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Greek Poetry

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Wow! Unbelievable.

You know something? Once upon a time I found a link with rare poems by Kabafh (including translations of other works by himself!!!). Unfortunately I was unlucky with that link:

- It never openned again.

- Although I had saved them in my PC, my hard disc was burned.

- I couldn't find that link again!

But why didn't they put the poems themselves in the Κρυμμένα and Ατελή? They, just, write the names! Anyway...

Thank you Francois for this link. You can't imagine how delighted and touched I am...Pragmatika sugkinh8hka...


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Francois, this is not a poem for a day! It belongs to the pillows of the dark night.........

(like the tears they weep in the third and fourth part of "Odyssey" I am in now........)

Edit: I really think, I can not like Kavafis. Most of his texts are so pessimistic, not to say gloomy, even if he represents a special kind of wisdom.

But this is the one I am afraid of and the last one I would need in my current life, indeed.

Nevertheless, the Polish version in the simplified writing:

Gdy Patroklosa zabitego ujrzaly,

jego, co byl tak mezny, tak silny i mlody,

zaplakaly Achillesowe konie.

Wzburzyla sie; niesmiertelna ich natura,

z dzielem smierci pogodzicsie; nie chcialy.

Trzesly lbami, az sie wielkie rozwiewaly grzywy,

kopytami bily w ziemie i plakaly

nad poleglym: juz; z niego ulecialo tchnienie,

juz zniszczony, bezbronny - tylko cialo widzialy

juz byl z zycia wygnany

w ogromne puste przestrzenie.

Lzy niesmiertelnych koni Zeus dostrzegl;

i bylo mu przykro:

"Kiedy Peleus sie zenil,

jakze nieopatrznie postapilem.

Czemuz dalismy was w podarunku, moje mile,

nieszczesne konie! Co wy moglyscie znalezc na ziemi

posrod biednej ludzkosci, ktora jest igraszka doli?

Was ni smierc nie dopadnie, ni starosc, a jednak was boli,

gdy kleski sie dzieja doczesne. W swoja meke;

ludzie was uwiklali." - Lecz one smierci wieczna kleske

tyloma lzami

oplakiwaly, te dwa szlachetne konie.


We lost the translator, Zygmunt Kubiak, on 19th March 2004. His last work was the translation of the Luke Evvangelion (I dislike completely the word "gospel").........

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Today I decided to add a new text to my signature.

One I share with Pavlos Gerasimos, who is more still these months.

The text, even if it is taken from a poem with a special intention, gives exactly, what I dare experience in the last times. And some of the Forum members have their vivid part in this.

For those ones, who do not know Greek, the text is taken from Konstantinos Kavafis, "Two young men, aged 23-24".

And describes, how beneficial it is, when a friend is coming in.

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I was already told today, the special circumstances of Kavafis' life would made some of his texts, including this one, at least ambiguous (or, better to say, to be understood in a single way only - as a declaration of his life preferences, which are not acceptable for every reader).

To avoid any possible discussions to this topic, like it was already held here in the forum some time ago:

I've always liked this fragment, because it is beautiful and true.

If such kind of an addition is needed at all: in spite of the context it was told in, once upon a time.

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