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Sayed Darweesh

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As a pure Alexandrian I'd like to intriduce to you a charismatic artist and music composer: Sayed Darweesh (1892-1923).

He has many operettes, songs, "adwar" etc...

He's the composer of the Egyptian national anthem (though, many Egyptians don't know it !!!).

At his time there were many Greeks in Darweesh made a song about them too. :)

I was lucky toattend a concert with 2 of his "adwar"

(' "Dawr" is used in Arab, Persian, and Turkish music lingo; it refers to a scale or rhythmic cycle that returns to its starting point.'...from

A bigraphy:

An article about him:

Some songs:

(NB: I haven't tried that site myself).

Something more:

Do you know him Francois?

There is also an additional reason for which I'm introducing Sayed Darweesh...but I'll say it later :pity:

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I'm happy you liked it Fadi.

Something remarcable about Darweesh's songs is that some of them are pure patriotic and revolutionary (Kum ya masri)...some of them have indirect messages (Shed el hezam)..some of them have hidden messages Ya balah Zghlul:

It's not about Zaghloul Dates. It's actually about Saad Zaglul, a politician who was exiled. The British had forbidden at that time talking or singing about S. Zaglul, so Sayed Darweesh made a song for a kind of dates called...Zaglul :)

Some other songs are really funny. Like Harraga alaya baba...( Dad orderd me not to ..go to the cinema). Songs for marriages and many others.

I can say that he was an Egyptian Mozart!

A friend of mine had recorded for me two very rare songs with funny content.

For your information: he was drug abuser...and that explains the "right mood" you find in some of his songs.

The adwar (10 in total) are very difficult to interpret. Ana Hawet is the most difficult one and...if Dalaras knew Arabic he wouldn't bypass this challenge :pity:

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