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I don't think I'll ever get really used to these technological miracles. I mean, even radio still astonishes me as being a wonderful miracle... And the first time I went on a chat channel, my guide had to drag me in by the (virtual) scruff of the neck, and I kept looking over my (bodily) shoulder for those (immaterial) presences that were suddenly there on my screen, in my office.

Spooked, I was.

(Digression. Spooked: useful english verb, from the noun 'spook', meaning ghost or fantom or spectre or apparition - so spooked means to have seen (or thought to see, or imagined, or felt, or possibly become) a ghost. - end of digression)

Well, so, the chat was as far as I'd got into cyberspace, I hadn't yet had any experience of the webcam fainomenon. Which accounts for me getting seriously spooked by these two:

And since I know there are people on this forum who like to look at Thessaloniki now and then, I came to post the link,

even though it bears no relation to Dalaras, unless you count the fact that Radio Melodia was playing "Thessaloniki" (the Kavvadias/Mikroutsikos one) when I found the link, and "Ki an se thelo" as I came to post it.

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