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Hi Natalie,

well I'll answer your question first.

in that,

"Do I like opera"?

Well No not really

but I do listen to a song of it occasionally here and there.

For example, when Dalaras did his Live IREA ODOS II

with Marios Frangoulis, I listened to it alot then;

and from his Live Concert at the Mann Auditorium with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. But even as good as those were,

I still don't really care for Opera all that much.

Not sure if if this makes any sense or not

but its just a matter of taste and preference.

Occasionally I do like to be enlightened a little with Music Appreciation of the Arts, but not all the time and only to a certain extent.

As for the English song Bercceli sang on PBS,

it was from a famous tune Elvis Presley once sang

Note: (Hristaki if you're listening you'll like this one too)

" Falling in Love with You"

Bercelli sang it pretty good

but had an Italian accent when singing it.

Thus you noticed his Ethnicity and wasn't American



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Hi Christo

First, we will talk about Elvis, I mean his song. :razz: I don't know that song you mentioned :wow: . Does it start with "Wise men said, 'Only fools rush in' " ? If yes, then it is "I can't help falling in love with you". It was one of Elvis' favorites, from the movie "Blue Hawaii". He really liked Hawaii because he could not visit any foreign country since his manager was an illegal immigrant (which Elvis did not know).

I am not sure ... You mean that Dalaras sang operas in those concerts? In what language was it? I did not know there is Greek opera also.

Btw, Andrea's CD "Cieli di Toscana" is really good, if you are interested. I am still trying to find an English song that he sang in a CD. ;)

Hey Natalie

You are correct it is:

"I can't help falling in love with you"

and to think I thought it was originally called, "Wise men say"

by Elvis Presly

And I dont fully understand your next question regarding Operas

if you're asking me did Dalaras sing in Opera and in what language from the Iera Odos concerts?

They are Mostly in Latin:

Italian and in Spanish

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Στέφανος Κορκολής – «Ανεμόπτερο» (ΔΙΣΚΟΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΣΗ)
Υπογράφει: Καλή Βανδώρου
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