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Marinella-Dalaras Mazi

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Dear members,

I know you are all waiting for our reports about last night`s concert at the Thessaloniki Megaro of Music. As you must have already noticed, I don`t write such kind of reports so easily. It`s not that I haven`t tried. I really don`t know why it`s so difficult for me.

Anyway, this time I think I should do it, since it all happened in my city!

It was 8.00 pm and I was already there at the Megaro. I would meet our new member sofiam. And there she was. I thought I knew her all my life. She is my age and has been a great fun of Dalaras for the past 30 years.

One of Sofia`s friends had attended the concert on Saturday and I asked her about something that got me very worried when I saw George at noon at the press conference on the TV news. He was trying to hide it but I could tell that he was really exhausted. So I asked her if she had noticed something and she told that they managed to see him after the concert while he was leaving and he told them that he was very tired. Actually he said``Συγνώμη παιδιά, είμαι πολύ ταλαιπωρημένος``.

We talked a little more and then Hedda , Christos-Regnis, Aggelos (M mpougatsa) and his aunt, and my cousin Stella and her friend Veta came. It was time to go in, so we said good bye and promised to see each other as soon as possible.

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It was 9.15 when it all started. It got dark and Dalaras came out on stage from the left and Marinella from the right, exactly as it happened in Athens. Dalaras was in back suit and white shirt and Marinella in a black outfit. The view from the 5th row was fantastic

They stood facing each other but they didn`t manage to start the first song because of the rapturous applauses. So they both turned to us and holding hands they came closer for a bow. They were both looking so happy!!

The programme was almost the same as the one in Athens.


ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΑ-not on the programme


Then they both said hello to us and Marinella asked us to say Kalhspera louder and we did .She turned to Dalaras and said `` You see, I told you `` and he answered with a big smile that never left his face through the whole concert. He said a few things about the organization for the disabled children that had invited them and the good work they all do for these children .

Then he took the baglama and said: `Let`s say that this is the first song of the concert and it is dedicated to Marinella`. The song was:

MΠΑΞΕ ΤΣΙΦΛΙΚΙ and Marinella was amazing. I don`t think any of the `famous-popular` female singers would dance and move her body as she did, to every rhythm of every song they sang afterwards.

She even tried to make Dalaras dance but as usual she had no luck. And she turned to us and told us a secret. Dalaras hasn`t danced since his wedding ceremony ``Από το `Ησαια χόρευε` έχει να χορέψει``

And how they sang!!! Every time I hear him sing, I say to myself, he can`t do it better and he has proved me wrong so many times! She was fantastic, too. They were perfect together. A perfect duet. There was no second voice for me. Their voices together seem like a `match made in heaven`.




ΜΕ ΤΟ ΒΟΡΙΑ- great song!!!




And then the big moment of the concert-for me at least!!!!!!

`O MARE E TU (H ΘAΛAΣΣA KI EΣY) what a song and what a performance by both of them. That part of the song he sang in Italian made me shiver with

excitement. I`m now speechless, there are tears in my eyes. I can`t move. My cousin next to me reaches out and grabs my hand. She is amazed ,too by his performance. For the first time that night the audience starts applauding like crazy in the middle of a song.

At the end of the song we all burst into clapping our hands as loud as we could and for more than one minute. The concert went on with






And that was the END OF PART ONE.

The second part started with ΑΧ ΧΕΛΙΔΟΝΙ ΜΟΥ, my most favourite song by Dalaras ever. It `s difficult for me to listen to this song . It tears me apart.



And then AMOR-AMOR

He was just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marinella also sang 4 songs on her own.


ΑΠΟΨΕ ΣΕ ΘΕΛΩ-amazing performance!!!!!!!



DALARAS back on stage and from that moment on I felt, we-audience- were all up on stage with them. They didn`t try to get us to join them because they knew we were ready to do it.




ΔΕΝ ΞΕΡΩ ΠΟΣΟ Σ`ΑΓΑΠΩ-ένα πολύ αγαπημένο τραγούδι







We have been singing along with them all this time and this has made them very happy. At some points he asked us to sing without music and we did, or he heard someone on the balcony singing louder than the rest of us and said to Marinella. `Listen to him, he is ready to come up on stage. ` The man from the balcony said: `I`ll be down in a minute` and Dalaras asked :` Where are you? Are you coming or not?`

Not that they weren`t happy already. Through the whole concert we were experiencing something magical.

Two different people, two great singers met on stage after so many years and really sang TOGETHER!

They never stopped smiling, joking, whispering to each other, sometimes laughing and always showing so much love and respect for one another. It was so real and so touching. Η αγάπη που έχουν ο ένας για τον άλλον πραγματικά ξεχείλιζε και γέμιζε την αίθουσα του Μεγάρου. Ήταν χαρά θεού να τους βλέπεις και να του ακούς.

