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What follows belongs here as well as in 'how I got addicted' and it is a description of the concert, my and my son's getting 'caught' and the circumstanaces that led GD to Belgrade that particular time... He has been there twice, the more recent occassion being during the bombing of Belgrade!!!... With Alkinoo, and with Anastasia Mutsatsu, the first time.

...But there is a FOREPLAY, ISAGOGI, to this....In 1993 the country, Serbia, reached the bottom of hell, the ecconomics being in total haos,the inflation made the guiness record, or just about it.

Is spite of this I had some Geman marks at the side, so we, 'we' being my teenage boy, my 'ex' and me, came to Greece on a holiday, and one evening found ourselves at Halkidiki, Kasandra,Suny beach. It was early night so I did not see the beach, and we went to sleep around the car, 100 meters from the sea.

In the morning, I was making breakfast while my boy went to the sea and suddenly cried out calling me to see 'something SOOOOOOO beautiful', I did not, finished the breakfast and a half hour later went there to find a most beautiful sea that I had ever seen, the colour being tirquaz...don't know how to spell this. All sand. Shere beauty.

It was a heaven.

The next night there was a heavy storm, so we all got into the car, a passat caravan, but I could not sleep at all. I was FEELING. The next thing that I was aware of was THE DECISSION, about us repatriating to Greece... I am Greek, you see, but was born out there...

In the morning I told them about my deccission and they both agreed, eagerly, as it seemed... My boy never changed his mind, the 'ex' did, and later became 'ex' for many other reasons for which husbands become 'exes', not repatriation...He is not Greek. A Serb.

The following that matters here happened in an unknown moment or moments and place or places of timespace.

I mean, I don't know when, where and how many times I had heard the 'mimuthimonismatiamu', on the radio. And I was not aware, on the CONSCIOUS base, of THE song and THE singer, but it was THERE all the time, hidden somewhere in my mind. Waiting for the right moment to come. When I would be ready...

So, this particular day in the spring of 1995, the radio started playing it, and I suddenly BECAME AWARE OF THE SONG AND THE SINGER AS BEING SOMETHING AND SOMEBODY THAT I HAD FOR LONG LOVED AND LONGED FOR...My dream voice, and therefore, consequently, my dream man...

This moment I had one thought in my mind, MY BOY HAS TO HEAR IT TOO, so I leaned out of the window to see him comming from school and I cried out that he run and hear something 'SOOOOOO beautiful', so he ran and made it... It took him, too. What other was possible!?

This was my first conscious contact with Girgos Dalaras. And my son's, but I don't have his permission to write about his....whatever it is......all I can say is that it is as big and beautiful as mine, different, of course...

My next move was to call the radio and ask them about THE SONG AND THE SINGER, and they said, 'mimuthimonismatiamubygiorosdalaras' and I understood nothing but wrote down what I heard...

...My heart is pumping hard even NOW that I write, remembering every detail and feeling of the times.

The next move was me running there and finding a beautiful young man who was in love with Greece and Greek music and in charge of the Greek music on the radio. He was doing what he could, in the cold climate of Serbian 'music' scene....well... if there is one at all.

His birthday is at the SAME DAY as mine...Queer...This young man's.

We made best friends immediatelly as if we had always been friends and he made for me my first copy of REAL Greek music, not just sirtaki and Zambetas, whom I dearly love, btw.

The cassette included only mimuthimonis of Giorgo but also Anna Vissi, 'ta gramata mu girises horis na ta diavasis', don't know the title, from the times that she was still a GREEK singer, and Kalatzis...and many other beauties...Yes, hronia tis ipomonis...

I named the casete 'ELLADA'.

Then, some time later, I saw the ad in the papers about HIM comming there, and I was among the first to buy the tickets, for me and my boy.

He came there to support the Serbs in the POVERTY, stin ANEHIA. And all OTHER things that he supports...

He later gave the money for the children with no parents...or for some other good cause...

THE day came...

We knew Girgos' looks only from a photo that was not one of his best, to say the least, though he seems to like it, and it gave me a wrong picture, of a MATCHO man!!!.....The way I don't like. ..Because he is ALL MEN together...Giasu Giorgo!!!

