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  1. Okay now that we have a new Forum, Apostolis is there anyway we can have a feature to indicate what topics the user has posted and up to what limit and date? For example, I commented on a rare song of Dalaras last week before the new forum opened up. As it was, it could have been from a 45 rpm(strofes) from his discograpy and I don't know where it is now from when I last wrote it in one of the threads. It would be nice if we had a link or flashing icon of some sort that could keep tabs or track from all the written posts one makes, that way should we ever need to reference something back and forth at any time from here on put, we will then thus be able too. However, as it is presently stands, I don't know where to begin looking and seek out my lasts posts as I can't find or remember the name of the threads it might be in. And this is just from a week ago, imagine if you wanted to go back and research something from over a year ago. It would be lost and buried in some archive unless you can specifically remember the date, time, and the title of posting it from that long ago. Surely I can't be alone in this matter Has anyone else in here come across the same problem? Any suggestions on this please comment Efharistoume Christos