`...και με πικρό παράπονο

μια καληνύχτα πες μου`

They left the stage and then they came back for an encore.



Everybody was singing and clapping and then we wanted more singing but our wish never came true. I had already noticed twice while Marinella was singing her part , that he was coughing. Later when we went backstage we heard his wife saying to Karaxalios that he would have to see a doctor the next day.

Dalaras came out of his room ready to go and he said to everybody that was there waiting to see him, that he was sorry but he wasn`t feeling well and that he had to go. So we lost our chance to talk to him but we hoped he would be better soon.

We left the Megaro with beautiful memories. I`m so happy I shared this wonderful concert with Hedda, Christos, Anggelos and all the other friends. I wish you were all there ,too.

I don`t know if this report is exactly as it should be but I promise you I did the best I could.

RENA :):):)

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I don`t know if this report is exactly as it should be but I promise you I did the best I could.

RENA :):):pity:

Your report is EXACTLY how it should be Rena!! In fact, it was better than that! I have been waiting these past days to hear news about these concerts and you did it perfectly. Thank you so much!!!! :):D

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Great report Rena, you obviously had a wonderful time. I so wanted to see them together and haven't been able to make it, it sounded so beautiful.

I really do wonder why he schedules the concerts so close together after doing 5 weeks at Zygos, he should have a break before starting another nine concerts in 2 weeks, with travelling involved as well.

So I can only hope that he isn't too ill and can still sing ok until Paris.

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She even tried to make Dalaras dance but as usual she had no luck. And she turned to us and told us a secret. Dalaras hasn`t danced since his wedding ceremony ``Από το `Ησαια χόρευε` έχει να χορέψει``!!

Well, that's a lie!!! :) I've seen Dalaras dancing a GGGREEAT ζεϊμπέκικο at the Attikon concert with Agamous Thites. The band was playing Κάποιος χτύπησε την πόρτα! Great moment! :)

Rena!!Rena!!! Τρομερή εμπειρία αυτή που ζήσατε στο Μέγαρο!!!

Γιώργο, περαστικά σου φίλε μας!!!

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Rena, thanks a lot!!

And I see the audience in Thessaloniki (as you already promised :) ) really seems to be a bit different from the ones I had to see in Athens!

And a thank you for writing in English, it's more easy to read! :)

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Ρένα σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ.............

Το report σου ήταν πάρα πολύ ωραίο...........

Μου θύμησες τις υπέροχες ώρες που έιχα στο Μέγαρο τον Νοέμβριο........

και ελπίζω να περάσω ακόμα καλύτερα το Σαββατοκύριακο αυτό!!!!!!!!

Καλή διασκέδαση σε αυτούς που θα πάνε στις συναυλίες αυτές........


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That is truly a Fantastic Report.

For just a brief moment, I visioned myself being there with you experiencing the whole phenomenon right in front of me. It was so vivid the way you described the whoe scenario, honestly, I could just picture me being there listening too and watching Dalaras & Marinella expressions during their performance together.

I only hope Dalaras is well enough to sing the same way he did for you when he and Marinella present the same program to us in the states.

Thank you for sharing


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Let's write about my impressions about the concert although Rena gave a thorough description about the singers and the songs.. I would like to add here my admiration for the orchestra (that consisted of some the greatest greek musicians.. kontogiannis in bouzouki and the 2 new bouzoukoplayers(!) from Zygos, Karipis in the percussion, Sofras, Marinakis, Tasemperoulis, Zervas (Nikos and Christos), Ploutarhos Remboutsikas and his quartet of strings, accordeon, kanonaki etc..) and orchestrations of the songs that were in my opinion very good and managed to connect the tevo voices perfectly [which - of course- sometimes don't want any orchestra.. they are work together in a unique way.. only with a glance or a smile. Moreover, both Marinella (next to Kazantzidis) and Dalaras have great experience in the accompaniment of another voice.. So, they are very capable of doing second voice to each other and also have great fantasy to make the second voice have power and sound like a first one!] So, alltogether singers and orchestra .. worked very well (όλα ήταν στην θέση τους) in this show (for which Dalaras worked a lot in its organization and planning) which is in my opinion a very difficult attempt/undertaking (It's possibly.. the first time we have something like that for a long time..) : 2 great voices singing together the 29 of the 37 songs of a concert.. :)

They had only 4 solos each of them:.. few but but enough to understand and feel the power, capabilites, sensitivity of each voice and also take a small taste of the repertoire of each singer.. : Dalaras: Αχ χελιδόνι μου, Ανεμολόγιο (superb interpretation!! :wow: as usually ..with some new elements), Ιπτάμενο Χαλί, Amor-Amor (with a bit different orchestration) and Marinella (still a sensational voice with superb technique): Νεκρό μου όνειρο - Γλυκό της Νιότης μου Πουλί, Απόψε Σε θέλω (an all-time classic by Mimis Plessas), Ό,τι τραγουδώ (a Kraounakis composition from the TV-series "Ύστερα ήρθαν οι Μέλισσες") and Σε βλέπω στο ποτήρι μου (a song of Tzeni Vanou in a new different version :wow: with impressive finale).