.....So, the lights went off and HE came on the stage, after a long instrumental isagogi... a beauty too, Makis being at the buzuki, and others, known to all us...

I was rather far away, and did not pay much attention at what I will SEE, I LISTENED HARD...




OH!!! It WAS a surprise, since I thought he would be a tender guy singing mimuthimonis...I opened my mouth AND EYES, in shere wander!!!

But then, as his third choice, he said THE....


The moment he started it, I and my boy gave each other A FACE that said it ALL....there are no words to describe this feeling, but you people know what I am talking about...

So, it was mumuthimonis, asemepalinasupo and anemologio...and then many otheres to follow, that gave me ANOTHER view of Giorgo...I had no idea what was to follow.......that I would soon become, well, not obsessed...but for sure...FASCINATED...

And I think that I will stay this way untill the end of my days and I like it...

The concert finished with three bis's...and me being out of my mind...

I made it to the back stage, what do you think?, with a group of young Greeks living in Belgrade. I was leading them and I spoke no Greeek... There were, of course, Serbian guards who said a big 'NO' and other stupid things about some 'danger', but we just waited...

...and then HE was comming towards us and we all ran to him and the guards TRIED to stop us, IN VAIN, and Girgos came close to me so I approached him and said, in English, if he would please give us his autogram, and the guards again tried to prevent this happen, but then Giorgos said 'why not' and asked ME for a pen, I gave him MINE, so he wrote his usual 'with love' to me, and to the others too...I was not aware of the importance of the moment...but I remember it ALL...

Does HE remmber this, I wonder!!! We met later here... I am a clever girl, you know... so he KNOWS me, but does he remember THIS?...

Enoo, thimase?!

I met him personaly years later in front of the Megaro Musikis with the AFORMI to speak to him about the GORAN BREGOVICH "PROBLEM"!!! An excuse, of course...

Back to the concert...

He was wearing longish hair, his LAST long hairstyle, ALAS, and a WHITE shirt with BLACK trousers, OF COURSE!!! DORIC STYLE... STYLISH...CLASSY... I was wearing a turquiz with white big spots dress...I was not yet the colour specialist that I am now, othewise I would have worn YELLOW!!!..As I do now. When I go to see him, so that he can see me too...For no purpose...Etsi...

He was a god.

And I am not the only one to say this.


What followed was to be expected.

The young man from the radio produced a copy of the video cassette for me, I have it but it is in a bad shape...though not so bad that I could not recollect the moments of my first accounter with Giorgo Dalara.

HE, and his music helped me survive until the day I got the Greek government deccission on my and my son's repatriation, on 27.12. 1999!

It took me over 6 years to make the Greeks officials understand that I WILL BECOME GREEK, NO MATTER, so they finally gave up and pronounced me and my son Greek citizens from our birth. On that day, I had already been living in Greece, with my son, for a year and a a foreigner...

In between, there happened a divorce and a cardiac surgery. The second one. A successfull one this time.


This story is here, if for noone else, then for those numerous annonymous members and guests who don't remember or won't remember, or don't know, or don't care or KNOW HOW TO TO FORGIVE AND FORGET... about ATHINAIA and Astron and Francois and Geske and Hristaki and......I know there were many more SUCH others, but there were many DIFFERENT others, not heard, who understood MORE about the case...... For one, Pikerni, and Marijke, too......and others who I won't name.


And, the story is here for YOU...


Have a nice day, folks. YOU TOO!!!


PS, Olga and Francois said once that I surely have some other nice things to say here, so here they are, the NICE things :)

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And btw, about the colour of the sea... I saw it totally pink, on the 1st of January 1991. Unforgettable. A glimpse of paradise...

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The pink was the colour the aegean sea took at sunrise, by Athens. I don't remember where it was exactly, for I didn't know the area. i just remember that from our spot we had a view of Pirea which was surrounded by fog so it had quite a fantasmagoric quality and there was this huge ball which at the time I thought was the moon but as it was so close to earth, it must have been the sun. The effect, I suppose and from what my friend told me, was obtained with the help of the pollution but it was so wonderful one forgot about it.

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THE COLOURS?!..............

