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Παρίσι (Φεβρουάριος 2003)

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I've just come back home. Great Dalaras.... :D He seemed to be very tired though (the members who see him more often than I do will perhaps say the contrary.... :rolleyes: ).

I was extremely moved by three songs, but I'll tell more in a few hours...

Great for me too was that it was my first meeting with members of the community (and we were quite numerous), but Kate and Anna, I didn't see you; it was all too brief!!! :D:razz: and I had to go back to my train so early without a possibility to say good bye; but I phoned Olga from the railway station...

Sorry my friends, but I do have to go to bed now...

Will give details later... :mad:

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'Θεός αν είναι', one of the three songs that moved me so much last night.

Η ενορχήστρωση ήταν αφάνταστα ωραία και δυνατή, και η φωνή του Γιώργου, παρόλο που ήταν κουρασμένη, έδειξε την ικανότητά του τραγουδιστή να ξεπεράσει τον εαυτό του και να δώσει ό,τι καλύτερο μπορεί στο κοινό, και ιδιαίτερα στους νέους.

Πέρα απαυτό, το υπέροχο αυτό τραγούδι προκάλεσε μέσα μου ένα πρωτόγνωρο συναίσθημα ησυχίας, και βούρκωσαν πολύ τα μάτια μου ε !!!!!

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There were at least 8 forum members there besides me. And I've done my bit often enough. So, will you guys please NOT sit and wait for someone else to report?

"I don't know how" or "I don't have anything interesting to say" or "I don't have time" are mostly just excuses for I'm too lazy.

Come on, speak up!

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How I enjoyed the this concert yesterday! Really can't say how much...The very good atmosphere,with an audience that was treasuring their beloved artists.

It was all good but the best for me were the duets of Dalaras and Moustaki,they were very touching.They sang Le Meteque and Mediterannee together.Especially at the second, the whole hall seemed to keep it's breath...

Also Dalaras' duet with Meyers Friends forever,half in english,half in spanish was very impressive.I also liked her other songs.

And what to say about Dalaras himself...His way of singing all our beloved songs;isn't he always great? I was highly touched by Dromoi Palioi and Theos an einai,but I loved them all...

Such a great concert,and with that the meeting of other members;it was such a happy day! Never to forget......

I'll give some pic's I made here

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"I don't know how" or "I don't have anything interesting to say" or "I don't have time" are mostly just excuses for I'm too lazy.

Come on, speak up!

No offense, Geske, really, but I don't think laziness has anything to do with it, for no one here. As everthing else in (my) life, I don't like to explain for NOT doing something whatever it is.

Please give people (including me) the time, the opportunity, the getting into the spirit to write and post about the concert. And it will be a report right from the heart. And the members who didn't go can enjoy the concert with us. For what it's still worth now, I'll do my best, just not now, not yet.


there I go, my big 'mouth', meanwhile I was writing this post, Marijke posted already photos. Thanks a lot Marijke

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more than 24 houres later I'm not realy down to earth yet, but i like to share some of my personal impressions with you.

indeed Francois, meeting so many community members was great :mad:

we missed you afterwards :pity:

His first songs moved me very much. His actual live presence is moving me.

It was the first time I saw, heard Deborah Myers. she was a complete surprise to me. a beautiful young lady with a fantastic voice.

Her duet - For Ever Friends - with Dalaras was one of the highlights of the concert.

I also enjoyed watching the Polish conductor of the orchestra. He was very expressive. ( and a friendly young man who talked to some of us afterwards)

Than George Moustaki came on stage. He seemed to be a fragile elderly man , which he wasn't as we found out afterwards :)

The Paris public knows him and loves him. It was beautifull to see and here him. the atmosphere was loving en respectfull, and so was Giorgos towards him.

ach.......... and what can I say about Girogos. you all know there are no words to say what you feel. He sang Dromoi Palioi, what more could I wish for?!?!

Thank you so much Giorgo :rolleyes::D:D

We, the public, applauded and applauded at the end, we couldn't get enough of him. and he came back. at least three times as I remeber.

