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Dalaras - Marinella

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Tonight is the night, he is in Detroit

as we speak,

I'm finally going to see Dalaras/Marinella Mazi

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!



report to follow shortly

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Ohh yeah

Stand by Folks,

my report is coming in a few momentssssssssssssssssssss

Lots here to write about you know!!!


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Quote from my beloved film:


Do you feel some like this, Christo? :music::music::) But watch out, do you have wings? hehe.

OK, I try to wait.....

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Hello folks,

I know you've been waiting 2 days now so after a day of recovering and finding time around working hours while it's still fresh in my memory, so without further adue here goes.

Brace yourself cuz it's a LONG ONE TOO!!!!!!!!


End of the work day, my adrenalin is kicking in and can hardly wait to get down there as I'm so anxious with the thrill of anticipation.

I'll only mention a few details here and not bore you with anything to trivial.

So after going home, get a byte to eat change and wait patiently and diligently for my mother to get ready, off we go.(Yes I went with my mother already OK)

We arrive plenty of time to the theartre as to pick up our tickets.

Yes paid in advance but didn't acquire them in my hands as of yet.

(Another story too long to go into)......

Alot of people already there, and others like us still coming in.

The Theartre is crowded for the price of admission they were charging

boy I'll tell I was surprised!!!

and YES folks it was a sell out with only maybe a handfill of seats not filled.

Several people I know of throughout the Greek/American Community I say hello too. So I get the tickets and some friends of mine and I proceed to go upstairs into the theartre.

To my surprise, the auditorum is quite nice and elegant inside and

Not to my surprise, the promoters gave me a seat with a Bad view.


We were placed way high up in the balcony to far up to see the instruments and musicians closely.

So lucky for me or shall I add smart as me to think well in advance as I knew this might happen, I brung with me some field glasses (small binoculars) to have obviously a better view of the stage and Boy oh boy did they Help, for I was able to see the fingering and Chord movements played on the Frets and Keys of the Instruments.

Well the promoters come out right on time at 8:00 and tell everyone to please take their seats as they wanted to get started right away.

No Greek time here!

And only because they need everyone to vacate the premises by 11:00

The Show was 2 and a Half Hours Long with no INTERMISSION.

They annouce speaches both in English and in Greek.

Too long to discuss what they were.

boring boring as I had to sit there patiently and await for the program(Music)to start.

Finally over long due and here we go,

the musicians enter the stage.

They take forth their instuments but no sound is really heard

and before you can take hold of whats happening all around you

to figures emerge from both sides of the stage:

Dalaras enters from the left and Marinella from the right

and just like everyone posted from before and like the new CD,

They face each other in the middle of the stage and Marinella with Dalaras begin singing that 1st opening song: ACAPELLO of course,


and with it proceeds another tune in the same melody.

Although for such a lovely song composed by MANOS HATZIDAKIS, I think it would have sounded way Better and much more Full had they had the musicians play the music behind their voices. It would have had more Prescence this way. But they chose to do it Acapello style.

I did not take a notebook with me to write down every song, nor my tape recorder as I figured I had all of these songs they were each going to sing now available on a live recorded CD and I would wait to listen to it after the concert to compare as I did not want to spoil any surprises on I would have on the stage.

After the song, we clap of course with me Howling like I normally do when I'm Excited and Thrilled!!!!!

They greet the audience with a KALISPERA SAS.

and Dalaras says, "Marinella will begin the program with TA KLASSIKA a PALIA LAIKA Tragoudia"


and then the songs by MANOLIS HIOTIS "DEN THELO PIA NA XANARTHIS" & "AFOU TO THES" just like everyone had posted from before.

Marinella's voice was superb as she could hold long

Sustains in her voice and they twirl and spin it at the end with vibrato.

Very impressive for her advnaced age, but then again why not? if she is in good health and hasn't lost her voice, why should it change much or sound different then say 10 or 20 years earlier?

Dalaras only once or twice did not hold his guitar on the songs he sang with her. And Saranti, it was the BLUE/GREEN Ovation Guitar he was using too. When he didn't play the Guitar on some songs, he would use the BAGLAMA and the 1st song he used the Baglama in was MPAXE TSITSIFLIKI with Marinella.


Many many songs they sang together. Some I didn't even recognize even for me as a musician mostly because they were alot of Ballads and I had not heard the CD yet.

Then Dalaras leaves momentarilly leaving Marinella singing a few songs of hers on her own. Sorry folks but as I don't know her repoitoire too well I counldn't place the tune; but I think it was a ZEMBEIKIKO of hers she sang with the beginning lyrics


with the people clapping to the tune.

Aand at last she exits mometarilly,

and Dalaras re-enters the stage and begins singing his GREATEST HITS! beginning with MANOS LOIZOS:


and YES his voice shines & cuts through the mix like a knife

despite someone telling me it sounded like he had a cold, well even if he did he fooled me becuase he still hit those High Notes A Ok!!!