Well, I once proposed here that I make a little frondistirio, seminar, about what I know about the colours, and I know a lot. No responce. See what I mean? So this is for you exclusively, Celeste. Noone except you is permitted to read it!!! :D Or use it!!!!!

IT IS VERY SIMPLE. Or s it? Leet's see...

First stage is you forget about what colours you like but listen hard and try to understand. Objectively.

Colours are three. Yellow, blue and red.

The 'colour followers', so called, are black and white. They are no colours. Grey is in between them, hope you understood. White is no colour and black is all colours. Or maybe white is, too, all colours. But surely they are no real colours, with all due consequences.

The three clolours have their inbetweens, the orange, purple and green, the semi colours.


BLUE IS COLD. All shades and mixtures.

YELLOW IS WARM. Same as with blue.

RED IS BOTH, so that when it is nearer to orange it is warm while when it is nearer to blue it is cold. But not so much as yellow and blue.

Black grey and white are cold. Remember this. They are excellent for melahrinus, dark skinned people and for the SNOWWHITE people, white skin dark hair fair eyes. Elizabeth Taylor.


Your skin, like everybody else's is either warm or cold or inbetween like clean red or green. So, what suits you, which means to your skin, depends on the colour of your ckin. Warm with warm. Cold with cold.

Not to be forgotten that semicolours are, orange is hot, purple is cold, while green, like red, is in between, so that when it is nearer to blue it is cold, while when it is nearer to yellow, it is warm. Simple. But, green is neccessarilly nearer to both blue and yellow, being a simicolour between the two, while red is farther away from yellow and blue, not being in between the blue and yellow as their simicolour, but being the third real colour. This however has no importance, since both green and red are in between blue as cold, and yellow as warm, colours...only nearer or further away.

The combination between the colours is not so simple as woud seem from the above, since there are many ways of making a good look, like the contrast, or the sisterhood...or the cheeky, like real or red next to orange or purple!!! Or green with blue...OR RED WITH GREEN!!!!! Not for people, for the kitchen, though!

One is sure, next to one's face, one must wear either cold, blue, black grey and white, or warm, yellow, and all sorts of it...this is hard to explain. Red and green are allowed there for both tipes of skin, but they must be nearer to cold or worm, depending on what the skin is.

The semi semi colours are as follows.

Indigo is in between blue and purple.

Tirquize is between blue and green.

Olive is between yellow and green.

Fuksia is between red and purple.

There are two more semi semi colours, with no names, the one between yellow and orange and one between orange and red. Fire would be either orange or orange red.

All other 'colours' with their names like kafe, kaki, itc, are no colours, just mixtures of basic three colours, and or their mixture with black and or white...

And all this has nothing to do with the shade of the colour, being deep or light, like pink, which is red with more or less white in ot or just a very deluted red, or navy blue and other names to mix people up. Not me.

White means snow white. Beige and cream white are for warm types.

Silver,platina and such are cold while bronze and gold are warm. Pearl is worm. Sedef is inbetween....

AND THIS IS NOT ALL, AT ALL....because the two types of human skin colours, worma and cold, have their strong or weak forms, so actually people are devided in two groups and other two sub groups. Nevertheless, a group is cold, light or strong and warm, light or strong, so are their colours, to wear, only with more or less sandy or milky shade in the weaker types.

This does not mean that one cannot wear his opposite colour, but not next to one's face, on the trousers or skirt, yes, providing that the colours among themselves make a good look, following one of the patterns, sisterhood or enemies or cheeky....

But white and black are best mixed with each other and grey, not with real colours. It is not very imaginative to wear white or black with red. but, white, black and red is nice. And white or black with blue. since thay are all cold. And black with silver. And brown with gold.....

For dark skinned people, best is whiteblack and blue.

For ginger skinned people, redish ones, peach skin, best is yellow brown and orange...

...and then come some other properties of colours which make some other rools, like orange is not to be worn, because it attracts the eye more than desirable, it is wild, therefore comes yellow, a nice shade though...

Blonds must not wear black or white.

Olive skinned must not wear cream beige kafe gold and such....