It was beautiful and magic every second

Ofcourse we tried to see him backstage, but he used another backdoor than the one we were waiting :pity:

I didn't think he looked tired, but maybe he was and he must have had his reasons not to use the artists entrance.

everyone else did. and so did mister Moustaki. almost irrecognizable he came out in leather jacket and helmet on his head. He drove away on a big motercicle :):music::mad::mad:

after saying goodbye to the remaining com.members we got in our car for the journey home. but we thouht it was a pitty to leave Parijs withouth at least seeing the Eifel tower. So as the proffessional taxidriver she is, Marijke drove us down the Champs Elysee. stopped in the middle of it to give me a chance to make a photo of the Arc De Triomph.

She stopped right at the impressive feet of Tour Eiffel and drove us relaxed over Pont Neuf. we rounded the square in front of the Louvre and as if she drives in Paris every day, she brought us back to periferique and savely back home :razz: :lol: :lol: :razz:

thanks Marij. great!

It was a fantastic event and I enjoyed every minute :)

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So Marian,HE heard your wish and sang DP :mad:

Great great photos,Marijke!

Just the scenes ,I wished to see :rolleyes:

Thank you all,for your reports.

S Gursu

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Please give people (including me) the time, the opportunity, the getting into the spirit to write and post about the concert. And it will be a report right from the heart.

Yes, we need time...

As far as I am concerned, I am still bewitched by the whole concert and I am thinking of it all the time. The only report I made was to my mother, on the phone... I told her about Moustaki, our old bard, and one of Edith Piaf's lovers, once... This collaboration with Dalaras at the end of the concert was very powerful. Georges Moustaki is a living legend here. Everybody loves him and repects him. I will always remember the way he sang "Il est trop tard" on Sunday. It reminded me of our family gatherings when I was a student.

"En mediterranee"... What should I say about the song? Listen to it, again and again...

I was extremely moved by a song by Xarchakos that Melina had sung too...

I was also amused by the little problem Dalaras had with his tsoura during the first part. He tried not to show that he had a problem... And Kontoyiannis had problems too at the beginning... daily problems of bouzouki players... :mad: But he did well in the end, and his taximi in "Aspro peristeri" was perfect.... These small details show that indeed, they are great, great musicians... :rolleyes:

I expected our Yiorgos to sing at least 4 or 5 rebetika, but he only sang "Tha paw ekei sthn Arapia" - beautifully, indeed... He said that for the Hasiklidika, it was too early !!!

Pity, because Kontoyiannis is a very good rebetika bouzouki player... This is my only "parapono" about the concert, ie that he only sang one rebetiko....

Thanks Marijke for the great great photos...

I'll be back in a few hours for more details about my vision of this beautiful concert.

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There were at least 8 forum members there besides me. And I've done my bit often enough. So, will you guys please NOT sit and wait for someone else to report?

"I don't know how" or "I don't have anything interesting to say" or "I don't have time" are mostly just excuses for I'm too lazy.

Come on, speak up!

Toi, au moins, tu manques pas d'air !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the lazy one Geeske ?

The Olympia hall, quarter to five, all the forum members are inside already, I'm waiting impatiently for my Parisian friend to arrive. Ouf! here she comes. Let's go inside quickly !

The Olympia is packed with people, a majority of Greek/French speakers it seems to me.

An elegant grey haired gentleman with a red scarf enters the row of seats in front of us and takes place right in front of Anna who watches him with rounded eyesKostas Gavras.

5.20, the concert hasn't started yet, the public is getting very impatient.

A little later, appear the musicians. And we wait, and wait.

More impatience shown by the public , some disagreable comments, just to confirm once more that there is nothing more stupid than a crowd !

Here he comes, here he is. Apolegetic, tense, so tense it's painful to watch him.

I have to pinch myself I'm actually watching him . I can hardly believe it after so many missed concerts last year.

The two first songs I don't rememberonly the emotion of hearing the voice live again

Then he greets us in French : Bonsoir, bienvenue with the sweetest Greek accent !

The public laughs, everybody relaxes a little.

