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Tasos tells the ticket selling for Pontes / Dalaras starts already the 5th of May, means for all from outside Greece the 6th of May!

Box Office Tel. 0030-210-9282900

Celeste, dont worry too much about all these postings in Greek.

Im trying to do my best and post all important news about Dalaras, concerning upcoming concerts and the release of new CDs, here at this topic, in English.

And the other talkings at this forum?

Well, Im very sure, if someone wants to tell something and wants the international audience to share, he/she will use a language the international audience will understand.

What do you think why me, as a German, why I wrote all the concert reports in English :mad:

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Now they say the ticket selling starts the 10th of May , for those who are in Athens.

The rest has to wait for the 11th of May ...

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:mad: with all these to and fro with the start of the ticket selling for Irodion, I almost forgot to give these news:

Thanasis told us there will be a concert at Thessaloniki, Theatro Gis, 13.06.2005.

This concert is dedicated to Stavros Kougioumtzis, 3 months after his death. The first part will be with Pantelis Theoxaridis, Manolis Xatzimanolis and others and the second part will be with Dalaras.

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The concerts 'I Thalassa kai emeis' on 31 May and 1 June are being organised by a children's cancer charity known as 'Elpida'. The main distribution of tickets (and the only way to do it by computer, telephone or fax, I believe) will be through Elpida. They are on sale now. The contact details are

e mail:

telephone: 00 30 210 7757153

fax: 00 30 210 77 52 989.

And they are extremely efficient

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Is it possible to find more detailed info (in English if it's possible) on the concert for Kouyoumtzis of July 13rd. I couldn't reach Theatro Gis on the internet.


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The only things we know is that, as Anna posted before, there will be a concert at Theatro Gis in June (not July!) 13rd. The concert will have 2 parts. At the first part, the younger singers with which Stavros Kougioumtzis was working these last years (P.Theoharidis, M.Hatzimanolis etc.) will sing and at the second part, Dalaras will sing. :razz: Also, we know that during the concert, things about the life and work of the composer will be projected, some of which will be taken from Thanasis Polymixanos' record. :razz::razz: (In fact, he is the only source of information about the concert we have until now. I don't think there is more information elsewhere.)

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Tomorrow, Friday 13rd of May, Dalaras will be appearing on the "Ehei Gousto" tv programme on ET1 from 16:00 to 18:00 Greek time.

I think this programme is also broadcasted by the Sattelite Channel of ERT-Sat

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The programme schedule of ERT SAT does say "Exei gousto"

tomorrow 1600 Greek time, that is 1500 for most of Europe.

For those who don't have satellite tv, but do have a fast internet connection:

there's a link to watch ERT - but don't count on it too much, the server is often overloaded.

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The last rebetes Michalis Jenitsaris died yesterday.

We all know at least his song Saltadoros, sung by Dalaras on the CD Rebetika tis katochis.

:razz: I wanted to add a photo, but it's not possible ...

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Apostoli, thanks for giving the link :razz:

but isnt it a pity we cant add photos anymore at this topic, seems we need the help of a webmaster :razz:

The following announcement has nothing to do with Dalaras, but I think Theodorakis is worth to be posted in English :razz:

Its from the website of Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra

In honour of Mikis Theodorakis 80th birthday

Songs of Passion and Love

Herod Atticus Theater

May 22 & 23 2005, at 9:00 pm.

The meaning of love in the works of Mikis Theodorakis is the main theme of the two concerts to be performed by the Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra on the 22nd and 23rd of May at Herod Atticus Theater, as part of the Athens Festival.

Love in all of its expression. Passion, motherly love, brotherly love, the love for a friend, love as the centre in which our life revolves, from which the whole performance develops and to which it concludes.

Nena Venetsanou, Dimitris Basis, and Lavredis Maheritsas, Sonia Theodoridou and Zachos Terzakis, accompanied by the Mikis Theodorakis Popular Orchestra, will take us on a musical journey. The Greek State Radio Choir, under the direction of Antonis Kontogeorgiou, and the Greek State Radio Orchestra, under the direction of Andreas Pylarinos, promise to bring us through a magical journey, which will be under the stage direction of Margarita Theodorakis. A journey through the works of Mikis Theodorakis, which show the importance of Love as the centre of everything and in all of its meanings. A continuous dialogue between music and screen will remind us of the cruelty of loves struggle to survive in the world today.