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'ta gramata my petaxes horis na ta diavasis', don't know the title,

PS, Olga and Francois said once that I surely have some other nice things to say here, so here they are,


the song you mean is "Sta xronia tis ipomonis", written by Stavros Kougioumtzis, sung by Anna Vissi and to be found for example on the collection: S.K. "Ta megala tragoudia", 3 CD's. But the original recording was "Sta psila ta parathiria", 1975, where also the "Mi mou thimoneis" was recorded for the first time by Giorgos Dalaras.

May sound exaggerated, but my thought was again the same: "how could the world exist before this song was written..."

and, NIKH, thank you for the story.

Btw. my opinion about Goran Bregovic and his music is much better than the yours, and do not forget the "Thessaloniki-Yannena" album they both made together with Giorgos Dalaras. Throught this album Giorgos Dalaras became more known in my country, where Goran's music is really very popular. To the grade of forgetting the composer, whose "Martira ta" with the Polish text is one of the most popular wedding songs these years.

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It is a yougoslav Gypsy song "Lubenica" ie karpuzi, watter mellon, sang by a gypsy guy JAY. No Goran Bregovich, PIA PRASIN ALOGA!!!

And the last one is a song of Arsen Dedich, no Goran.

And one in the middle is a Serbian old song, I will ask my boy and he will tell me which, the theme is almost the same.


Impertinence. To say the least.

And, Goran had his nude photos taken at a little boat and I saw it on a video... no big deal, he, he :razz:

And there are other plagiats of this Goran guy who cannot either sing or play, but knows how to hold the expensive guitar and do drn, drn from time to time and he dared make signals to Giorgo and the Gypsy band from Bulgaria because Gypsies in Serbia are so stupid and unorganized to let Goran steel their treasure,about when to start and when to end the singing and playing on the big boat scene, remember.?.....Ase mas with Goran! He is a nobady, somebody are the Gypsies and Zeljko Bebek who was the singer of Goran's group "Bijelo dugme", white button. He is only a button.Afta.

What about my colours?! :blush:

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Well, thanks for the explanation, NIKH. I'll have to read it a couple of times again to get it all. So, I guess my skin type is cold. I have dark brown hair, fair skin with some freckles- my mum is a redhair- and brown eyes ( I didn't inherit her green eyes unfortunately :razz: ). And my favourite colours seem correct. Anyway, what matters is that one feels good with oneself- it doesn't happen all the time unfortunately!

Thanks again for your time!

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I know, many of Goran Bregovic' songs are "only" good arrangements of traditional music or somebody's else songs But he did it well.

And there is still something good in his cooperation with Giorgo Dalara himself, and, if I can speak this way, Kyrios Dalaras has shown so many times, he knows in the best way, with whom is he cooperating with.

These people deserve a similar respect as our beloved singer himself.

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You aaaare right providing that Giorgos knew all this but I am not sure in this...My boy just said that the cd contains only plagiats, except for the Arab song and Arsen Dedich where his name is mntioned....

Ala telos pandon....

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Celeste, freckles mean worm type.

Loving the opposite type of colours than you need means that you will feel good in them, and it does give you a nice air in the eyes of others but the effect of colours is stronger than feeling good in wrong colours.

The most difficult thing, for those types of skins which are not very deffinite about what they ar, is to deffine them.

You can do it this way. Take a scarf with strong red which goes just a little to orange, like fire red, and another scarf with red that goes a little to fuksia, or take orange and violet red. Put then on your neck and look carefully and objectivelly, ask two friends what they like better on you, one of them being a person that loves black white and blue, most do, and another who likes kafe, beige, kaki honey olive colours etc...

but, if you wnt to find out that you are cold, as you obviously do, you will, and will be wrong. It is difficult. The colour of your hair, being dark brown and eyes brown and skin just 'fair' which means nothing to start with, because fair can be this or that way fair.

You know what. Come to Athens and I will test you!!! :razz:

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Celeste, I just found your photo with your little son and I am sorry to inform you that both of you are strong type of worm. This means.

No silver or any white metals. No black or snow white or gray. No blue. no fuksia, no tirquiz, no violet, no indigo

Yes to GOLD CILIBAR PEARL ETS, GINGER, middle and hot red, middle and hot green, all yellows, orange,browns kafe beige kaki olive....everything that you don't like.... :razz:

your darkest colour shoud be chocolate and deep green or red with warm notes .Tabaco, earth, sand....



