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I want to wish all the members of the Dalaras club a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.I have not been around in a long time and wanted to drop in and say hello and send holiday greetings.Also if anyone has Hristaki's email address please post it here for me.Hristaki ,i have been trying to contact you for about amonth.I changed computers and lost your email address.I apologize for that.Your phone number just rings and rings,never an answer?Please contact me and thank you very much for the package.You are a great freind as always..Best wishes ,Sarantis

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Hi to all.  I am a new member but an old Dalaras fan...Live in NY but was born and raised in Greece - Kastoria.  I have a question about the calendar and would appreciate any and all input...

I looked through the calendar for the up coming year and do not see any red bullets.  Does this mean Dalaras has no upcoming concerts or am I not reading it properly.

Are there other reliable sources for finding out about his concerts?

Thank you, Cleopatra

I've been asked the same question by at least three people since the beginning of the year, so I'll post the answer where all can see...

Last year at this time of year, Dalaras was appearing four nights a week at the Athinon Arena, this winter he seems to be taking a break. A disappointment for those who want to see him, but then again, he IS human and he DOES need some rest. Also, the last news we had about what he's doing is that he's in the studio with the Estudiantina, which promises well for the next record release.

It is a fact that the calendar appears empty, but that means only that nothing is planned for the coming six weeks or so. His appearances are rarely announced further in advance than that. Only foreign tours and really big concerts (at Megaro Mousikis for example) are sometimes (but not always) announced earlier.

At the moment, the only rumours I know of are of an concert in honour of Lefteris Papadopoulos (but it was to be at Megaro and the Megaro programme for the coming months does not mention it) and an even vaguer rumour of some concert or concerts in Northern Europe and/or Greece with a programme similar to that of the Vienna concert in october.

This forum is usually earliest and best informed about his appearances (not just concerts, but also on TV and radio). You can try the offcial site ( but, imho, «ours» is significantly better.

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I agree Geeske, this forum is significantly better! For those of us who want to plan a trip to Europe (I too live in the U.S.) and would like to plan it so it will coincide with a concert, we find it very difficult to do so.

Thank you Geeske, Anna & Marinna for helping me find my way through this site and answering my questions.

Have a good day all

Louise :music:

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There is some bad news from Megaro Mousikis.

A concert had been planned in honour of Lefteris Papadopoulos, to whom we owe so many of our favourite song lyrics. It was announced at first that both Dalaras and Charis Aleksiou would sing, then that only Aleksiou could not take part, and now the news is that it's not going to happen any time soon, «maybe in June» but probably not in 2006 at all.


Thanks to Gianna (Christou) and Dora (hardet) for warning us...

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New-York and Foxwood - are ALL for me!

Do you think 3-4 hrs driving a problem?

Actually, it's been a while since I visited Toronto... Maybe...

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Giorgos Dalaras & Mihalis Hatzigiannis: North American Tour April 2006.

April 01 2006 - Atlantic City

April 02 2006 - Connecticut

April 08 2006 - Chicago

April 14 2006 - Montreal

April 15 2006 - Toronto



i thought you told me

April 25th

Dalara is coming to Toronoto

hey if its really the 15th

thats may still work

is that when it really is?

write me back

my friend


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Gianna Christou has brought great news: the long-awaited concert in honour of the poet Lefteris Papadopoulos is going to take place at the Megaro Mousikis Athinon on June 1-2. Dalaras will be the star, the names of the other artists who will take part have not been made public yet, and the less-good news is that Charis Aleksiou will not participate.

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By request of marochr, here's a piece of "internal" news: the Athenians are planning a meeting for all members of the club who are willing and able to attend, Saturday evening the 18th of March, in a place in Psirry. Details of time and place will follow.

I'll add (as my own comment) that if you go, even if you're a foreigner and have never ever met any of them in person before, you will have a good time, for they are a friendly, modest, unassuming bunch of people, and most of them do speak some English, even if they don't venture to write it.

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Encore Entertainment - Toronto - has confirmed with me the dates of the N.A. Tour.

They are...

April 01 - Atlantic City.

April 02 - Connecticut.

April 06 - New York.

April 08 - Chicago.

April 14 - Montreal.

April 15 - Toronto.

Toronto will be the FINAL show of the tour.


hmm now if i have a quarter and flip it in the air and watch it toss to the ground which way will it end up

50/50 chance heads chicago

or 50/50 tails toronto

hmmm which one to pick

and which way to decid????

Both so close yet both so far!!!!!



will keep you all posted soon

got to watch the quarter turn up 1st


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I think this should be posted here also:

A forum member's meeting is being scheduled for Saturday's night, 18.3.2006 in Athens. It will probably take place at Nice Penteli musical place at Psiri Square in Athens, ownership of Thodoris Pavlakos who has participated as lyricist in many Pashalides and Papakonstantinou songs. Member neck will try to arrange details for that night. It is meant to be a promising night, with suprises as well. Whoever is going to be in Athens, Greece in March 18th, is expected to join this forum celebration! :razz:

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Hi folks,

I know I don't write often, but I do read what I can of the posts. I see Dalaras will be performing in certain cities in the U.S. and though not near me, I would be willing to travel to Chicago from Arizona on 4/8 to see him in concert. Is there a chance there will be other venues closer to Arizona, such as California - or maybe even Arizona? We do have 2 Greek communities here - one in Tucson and one in Phoenix.

Thanks for your help.

Have a good day all,


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Date: April 08.

City: Chicago.

Location: Rosemont Theatre.

Contact #: 847-296-9900 (Greekchicago Entertainment).


Date: April 14.

City: Montreal.

Location: Place Des Arts.

Contact #: 718-721-1969 (Encore Entertainment).

Date: April 15.

City: Toronto.

Location: Roy Thomson Hall.

Contact #: 416-466-9040 (Encore Entertainment - Toronto).


New Further Note to Update

Chicago has been Officialy Changed now

to April 7th.

Friday (Not Saturday April 8)

Why you may ask,

because they just added 2 shows in Atlantic City back to back

and they needed to switch with Chicago vs. leaving one night in NJ and then come back again

Not too big of a problem,

but not the very best either

p.s. I really need to act now

as 30 Detroiters already booked their tickets





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