Axion Esti, Tis Dikaiosinis ilie, Aspro peristeri, Na me thimase ( the public starts clapping hands, our friend feels much better), Ta prota logia.

Soon after he takes the tsoura and sings San to metanasti, then there is a solo with the tsoura and he sings Theos an einai as I have never heard him sing it yet.Francois, Marian have told us already.

Now the baglama and Stin Arapia, superb!

Deborah Myers comes. She is a pretty, pleasant girl with a good, well trained voice, a musical voice I would say rather than an opera voice like Mario Frangoulis. She is at her best, I feel, when she sings the old "Eurovision tune" (sorry I don't remember how it's called). But what does this song have to do in a concert for Cyprus ?????

I'm a little annoyed by then and it doesn't get any better with the duet with the Spanish/English apologies to those who enjoyed it!

I was quite happy to see her go when she did (I didn't know yet that more detestable was still to come ! Omorfi poli ! She dared make a complete mush of it with Dalaras trying his best (low voice, high voice) to save something out of it - to no avail. but that difficult moment was still to come !)

Before that Dalaras gave us a superb Dromoi pali (Pavlo you were not very far ...), O ouranos, Mi mou thimoneis, etc, etc. a very good interpretation of Abre tu puerta cerrada and a beautiful solo guitar for el emigrante.

Then came "old man" Moustaki singing as badly as ever and as "sympathique" as ever !

The concert had to end didn't it ? He gave some encore but we wanted more. He couldn't sing anymore but he came to stand at the edge of the stage as near us as possible giving himself entirely to our applauses.

I know that most of you like him better when he plays an instrument because he looks so happy while doing it.

I certainly like to see him happy too but - this time again - the deepest moments for me where when he sang empty handed in front of the microphone. His body his so tense it seems to be almost non-existent. All his concentration is in his breathing and the control of his face (almost distorted so great his the effort) to form and give the exact sound he wants us to hearAbsolute concentration, absolute mastery of that human instrument, the voice, eyes closed with just a little help from the hands.

This moments are the most deeply moving for me and my admiration for his talent and artistic personality is boundless.

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Sunday 16th February, the beginning:

Seven oclock. The alarm goes off. I get up. How silent everything is here on this Sunday morning. Today is an important day.

I have plenty of time, so I can do what a person does in the morning, very much at ease. And I still have time for a coffee while taking care of things (do I have all with me that I need today?).

Indeed today, very important, today is ...

The birthday of my favourite kid of the family, my Godchild, her sweet sixteen. :mad:

I have my report, in Dutch, so I have to get it in English first, though reading what I have read already now (Marian, Francois, Annette) I think I can only add what this day did to me.

Till soon ...


and something else, Geske, people are reporting right? Now it just crosses my mind, was it just a - good - move of yours? Don't answer, whatever it was, it helped.

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So, my turn .....

My Dalaras weekend started very early (4.00 am) on Saturday morning. We left my house and drove to the end of the road before I realised that I had forgotten my long red scarf - the one I told Olga to look out for so that she would recognise me in Paris! Back to the house and start again.

After a trouble free journey to Paris, the weather on arrival was beautifully sunny, if bitterly cold. It was too early to check into the hotel so we went to look at the Olympia Theatre, admired the poster of George in the passageway there, and had a coffee at the cafe where everyone would meet the next day.

After some sightseeing followed by a very enjoyable (and very long!) Saturday evening, concert day arrived. More sightseeing at the Louvre in the morning, then off to the Olympia. Walking down the street towards the theatre, seeing the people start to gather outside, looking up to see "George Dalaras" in huge letters above the entrance (I had to cross the road to take a photo), all heightened the sense of anticipation. Then to the cafe - spotting some Forum members, hearing my name called - turning around to see another, going inside the cafe where there are yet more members. What a gathering!! :):)

Off to the theatre to collect our tickets, then inside to take our seats. We had a good view until, to our dismay, a cameraman from the Mega channel set up his camera right in front of us - we couldn't see anything! :mad: We made him move, but even then he obstructed our view during the first half of the concert. During the interval we spoke to him and his colleague again (both of whom we saw after the concert interviewing Georges Moustaki at the back of the theatre). It was obvious that they weren't going to move, so we decided to stand at the side of the balcony for the rest of the concert and had a really good view for the second half.