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Well, maybe when I start having white hair, I will but not red-red! Thanks for the advice anyway. After all, I'm glad I'm warm-he,he :razz:

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Well, before I CLOSE this colour discussion, I wish to remind you that things are not SO bad, because you can still use the cold colours, but not next to face, or in jewelery. What remains is to wear them on skirt and trousers, BUT then, there is the problem of combination between the top and bottom, and since they would be differnt in cold warm issue, then they both have to be clear colours, not dull, so that they can match in, well, no sisterhood, but in cheeky or opposition way. Best is to try your clean warm colours, not the sandy, milky or dull shades, with white and black, since they are no colours and therefore agree with warm ones well enough, and with cold real colours excellently, since they, black and white, grey too, are VERY cold, believe it or not. Like, yellow on top with black at bottom, while the wanted colour would be dark chocolate, and green or red on top, not too cold though, with black or white on bottom, with a repetition of the yellow on bottom, some flowers or whatever. Nice thing is the upside down, dark colour on top and light on bottom, black top with white bottom, but not for you blck on top. The cheeky wuld be orange on top with fuksia or indigo, very cold, on bottom. The opposite would be yellow on top with dark blue on bottom. Or green with red, regardless of top and bottom thing.Nice is green on top with violet on bottom.

But, please, do try beige and chocolate,golden colour with yellow....your colours are the strong shade of natural colours, of the nature, except for the sea and sky, while the cold colours are sharp, unnatural, very fresh. You will look more emotional and soft in your colours, while they would be on me, I am cold, dirty!!! Therefore, my type wants very fresh cold colours to chace away the dull look of the olive skin...In short words, you should look like fire and I like show. When does the opposite, one causes the opposite effect., is it worthwhile wearing the colours that we like instead of the ones that match us? It is the same as looking and finding a boyfriend that we like, out of our neurosis, instead of the one that likes us, who would be friendly and not the enemy like the first one

So, see you in private mail, for I know that I have overdone it again. For you!!! :razz:

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No, Olga, after a SECOND thought, you are NOT right in saying that we ought to respect, to almost the SAME!!!... degree the 'artists' that Giorgos chose to collaborate with.

You see, I saw with my OWN eyes the nude video of Goran Bregovich, and it was not in his possesion, which means that either it was stollen from him or he made it public. HE WAS POSING, IT WAS NOT TAKEN FROM A HIDE. He did the second....and even if not, JUST WHY did he make his nude photoes which are actually photoes of his genitals?!...

Now, when a WOMAN makes nude photoes, she is actually displaying her TOP because her OTHER is no big deal, it is O THAROS, her daring, that counts, not the looks of her bottom front part, while it IS the looks of her TOP parts that she wants to show, because then everyone can see how WELL IT HOLDS ITSELF HORIS STIRIGMA...with no support....

Quite another target has a MAN, ipothitete, when he is making nude photoes of his own self...Since any man is NORMALLY seen TOPLESS, then it is common sence that he wants to display, to the public, his BOTTOM FRONT 'virtue'.

THIS is what Goran did and this is what he wanted.

And now, WHAT you are saying, KNOWING about the nude photoes, OR MAYBE YOU DISBELIEVED ME!!!, is that we have to RESPECT Goran because Giorgos sang 'his' songs, LEAVING OUT THE ISSUE THAT THEY ARE MOSTLY OTHERS' SONGS. You are being funny, Olga, TO SAY THE LEAST, and you are missusing your popularity and, well... respect... that you have made in the club by your moderate reactions to everything and all, by being... SWITZERLAND!!!...

...Even if I could, I would not exchange place with you. Thank you very much for popularity obtained IN SUCH a way...

I preffer my humble ANY cost...well, mono xilo den andeho...


PS, I am sure he did NOT know about THIS!!!...

PPS. GIORGO, if you want to trace this I will give you the name and the address of the man in Belgrade who showed me the nude video of Goran at a little varka...boat, on an Adriatic beach... His name is MIODRAG PANDURCHICH....poor devil, he is a fan of Goran...Makes me sick...