Then after the applause with me shouting Hoorays and Ahhs like I normally do, he addresses the public and asks if were ready to sing?

{[before answering let me say,

Saranti your right, he talks softly in the mic not harsh and loud like other artists perhaps to preserve his voice to project those High Notes he bellows out.]}

So I answer with an immediate "NAI"!!!!!!!!!


Anyone want to guess what the 2nd song of his was?

Ok times up I'll tell you,

it was

:music: drum roll please


and I was singing along the refrain when he asked us too.

No one else seemed to sing along and I felt embarrased as not to bellow my voice out to loud and sound like an ##### but

since he asked and wanted to hear

I dindn't want to disappoint him and for him to say back in the mic


Afterall this is my KEFI too right?

So he sang the Chorus at the end thank god in fear it was going to be like the Zygos recording UGGhhh!!! wheeww not a chance.

And he went on with such great hits from his past 4 cds:

ANNA your song,





and others.


by this time I was just in AWE


and he exits.


Marinella re-appears and they begin their second half of their program

and they do that song everyone raved about from before


Very good song but not one to fully absorb in as I've never heard the tune before.

Then as they were nearing the end,

they begin to sing other great songs from the past

different from that of the CD

Starting with "H FANTASIA"

Ohh man I was going to request this one too

just like they did from the ORFEAS Concert if Dalaras had asked us for any requests' but alas I didn't need too. And yes I sang along on the refrain too


And surprisingly just before the end,

Marinella says to Dalaras, "to hold her Microphone as she too wants to dance, (another ZEMBEIKIKO) and says nonchalant to dance with her" but he's still holding his Guitar and refuses.

No Hristaki, he did not hide her Microphone from her and gave it back. right away upon the completion of the song and dance



And I knew the end was near.

I thought that would be it as they started to leave.

But I shouted loudly "KIALOW" "KIALOW" "KIALOW" and everyone applauds for more and they come back and Not only give us 1 more song but 4-5 more with it!!!!!!

It was as if they had planned this all along.


They came out and annouced they would pick songs from KAZANTZIDHS in honor of his memory & of course to pay tribute to his works, and they had us guessing as to what songs they were going to be.

Well, It began with Dalaras singing a CLASSIC ZEMBEKIKO


followed by a song composed by MIKIS THEODORAKIS

unfortunately though, I don't remember the title.

However, it begins with the lyrics, "DEN XERO TI"

And the Chorus goes like this, "EYO BERBATISA MO'NOS"

Can anyone help here as to whats the name of this song?

If it helps any, It is a SYRTAKI and/or HASAPIKO.

Ohh one interesting charactersistic on "DIO PORTES EHI ZOI,

not only did both Dalaras & Marinella have us to sing on the Refrain, but eveyone joined in and at the end of the verse they both APPLAUDED for us the Audience

:lol: :)

After those two songs Dalaras & Marinella sang another great Classic


and the last one I remember was

drum roll again please



with in the middle Dalaras & Marinella taking turns to announce the Names of the Musicians from their side of the stage behind them.

What was so Great with one of the members of the Orchestra

is that the Lead Guitarist next to "XRISTOS ZERVAS"

was none other then the LEAD GUITARIST from



a Real Awesome good player.

The Highlight of course from the band was



"NIKOS ZERVAS" played keyboards lucky him

and ANREAS MOUSTAKI played the drums whom by the way is another Awesome Drummer and likes to show off his muscles as he wears sleeveless shirts. (perhaps it makes him play drums better who knows)



The only disappointment from the ORCHESTRA is that they did NOT


Ohh well, guess we can't everything, but the 2 BOUZOUKIA they brung had both toured with Dalaras from previous US tours.

So to finish the song Dalaras told us to keep singing KALI TIHI,

by this time I didn't need to be asked twice as I too was already singing along before. I think someone turned around next to me and said,"



HEY, I replied that's my idol what am I going to do not sing along?

Don't think so girlfriend HA

So that was the end of the program.

The promoters gave more speeches at the end with little

Children coming up to them in their Greek Evzone outifts handing Flowers and some Certificate of Appreciation to both Marinella & Dalaras MAZI.

Now if I hadn't bored anyone

Hope this was worth the wait in reporting

And unfortunately their was something more not so good news to report

which I don't want to add here. I'll write that in the next post for those whom are interested in knowing mroe about

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Three red lights for me while reading that:

- Anoixe petra, a Marinella's song from the period 1967 -1971 (I don't know more exactly, it is so on my '30 xronia tragoudi", a doble album;

- Ferte mou nero - was the audience singing along to it? I would have done that, anyway!

- Kali tixi - one of my favourites....

Thank you, Christo! And what kind of voice you have? :)

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Yes their were absolutely great highlights from the concert.

But what could possibly go wrong? Well I'll tell you if you allow me to post and keep it in here.

So after the Concert my friend and I patiently waited for people to exit the balcony as we proceeded down the stairs and head towards the stage.

