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Ανοίγω το στόμα μου

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"Might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb" as they say.

Having started to trash Elytis, I might as well go on for a bit - here is the last solo from Αξιον εστί .

And if the poet won't forgive me for what I did to his poem, I'll say he's quite right - I don't either.

ΑΝΟΙΓΩ ΤΟ ΣΤΟΜΑ ΜΟΥ ___||___ I open my mouth

Μουσική: Μίκης Θεοδωράκης ___||___ Music: Mikis Theodorakis

Στίχοι: Οδυσσέας Ελύτης ___||___ Poem: Odysseas Elytis

Ανοίγω το στόμα μου κι αναγαλλιάζει το πέλαγος ___||___ I open my mouth and the open sea rejoices

και παίρνει τα λόγια μου στις σκοτεινές του σπηλιές ___||___ and takes my words into its dark caves

και στις φώκιες τις μικρές τα ψιθυρίζει ___||___ and whispers them to the little seals

τις νύχτες που κλαιν των ανθρώπων τα βάσανα. ___||___ at night when they weep for mankind's torments.

Χαράζω τις φλέβες μου και κοκκινίζουν τα όνειρα ___||___ I cut my veins and the dreams turn red

και τσέρκουλα γίνονται στις γειτονιές των παιδιών ___||___ and become little hoops in the children's neighbourhoods

και σεντόνια στις κοπέλες που αγρυπνούνε ___||___ and sheets for the girls who can't sleep

κρυφά για ν' ακούν των ερώτων τα θαύματα. ___||___ to let them listen, in secret, to the miracles of love.

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