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Fado corrido de Coimbra

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Ever tried to translate a Portugese song with a Spanish dictionnary? I did. :)

With thanks to Celeste for the help.

Fado corrido de Coimbra // Fado corrido of Coimbra

Μουσική : Παραδοσιακό // Music: Paradosiako

Στίχοι: Παραδοσιακό // Lyrics: Paradosiako

Coimbra, rio Mondego // Coimbra, Mondego River

dos rouxinois ao luar // with nighingales in the moonshine

nas tuas margens de sonho // by your dream riverbanks

ficou minha alma a chorar // my soul was left weeping (or crying)

Hei de perguntar um dia // I have to ask some day

ao vento que diz ás flores // to the wind what it says to the flowers

para saber se é só uma // to know if there is but one

esta linguagem de amores // language of love

Fui encher a bilha d'água // I went to fill the waterjar

vazia como a levei// and brought it back as empty as before

Mondego, que é da tua água // Mondego, where is your water?

que é dos prantos que eu chorei // where are the tears that I shed?

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