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Megaro Mousikis Thessaloniki

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Well, I don't believe I was the only member of our club who was at these concerts, but as I told all of you I'm going and 'caused enormous waves of envy to the club', at least I have to give a small report.

Friday 18. Jan., late afternoon, arrival at Makedonias Airport.

Greece as we all know and like it!

Cool, heavy clouds, rain, streets with mudwater. All in all one colour: grey, even the 'White tower'.

In the hotelroom, switching on the radio ( only switching on, not yet choosing a special channel ) Dalaras is singing!

And, although it's already 18.30h, suddenly the sun is shining!

20.00h Megaro Mousikis

The 1st time I'm here, the 1st time Dalaras is performing here!

A new building next to the sea. Modern architecture, a lot of glass, but although it's modern, it's not too clean, not cold.

The concerthall, all in light wood, fantastic accoustics, 1400 seats, smaller, more cosy than the Megaro Mousikis Athens.

21.00h really in time the programme starts. The 12 musicians of the 1st part take their seats, then the chorus Fons Musicalis comes on stage, and at least: Martha Moreleon, Kostis Konstadaras and.....Dalaras.

As they start with 'Missa Criolla' Dalaras wears the suit ( Nikola, you remember Irodion Sept. 2000?) that makes him look a little like a priest.

Konstadaras conducts.

Dalaras starts to sing 'Senor', very concentrated, very serious. ( Maybe a little nervous? as I had the impression, the 2nd evening he was more relaxed)

The Missa Criola is beautiful as the songs change, one very slow, the next with more rhythms.

Oh, and Dalaras, when he's not singing, closed eyes, listening to the music, this special South American music, with these special instruments and their special sounds, special rhythm.

Sometimes smiling, he enjoyes, he likes this kind of music!

And when he's singing, eyecontact to Konstadaros. This guy is not only conducting, but also singing!

Navidad Nuestra

As far as I know, this is not on cd yet. Really hope they do it soon, as the 3rd song 'Los Reyes Magos' is getting one of my favourites. Marvellous!

22.10h Intervall

I'm standing in the foyer at the window. The Megaro is a little bit outside, at the corner to Kalamaria. I have a beautiful view to the sea and the lights of Thessaloniki.

2nd part

Meanwhile there was alittle change on stage, as now the Orchestra of Thessaloniki and the chorus Fons Musicalis are participating.

Maestros Nikos Athinaeos is conducting.

He was in Frankfurt Alte Oper with Agnes Baltsa. I remember the same crumpled jacket and the untidy pack of notepaper. All seems a little chaotic, but it isn't at all!

Thea start 'Libertadores- America Insurrecta'. Just in time for the singing part Dalaras comes on stage ( changed suit!) and he starts 'Nuestra tierra'...

Songs like this one, when he finishes, I think, now he's dead as he gave all he has! All his power and energie.

And what does he do?

He shakes his head, takes 3 breathes and.. here we go, ready for the next song.


Other songs are completely different. 'Ομορφη πολη' so quiet, smooth and soft.


The tsoura

'Σαν το μεταναστη' and the next...

yes, meanwhile I know ( and although it's Micki's song, still my favourite )

'Θεος αν ειναι' a song with both elements, softness and power.

What can I say, I can't describe! You must see and hear this song live!

The baglama

He puts the small instrument to his ear, tries and listens.

'Στην αραπια'

I like the way he holds the baglama and the special movings he's doing while playing!

The guitar

Dalaras starts and Giorgos Kontojannis joins in with the flamenco guitar. Perfect instrumental opening for 'El emigrante'.

At the end of this song one guy calls 'μπραβο Γιωργο!'

This shouting opens the atmosphere a little. Until now serious, quiet audience. But slowly, slowly some start to sing with Dalaras.

'Μη μου θυμωνεις ματια μου' l

last song of the officiale programme. At least now Dalaras took the audience. Rhythmitic applause until he comes back!

I didn't count the encores, but at least they had to play 'ασπρο περιστερι' once again, as when he's singing with a sinfonic orchestra, the repertoire is limited!

Saturday, 19.Jan.

Late breakfast, as it takes a lot of time to come down from 'heaven' and fall asleep!

A walk to town,

stopping at every periptero, having a look for 'Echos & artis' Nr.1. But it was an unsuccessful search, as Nr. 2 just arrived!

Realizing every 100 meters you can get 'Bougatsa'. I waited until 'Dodoni'!

Hmmmmm, do you smell?

Saturday in a big town. Busy streets, crowded with people, noisy, hectic.

The Greek way of life, σιγα σιγα??

Patsis Music World. No fun to search a long time in the store, as they play terrible loud music.

But I found 'Συναντηση' and 'Χαρης & Πανος 20 χρονια Live'!

Back on the street. Suddenly a wellknown face, of course with sunglasses!

Goran Bregovic!

I didn't disturb him, but in my thoughts I thanked him, especially for one song!

My way back was along the sea, quiet and peaceful!

In the evening once again Megaro!

This 2nd performance was a benefit concert for children with cancer. Notables persons in the first rows ( even Mr. Pangalos)

The same programme as the day before, but don't think I got bored. No, I enjoyed every minute!

The last song 'Δρομοι παλιοι', finally singing all together. And this song accompanied me home and was still in my mind on my way back to Germany.

Two wonderful concerts.

Γιωργο, ευχαριστω παραπολυ!

PS. Sorry, this time no photos. It was totally forbidden. One guy tried once, but immediately one of the hostesses came and took his camera away!

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Anna,  :D  :)  :music: !!! Next time he appears in Thessaloniki we'll go together! Thank you for your "report"... Our thoughts were with you... and with George...    :confused:

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She is not only a photographer, also a great journalist. Congratulations, Anna and thank you, thank you, thank you.


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Hey, don't you know it's totally forbidden to take photos at Dodoni? Also it's not allowed to tape the eating noises!!!

And if you want to know what's happening if you eat to much bougatsas and drink to much ouzo, have a look at 'trip to turkey'!

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Just realized I made one mistake in my report!

The 2nd evening it was Mr. Venizelos who was there.


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Anna,I hope you had much fun at the concert. I have a question: Do you remember the percussion player from Dόsseldorf? He was so great!! Is he still with Dalaras?? Franz

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Franz, I think you mean John Nikoletopoulos, the one who was acting so lively at Duesseldorf! No, he wasn't there.

Different concert, different musicians!

The only ones who were at Duesseldorf and also here in Thessaloniki were:

Giorgos Matsikas, bouzouki

Thanasis Sofras, bass

Christos Zervas, guitar

Nikos Karatzas, percussion

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Sorry, it's me once again!

I told about the unsuccessful search for Echo & artis Nr.1 in Thessaloniki.

Today, in Colonia, in good old Germany, I got it!!!!!!

Sorry, Annemarie, only one!

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Sorry to be so late with this.  Many thanks for such a brilliant - and inspiring - report.  I'm now determined that I won't miss another concert that I have even the remotest chance of getting to.

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Kate, next time!

But you see from the echoes, now I think I was the only member who was there!

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I have to post this!

Today, 04.02.2002, I got a magazine, where I found this announcement! Or maybe I got it so late as Leverkusen is not next to Colonia and Duesseldorf, but on the moon!

And not only it's a little, just a little bit late, but also they write the wrong date!!


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'Chronika' ein Griechenlandmagazin, erscheint monatlich, kommt aus Berlin!

Vielleicht deshalb die Verspaetung!

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