We run into one of the promoters and ask where is Dalaras & Marinella for an autograph as we are both very big Fans.

Well to my Disappointment

I heard them say,

"HEY SORRY THE'VE LEFT" and to be honest with you they probably didn't care one way or another for your concern.


B.S. you'll know they will see him later to take them back to the airport and so on.

I can't begin to describe how upset I was

and I had brung my camera waiting to post a pic here

We then walk to a door and ask this fellow if we can go back to get an autograph. He says it's ok as my friend sort of knew who he was and we try going behind the dressing rooms only to find several other tour people acting as Security Guards there whom were obviously guarding a door. Perhaps this is a dressing room and maybe just maybe they might be in there.

So they ask us to state our business.

And we tell them just as we did before from the other usher, we are both devoted fans of Dalaras and would like an autograph from him and Marinella.

Not sooner then 2 seconds later do we hear them spitting out the words The same crappy statement They got into their Limos and left.

Giving us lines like, "well even I can't get an autograph if I wanted too" not along god forbid sneeking a picture in.



Why did they not allow us to enter this room then?

We had no Choice then but to leave with No picture to take and add here in the club. And I didn't take one up above the balcony neither as I was sitting way too far away with no telescopic lens and it would not have come out but blurry. Trust me

I know so b/c I've tried so in the past with a similar camera.

Even if I brung my previous photo with Dalaras to show proof I know him, they probably would have given me some BS line responding back like well you got your picture with him already what do you want another one for?

Worse yet, there went my chance in ever telling Dalaras too

I play music so there goes an audition (a wild dream of mine if any - but how can you make it happen if you don't speak up for yourself) as if anyone from that Guard crew could care less in helping me or anybody else out.

And as Dalaras seems to only comes once every 10 yrs to Michigan,

my opportunities to make anything happen when he's here are getting slimmer and slimmer


I only know that if I were in Greece seeing him with Nikolas or Apostolis

at least then I might have been able to see him backstage afterwards.

but since no one here knows him that well close to me,

SELAVIE as they say.




I hope you have better luck in seeing them in Toronto then me here in Detroit thats for sure.

Saranti, I wish you were here to have helped buddy

god knows I needed it.

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Olga, my voice is nothing to brag about just common like everyone else nothing unique.

I forgot to mention though that

before the song "Kali Tihi" and "Prin To Telos",

Marinella sang her Classic Hit:


one of her all time favorite Hasapikos of mine.

I just didn't recognize the song title until she started singing it with the Bouzouksides playing the Introduction.

"Anoixe Petro" begins Acapello before the rhythm kicks in on the refrain.

Don't know when it was recorded.

And Yes, the audience sang along too "Ferto Moy Nero"

sung and played right before "Prin To Telos" just like the CD

It is here we finally get to hear "Xristoforos Krokidis" play a TAXIMI

similar to what he does best when he is with Vasillis Papakonstantino.

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cholera jasna with these damned security tricks after the concerts......

Hm, after all it's the job of these people, but they could be at least a bit more sensible.


I did not ask you, if you have a "unique" voice, I meant, what scale (approximately...) :)

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Κρίμα που δεν μπορώ να πάω στην Αμερική για μια από τις συναυλίες :)

C'est la vie...

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Irene, thanks for your comments.

If I had known how to get those Believe me I would have

but Who knows how to?. One has to be real close I guess to the promoters and if you're not your pretty mcuh SOL.

Hristaki, can't wait to hear your report next when you go see him!!!!!.


I forgot to say one important Highligh from the concert

And that being when both Dalaras & Marinellas were through singing on the Standing Ovation, They came close together on stage and began singing next the Chorus line to "MIA KALYNICHTA PES MOY"

in which then followed the music to the song "MH MOU THIMONIS MATIA MOY".

They had us the audience too sing along on the Refrain Olga, and Dalaras & Marinella finished it with a spectacular ending.

Then suddenly, Dalaras addresses the Audience

(from our joining along in singing) "Ekei Sas Afisa - Eki Se Vrika"


I rate the Concert 2 Thumbs up or with 4 Stars.



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Thanks for the report Christo! Of course we knew you'd have a great time (apart from the uncooperative security people that is!). And did your mother enjoy it too? Has she seen Dalaras before?

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Thank you Christo for the detailed report :)

...and I wish you with all my heart better luck next time :) in order to meet him and take photos of him !!!! It's really worth the trouble !!!!

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thank you so very much for these latest details!

I wish I had been there at least for these moments! Just to sing along! Thank you! :):):D

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Yes Diane,

my mother enjoyed the concert

and Yes she has seen Dalaras Live before but never with Marinella.

What was interesting is that she was not familiar (as I was) with the Repoitoire they sang. So she couldn't sing along too well like me.


And when she told her sister in Greece of how good the concert was ,

News had already spread there about his views in the War from the concert in Florida and so forth and asked if they occured there too in Detroit.

No comment!

I remain neutral from the War.

My political beliefs are my own and no one elses'.


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