , alexiou kai arvanitaki. i want to greek notes and mando CHORD.... please give me way i m tired to look for helpful greek friends... anyone didnt help me about greek notesss... greek guitarists, musicians anyone hear meeeee?