But the concert itself - even with a cameraman in the way - was spellbinding! The clarity and power of his voice never fails to send shivers down my spine. Highlights for me were Theos an Einai, San to Metanasti, El Emigrante (beautiful guitar work). I love to hear George sing Omorfi Poli, but I have to say I wasn't impressed with Deborah Myers' contribution in this song.

And I heard him speaking English for the first time!!!!! He told a member of the audience that Georges Moustaki was "going to sing a very special song". He also sang in English, of course, but again that song was not one of my favourites. Like Francois, I would have preferred to hear a rebetiko song in its place.

But the song of the night for me, without a doubt, was Stin Arapia - a simply stunning interpretation! :):)

I was very impressed with Georges Moustaki, who I had never heard before. Clearly he and Dalaras have a great deal of respect for each other and the inter-action between them was good to watch. I remember smiling at Dalaras, as he sat on his stool, with his elbow on his guitar and his chin in his hand, grinning at Moustaki who was singing next to him.

The concert was over all too soon, far too soon for the whole audience and so we joined some of the other members outside the back entrance. It was freezing cold and I was chilled to the bone, but unfortunately Dalaras didn't appear on this occasion.

So it was a final goodbye to the Forum members and off to the nearest restaurant - by this time I was not only frozen but I was starving too!

The final part of the weekend - on the way back to the hotel, hurrying back to get out of the cold, we stopped dead in our tracks as we spotted another Dalaras concert poster, not behind glass this time, but simply sellotaped to a corrugated partition board around a building site! Well, what else could we do - we couldn't just leave it there could we! It's not easy to pick sellotape with frozen hands, but Chris managed to do it, and it is now in England, awaiting a suitable frame!

A great end to a great weekend!

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Sorry for interrupting these very nice reports, but I have to make this remark!

No one is obliged to write a report about a concert.

And no one is allowed to demand a concert report, not even the 'webmaster' :) and especially no one who was at the concert her/ himself!

And Geeske, yes you did a lot of posts, but when did you write the last report about a concert? And please don't forget there's a small, just a small difference between writing down translations (done in a hurry, as you tell us most of the time) and to give a describtion of an event, which always strikes you very personally.

And please.....don't forget, most of us don't have this time to 'work' for this forum, seems you got a bit more than us.

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No report, some impressions, my highlights, but also some 'down'lights as I'd like to call them.

I didn't see a tired Dalaras. He was in a good mood and did a great performance. The best song 'Theos an einai'! Francois, I read your comment and how impressed you were about this song. Well, maybe now you understand what I was trying to explain after the Mainz concert.

A very special personal highlight, Moustaki and Dalaras together on stage. To see and hear my two beloved singers finally on one stage, well something like a dream come true!

I had a look back and counted a bit, not the times I'm listening to Dalaras at home, but who is the next mostplayed singer at home, Moustaki. And these days, the late 60s, beginning of the 70s, his music gave so much to me, especially the lyrics. Hearing them again, being in Paris again after such a long time, a lot of memories came back!

And it was a great performance Moustaki did. Don't forget he's already 69 and 2 or 3 years ago when he did a concert at Duesseldorf, his voice wasn't that good. But on Sunday, yes, bravo!!

He did 'only' 4 songs. 'Le meteque' and 'on mediteranee' together with Dalaras, him in French, Dalaras in Greek. And 2 songs on his own: 'il est trop tarde' and 'nous voulions'.

The way he sings 'le meteque' , just unique. You all know how much I like Dalaras' singing and interpretation of songs, but 'le meteque', this is Moustaki's song!

And so nice when Moustaki did the song 'il est trop tarde', Dalaras, sitting next to him and just listening. Annemarie described so well!

At the end when Moustaki added 'm'arrive meme de chanter avec Dalaras', a big laugh went through the audience. Even Dalaras smiled, although I think he doesn't understand much French.

Apropos speaking about languages.

It was mentioned already, Dalaras' singing in English.