But I think it is BEST left as it is, since Goran would probably find a way to buy this man. Goran has guite a 'reputation' up there, of which you could have known nothing about, OF COURSE!!! OR ALKISTIS... OR HARIS...

You should have asked ME, but it was too late when I first spoke to you about Goran boy in front of MEGARO MUSIKIS, that cold February afternoon, while you were hiding your mouth with a scarf because you were to sing that night and also your eyes behind sunglasses which you took off with a HEAVENLY smile for ME, when I ASKED you to...NIKH XXX

"agapo olo to kozmo giati iparhis ki esi" :)

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Even, if I strongly try to avoid such kind of arguments here in the Giorgos Dalaras' site,

1. "Judge not, and you won't be judged" (Matthew 7, 1)

2. "Do not judge yourself as absolved" (Sura 53, 32).

Please, do not ask me for further opinions to this and similar topics.


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I never did.

It is not fair to argument with ME with religion. I am an atheist, and don't argument anyone with MY proofs. The weapons should be mutual. I don't recognize the religious arguments...nor do you mine, but you used yours...and I did not mine, I just stated facts that Gorgos may find unpleasant for his name and therfore may want to know this before some other mean mind, like RASULIS, finds it out. And uses it.

You should know better than this. Gorgos easily go to court of law when insulted. With right... This man, Goran Bregovich, did not insult Gorgo directly, but indirectly, if anyone that MATTERS saw this nude video, I don't think that Giorgos would like that. He should know this.

So, next time I go to Belgrade, I will try to get a coppy of the tape, for further use, if neccessary, and I will find it neccessary if anyone accuses me for having ill will in this mattter, or having done something wrong, or if Giorgos himself wants to see the video.

This is not about Giorgos, Olga, this is about some Goran Bregovich and his past that Giorgos did not know about when he went into colaboration with him...

Ego prospatho na ton prostatepso, ke ohi vlapso, den to vlepis...As the things stand, there is no danger because noone in Greece except me saw the video, but someone could one day, so Giorgos should know this before that happens, if it happens, makria apo mas...\

But, as I said previously, it is probably best left as it is...

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Hey, Nikh, how about starting a topic: Dalaras, a prude???

Do you really think he wouldn't have sung with Goran if he had known about the nude video? Unbelievable! He sang with Sting who appeared nude somewhere...(don't remember where, certainely in his shower or his bed, he, he). :)

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I do not know personal details about Bregovic but surely I do not like his music (o.k., perhaps with the exception of one or two songs) and the way he was pushed to a star (not only in Greece of course; as far as I know the beginning was with the music he wrote for the films of Kusturica).

A characteristic example: He made also a record with Alkisti Protopsalti ("Paradehthika"). On the front cover of this record you can read: "Mousiki (= Music): Goran Bregovic". The record contains 10 songs and according to the information on the paper within the cover Bregovic has written the music for 5 (!!) of these songs (the others are traditional melodies and one by Aristidis Moshos). To my mind it is completely unacceptable that a composer who has written the music for half of the songs is mentioned on the cover with big letters as if he were the only composer of all the songs.

Maybe that for such bad tricks is not to blame Bregovic himself; but I always become suspicious when an artist (or an "artist") is presented in such a way.

Concerning his cooperation with Dalaras ("Thessaloniki Giannena Me dyo papoutsia panina"): For me surely one of the worst (perhaps:

the worst) record Dalaras ever made. :rolleyes:

I have the strong suspicion that in such cases in the center is not the quality of music or musicians but simply marketing.

(PS: As I saw that Celeste mentioned the cooperation with Sting: To my mind that's a similar case. :) )

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I think Dalaras wanted to help Serbs by helping their commmposer, and since there was no other 'sopmmposer' and the gypsy songs aare beaautiful, he maybe closed his eyes...

Prude, why not! I am decent, well, I am a girl, well again!!! :rolleyes:

Michael, from this day until further notice, I am your friend!!!

So, send me a peace of turta, this is how |I get bribed... :lol:

Bregovich, what is this, a new kind of parfume!? :):rolleyes::pity:

Dalaras is...MY DREAM COME TRUE... :rolleyes:

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