I have to agree with Rena about the magic moment of the song "O' Mare E Tu" of Andrea Bocceli and Dulce Pontes (Θάλασσα μου Εσύ in greek by Lina Nikolakopoulou) that provoked thunderous and extensive applause.. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: and led to an encore ofa repetition refrain the song just before the break between the fist and second part of the concert). Other great moments.. for me the "Ζεϊμπέκικο" of Savopoulos, "Πυρετός" of Akis Panou, "Δεν θέλω πια να ξαναρθείς - Αφού το θες" of Hiotis, "Στο 'πα και στο ξαναλέω", "Αχάριστη" of Tsitsanis and also some new versions (very different from the original ones) that Marinella gave to songs -different from her usual repertoire- like "Νύχτωσε Νύχτα" and "Νότος" in which she didn't try to imitate the first interpretations of Katsimihas or Papakonstantinou but gave (as she should do.. as a great voice) new versions.. as she had to do with new songs. I think I liked them.

About the participation of the audience is something that both Dalaras and Marinella noticed and remarked two times in the concert saying in a characteristic way: "These are the proper songs for such places" :) (referring to the Megaron) [after the end of "Δυό Πόρτες έχει η ζωή" - a song that was sang almost completely by the audience -] and also he remarked again after another song: "The audience of Thessaloniki is always the best audience for laika songs !..άντε και λίγο η Πάτρα, και λίγο ο Πειραιάς και λίγο ο Βόλος.." and Marinella hurried to correct him: "Don't ramble in this way.. only Thessaloniki!" ("Μην απλώνεσαι τόσο.. είπαμε μόνο η Θεσσαλονίκη!").. :) :)

The audience was great although the participation of the front area/seats was not so expressive :( and loud (we were in the 5th and 6th row.. but this a exception!!) .. but as somebody's going towards the last rows and the circle (εξώστης) above ..the reactions were magic!!). :huh:

About the stage performance of the two singers.. Dalaras -although his health and tiredness problem due to his full programme- was excellent, full of joy, playing either the guitars, the baglamas or holding only the microphone.. Marinella reminded us her unique capability (that first brought to Greece some 35 years ago) of singing, dancing (in a very energetic way in some moments that provoke extensive applause in the middle of some songs! :blush: ) and moving around without having any problem in something of that.. They were laughing and saying jokes to each other (sometimes loudly and sometimes στ'αυτί)..

Generally, a very-well-prepared concert with everything done to perfection (voices,..second voices, tunes, lights, orchestrations) . As the possibility (although we hope the contrary) to have something like that in the new future is limited , you should attend IT in any way.. :wow:

I have to add that all of us there (Rena, Aggelos and his aunt, Hedda and the relatives of Rena) were a great company and had a great time.. (at long last after our efforts to find the TICKET!!) .. :D:D

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I tried to write down the greek adaption - especially for this special concert - (by Lina Nikolakopoulou) of the song "O Mare E Tu".

In the words/lines I have a problem there are [?] or [....] The members who are going to Athens on Saturday, let's try to listen carefully to the missing parts!!






Δεν ξέρω τι, δεν ξέρω πως

Σ' αγαπάω .............φως.

Κι φωνή μου τότε σαν το νερό,

που ακολουθεί το ναι του ανέμου

με τραγούδι(?) με βροχή

μέχρι που σβήνει ο ουρανός

Σ' ένα ......?, κοιτάς το ναι.


Ammore mio

Si nun ce stess'o mare e tu

Nun ce stesse manch'io

Ammore mio

L'ammore esiste quanno nuje

Stamme vicino a Dio



Δεν κλαίω πια, χωρίς κουπιά,

μια βάρκα μόνη της σε κόκκινη καρδιά

να λέω ζωή πού φεύγεις(?), χωρίς πανιά

δίχως έρωτα (?), μαζί ως το τέρμα,

ως του ονείρου τη γωνιά

Που πάω, ποιά είμαι, που πατώ καρδιά μου.

Πάμε ψυχή μου βάρκα, απόψε πάμε.


Έρωτας είναι, τα μάτια σου,

μια θάλασσα απέραντη όπως είναι.

Έρωτας είναι, το κύμα που μας χάρισε

ν' ακούσει αυτά που είναι



Δεν έχει αντίο,

ο λόγος(?) που μας ένωσε απόψε εμάς τους δύο.

Δεν έχει αντίο,

δελφίνια τα τραγούδια μας στου χρόνου(?) το άσπρο πλοίο






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