As an expression of the multi facetted outlook of Mikis Theodorakis masterpieces, the program will include a wide range of styles and forms: from cycles of popular songs, such as Epitafios, The Song of the Dead Brother, Archipelagos, Diserters and Radar, to lyrical pieces such as Like an Ancient Wind, Ballades, and Mauthausen; from Oratorios, such as Stage of Siege, to Symphonic pieces, such as the Third Symphony, Sinfonietta, Adagio, and Helikon; from Zorbas ballet music to operatic arias from Antigone; From the mothers lament in Epitafios, to the swan song of Antigone; From the everlasting life-work of Sofoklis to the poetics of Yiannis Ritsos, Manolis Anagnostakis, Iakovos Kambanellis and Dionisis Karatzas.

The performance lasts 2:30 hrs.

Ticket Prices: 90, 75, 54, 38, 28 Euro

Tickets are sold at the Central Box Office (Panepistimiou 39) and at the Herod Atticus Theater. Tel: 210 9282900

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The Greek newspaper Ta Nea announced today the winter programme 2005/2006 of Megaro Mousikis Athens

As all of you are only interested in Dalaras :D

have a look at these 2 events:

21th and 22nd of November 2005

to honour Mikis Theodorakis

Extracts from Medea, Elektra, Antigone, Lysistrata

Dresdner Sinfoniker and Eckehard Stier

Kamerata Orchestra and Alexandros Myrat

Singing: Dalaras


Concert for Lefteris Papadopoulos

with Haris Alexiou and Dalaras

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Yes Great news indeed Hristaki,

now if we can only get Dalaras & Vissi to re-unite with one another

that would truly be the Icing on the cake.

Or do we need to wait for that to happen in the next Lifetime to come?


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:D next announcement:

The 8th and the 9th of July 2005 the Oedipus Rex from Sophocles with Giorgos Kimoulis, Nonika Galinea and Dalaras will be shown at the Festival Philippi, Kavala.

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If you want to re-unite Dalaras and Vissi to Saranti, about that!!

He is the President of her fan club and he could make it happen!!! :D:blush::(


Oh know say it isnt so

beware of your feelings Hristaki, your thoughts betray you



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Do I have to remind of these concerts :D

"The Sea and Us"

George Dalaras and Dulce Pontes at the Odeon of Herod Atticus

Two unique, talented musicians of international fame, George Dalaras and Dulce Pontes collaborate once again at the Odeon of Herod Atticus to perform modern ballads, blues and flamenco, songs of the Mediterranean, traditional Greek rebetika and fados. On May 31 and June 1, the two great artists join their talent, their voice and their music in a feast of harmonies, colours, paths in music and melodies. Soloist is the pianist Stefanos Korkolis.

The concert is held in co-operation with Mrs. Marianna Vardinoyanni, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadress, and with the Children With Cancer Support Association. The revenues wil be given for the construction of a hospital for children with cancer.

The ERT Greek State Radio & TV Symphony Orchestra under Loukas Karytinos, the Fons Musicalis Choir and the Folk Orchestra, collaborate in the event. Orchestrations are by Kostas Ganosselis and George Dalaras. Director of the show is P.Papadopoulos.

Dulce Pontes

It's the way she sings the fados that has made Dulce Pontes, from Portugal, famous in all around the world. She herself says: "I am more interested in the feeling than in the technique." The "successor of Amalia Rodrigues", as some claim, was born in Montijo, Portugal, in 1969, could have never gone further than a career within and on the scale of this small country in the extreme west of Europe.

In 1991 she won the Portuguese National Song Festival and in the same year, representing Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest, she achieved 8th place out of 22 contestants, and the prize for the best singer, with the song "Lusitana Paixao".

It was from that moment onwards that her life turned around. Dulce Pontes abandoned her repertoire of rock ballads and set off in search of her own identity and repertoire. She immersed herself in the roots of Portuguese popular music, including the traditional "fado" - at that time declassified as defunct - and managed to reinvent something that seemed to be dead.