Well for me THE surprise of the evening, so it has to get a comment.

A 'new' song (Sarah Brighton and Jose Carreras did this official theme song for the Olympic games at Barcelona already): 'Amigos para siempre'

Well, no problem with Dalaras singing in Spanish, he does it so good, but English? No. I really hope it was the first and the last time.

Maybe he just had to make compromise for singing together with Deborah Myers, as she can't join in the Greek songs. I told already about my impression at London when she tried to sing 'Omorfi poli'. The same here, no, I really don't need this.

And at Paris even worse. Dalaras did his solo, which was just perfect. But the moment they went together, Dalaras noticed the disharmony, lifted up his voice to get her, well,........not so well.

These two voices don't fit together.

And who decided to put the song 'Those were the days my friend' on to the program? I didn't know it's from European song contest, but this explains a lot! Sung by Myers, thank God no duet with Dalaras!

Maybe my criticism is a bit too strong. I know I should not try to compare the 'mazi' of Marinella and Dalaras with the other duets Dalaras is doing.....

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[.....]I didn't know it's from European song contest, but this explains a lot! Sung by Myers, thank God no duet with Dalaras!

It's only me saying so Anna, I might be completely mistaken !

Moustaki ! I saw you singing along and how you knew all the lyrics.......

How interesting are the differences between generations !

Moustaki and his songs had very little impact on our lives. It's good for him that the next generation showed a little more appreciation


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My impressions of the day after I got up and ready :) :

Margarita is early. And we can leave early. In Antwerp, we leave the car and meet Marijke and Marian. And off we go, to Paris. We have a good time, driving to France. We talk and talk, we laugh, listen to music. In Paris, on the peripherique, we get a bit lost. So we drive a little back and than we have the right road. We see somewhere a poster of the concert and from there, no more wrong directions. Marijke drives us straight to the Olympic Hall. The meeting is very nice, as well with the people I havent met before as with those who are becoming quite familiar now, there was Anna, Annette, Kate, Geske, Olga, Francois, Diane and Chris, Henk and Yvonne, Kate and us Marijke, Marian, Margarita and me. (did I forget someone? I hope not.)

The concert starts. And from the beginning its good, very good, no sound problems this time (I think, Im not a specialist). Dalaras seems to be more relaxed now. He is really having fun, so lively. He gives it all. And not only with his voice, but his whole body sings, the expressions on his face, the gestures with his hands, just everything. The way he interacts with the audience, with the orchestra, with Deborah Meyers, with Georges Moustaki.

And I have always this strong unexplainable connection with the song Theos an einai and this time it seems so different, the intro of the song, the whole song, the end of the song. Or is it me feeling different today? I was so impressed.

Something else that I found very moving was the performance with Georges Moustaki. The way they greet each other, sing together, sing in turns, talk, one in Greek one in French, the way they said goodbye, just there in front of us, on that stage.

I couldnt understand everything what they said. Well, on a certain point, G. Moustaki was talking in French, G. Dalaras was listening as it seemed very concentrated and G. Moustaki ended by asking Dalaras Tu as compris? And they laughed, and we laughed.

End of the concert, bis songs, the last one and Dalaras puts one finger up, one more song. And than that smile on his face, almost naughty.

My camera never flashed so many times and keeps on doing it, till the sweet end.

As already said here we are waiting on the backstage door. And we talk and shiver of the cold (and nerves?). We didnt see Dalaras. And than Geeske takes of, Annette leaves and also Diane and Chris. Goodbyes again, already.

We go for a last drink to cafe Olympia, have a talk with Olga, Anna, Henk and Yvonne and than we go. Back home but first Marijke takes us for a sightseeing Paris by night, we see the Eiffeltower, Louvre, streets and buildings beautifully lightened up and we end the sightseeing on the Champs Elysee before going back home. In Antwerp, we say the last goodbyes for today to Marijke and Marian. They drive to Holland now and we (Margarita and I) to our homes. I try to overview this day in the car when driving the last piece of the journey on my own but all thoughts come together at the same time. All I know that very moment is that this was a good day.


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