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 Ok Dalariko Fanatics.

Lets hear some of your opinions as to what are some of the best videos out there on Dalaras at a live concert of his?

 I can think of several myself if not all of them.

Chris you have me beat hear, I do not have 35 of them or nowhere near that number so I look forward to your response as to which are the best ones.  

  However, I do have about a dozen of them or so and some that I have have never been published by Minos/EMI.  Those are apart of my rare collection and are just as good as the ones that are offered for sale to the public.

  My top 6 Videos would be:

1. 'Justice for Cyprus' at the Meadowlands arena

      Every Dalaras fan should have this cd, the

      recording quality on the tape is fantastic and  

      by far the most professionally done.

2. 'Sti Kypros' something of that nature, I can't

      seem to remember the full title but it was  

      recorded live in Cyprus in'91.

      This Video features most of the songs from

      Dalaras cd 'Es Gin Enalian Kypros' and the

      songs from  Marios Tokas cd  'Fonis Patridas'

      such as 'Diki Mou H Patrida'

      This video by the way was never released by

      Minos to the public.

3.  "Sto Dimotiko" boy my memory is real bad here.

         This video was done in early '92 with the part

         cipation from the Katsimihas Brothers and fea

         tures all of their songs on their cd live from

         'An Yparhi Logos'.  best of all there are more

         than just 6 songs on the video. It is a whole

         regular live concert venue session with lots of

         good songs.

4.  'Live Sto Katrakio'

         This is perhaps the starting point for new

         fans of non-Greeks to get acqauinted with

         the music from Dalaras.  It is hear we see  

         him performing new songs in front of big

         spectators and on large screen tv.


       Most importantly, we get to witness the

         beginning of a turning point,  His Long Black

         Hair.  Boy I wish he never cut it.

       I think we can start a new topic alone just by

         itself as to how his appearance changed from

         one decade to another.  

       Personally,  I always loved Dalaras with long h

         hair! and definately Not with short hair.    

             Anyone else care to comment on that?

5.  Live at the Olympiako Stadio,

        A fantastic cd of some of Dalaras earlier works

        where he performs in front of thousands of his

        fans.  And the bonus first time I get to hear

        him sing with the participation of Parios to bad

        it wasn't released on a cd.

Last but not Least

6.  Live at Orfeus.

         By now far considered to be a 'Classic' to all

         Dalaras fans abroad and far.  This should be

         the first video for any Dalaras fan to have. In

         fact this was the videotape and from the

         'Ta Tragoudi Mou' record that first introduced

         me to Dalaras great voice and magic.

I have others of Dalaras on video but nothing really new since the 90's. Does anybody have anything new to their collection that they would like share here?

Sorry for such a long letter.


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I got almost everything ever done on Dalaras on video..Thanks to Chris Apostolakis....One of my recent favorites is the chrismans special in dec. 1999...It is awesome and lasts for over an hour....I keep watching that one over and over....along with the other 40 videos!!!

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Hey Christo,

I can't speak as to the video of course I have none - and if I did I could not play them as I have no videoplayer! (Yea, tell me I live in the middle ages :(  )

But I can speak as to the hair: I loved the long black hair but I think the short hair suits him really well!

He has this amazingly *Greek*  sort of face - with that really rather severe expression - and then he smiles and... Oh well. YOU know.

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Hello Geeske, so you have to buy a video player!! Once before I wrote it's expensive to be a Dalaras' fan.

You know why I have a computer at home? I bought ' to mousiko kouti' and to watch the cd-rom I had to buy a computer. That's live!

Of course I have computer at my job, but there it's not possible, bzw. not allowed. And the internet using for me is only possible at home ( my money!!) I'm not so lucky as some members in the club here!

I heard there will be a DVD of Dalaras at the end of the year. You know what I'm doing now? Saving money to buy a DVD player!!

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