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1. For the first time for me, it was Berlin 6.6.2001.

I went for the whole day to Pergamonmuseum to visit the old gods.

2. The second, it was Frankfurt, 11.10. 2001, and me, a German teacher, did not even want to go visit Johann Wolfgang Goethe's birthhouse. It was a complete another story.

3. The third one, Berlin 05.07.02 - replay (see above) plus a big joghurt with honey and nuts by "Niko" taverna, with repetition after the concert.

(Yvonne, Henk, a BIG smile!!!!!)

4. The fourth one, Paris 16.02.03, Louvre (Niki from Samothraki), a visit repeated after the concert.

Could that be of help?

If not, then

1. "stop the oral fixation" ("Good Will Hunting" with Robin Williams)

2. put on your CD player "Oi thalassinoi", a classical Giorgos Zambetas' song sung in Zygos on "Apo kardias".

3. put your shoes off and don't even try to sit down.

Could that be of help? I bet it could

4. (let me know!)


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it means you have either forgotten something or your understanding of "help" is an another one than mine.

Then try "Kane kouragio, Anna" and especially the verse:

απόψε θα'ρθώ στο πρώτο σου όνειρο" (tonight I come to your first dream).

And believe me, it can be succesful.

Even if the whole is a great bit of joke now, this one I mean seriously:

try "Mi mou thimoneis" as best as you can.

Well, my experience of this song will be 25 years soon... and it was always a perfect lullaby.

Quod erat demonstrandum.....


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:music::music::) Irene,

"Methismena", yes... One of the ost beautiful and sunny albums of Giorgos Dalaras I know.

But the another members know already, this one - this one is a special jewel for me, since this must have been the first Greek song I heard in my life.

It was so about 25 years ago and it was always - like it remains - the most, most, most succesfull lullaby. Ο κόσμος να χαλάσει!

I can write the same only about two works of Johann Sebastian Bach, but it came more than eight years later.


Nevertheless, I, too, like the "sunny" songs more. At least in the last years.....

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Ach, "more hopeful", you say?


"και με γλύκο χαμόγελο

μια κάλη νύχτα πές μου..."

It works for years in my case, indeed.... Even before I could understand the Greek text. Besides, watch out! you have to deal with a "Koujoumtzis addicted" person, after years I can't help it....

A good day, Irene!


(με γλύκο χαμόγελο)


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My first impression after the first Dalaras concert was, I was thankful to get to know such a wonderful person! :)

And second ,I was angry not to get to know him some years before!!!!! :music:

Franz :music:

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The last song of the first Giorgos Dalaras concert I was lucky to visit (Berlin 6.6.2001), was "Tis dikaiosinis ilie".

Now it's pretty late here and my reason says "go to bed", but my soul says "stand up", I've just heard this song again after a longer time.

May it be dedicated to Christo and, with my best thoughts, to the walnut trees of Gulhane Park..

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Why Olga

Thank you for your kind dedication

and I'm sorry to hear of your friends loss

Thinking of you across the seas and through this board

here is a smile to cheer you up


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don't forget, Kyria Anna Dalara can understand Greek pretty well.....

and don't eat too much chocolate, because you can not live with magnesium only, you need some proteins and other things to survive :)

and "OI Thalassinoi" I know and love till to the grade of becoming completely breathless by dancing it, is in the version of "Apo kardias" CD's: be careful, pitilessly fast played.....

Enjoy as best as you can only.

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