Furthermore, Pontes has successfully interpreted songs by eminent composers, such as Ennio Morricone, and by herself. She has given recitals throughout the world as a soloist or next to legends in music such as Jose Carreras, Andrea Bocelli and Caetano Veloso.

George Dalaras

George Dalaras was born in Kokkinia, a working class district of Piraeus, Athens' main port. His artistry springs from a tradition that has it roots in the folkloric music of the common people. He was born into a family of musicians.

In 1965, at the age of 15, his made his first public appearances as a singer, accompanying himself on guitar. Two years later came the first album. Young as he was, the release already displayed an artist of remarkable vision. On record a prime example of Dalaras' rejuvenation of Greek music is 1975's double album "Rembetiko," re-presenting a form of blues that is so passionate that it was considered too revolutionary for the troubled Greece of the 30's to the 50's, when it was politically censored.

This double album was the first "official" platinum record (sales of 100,000 copies) granted by the Greek record industry. It has sold another 450,000 copies since. Dalaras has worked and recorded with every major Greek composer, poet and lyricist of note, but his working relationship with Mikis Theodorakis is exceptional. He has cooperated with many major orchestras and conductors, as well as international artists such as Paco de Lucia, Al DiMeola , Ian Anderson, Goran Bregovic and Sting.


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Soon :rolleyes: , maybe :razz:

there will come out 2 new CDs

- a personal album from Areti Ketime, producer Dalaras

- a CD honouring the music of Giorgos Stravrianos with the participation of Glykeria, Anastasia Moutsatsou, Panos Katsimichas, Pantelis Thalassinos and Dalaras!

:razz: The CD with music of Giorgos Stravrianos is out !

2 songs by Dalaras:

-Isouna fenggari


for those who left Greece already and can't wait for the next trip B)

you can order the CD online:

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Makis told the tickets for the Kougioumtzis concert are on sale now. 20 Euro, for students 15 Euro. You get them at the box office at Platia Aristotelos in Saloniki.

On stage will be Dalaras, Melina Kana, Andreas Karakotas, Pantelis Theoxaridis, Manolis Xatzimanolis, Michalis Papazisis and Maria Kougioumtzis.

The concert will be the 13rd of June in Theatro Gis and will start at 21.30h.

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:) next annoucement:

The 11th, 12th and 13th of July 2005 the Oedipus Rex from Sophocles with Giorgos Kimoulis, Nonika Galinea and Dalaras as the leader of the chorus will be shown at Theatro Dasous (Open-air Forest theatre) Thessaloniki.

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Thanassis wrote two magnificent reports about the concert in memory of Stavros Kougioumtzis (yesterday night in Thessalonikik): one about the rehearsal and one about the concert. But since I'm rather busy, if you want a translation, you'd better ask........

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So I'll try to do my best on the translation of Thanasis report:

"I take therefore first the opportunity in order to give, as long as I can of course, a feedback from the "Big" concert last night! Giorgos Dalaras impressed once more the spectators of the full Theatre "Gis", as well as the rest singers of the concert!!!

The emotion was in excess yesterday. Does anybody felt that Stayros was absent? Probably this is the privilege of being such a personality, never leave...

So yesterday, we feel like we entered in a "time machine" and we were transported automatically 15-20-25 years ago... Then where you could say that the songs were still "song"!!! The concert began in 9:45pm with the orchestra plays cento with well-known kougioumtzi songs... On the stage appeared Dalaras and sang TWRA POU THA FIGEIS as well as TO PROTO PERISTERI. Followed Maria Kougjoumtzi, who even in the rehearsals it was full emotion and tried to sing with difficulty, yesterday gave the better she could! Bravo Maria!!! She sang S'AGAPW and PWS NA SOU PW. At the same time at the back Stavro's photo screened. Probably last night keep sight of us from where he would be with such a smile! Continued the Michalis Papazisis gave a very good performance on: SAN TA POULIA SKORPISAME as well as the TO KALOKAIRI TO MORTAKI. In the mid time Spyros Papadopoulos read certain texts from Stauroy Koygjoymtzi books. Melina Kana followed with THA TAN 12 TOU MARTI, TA SKOURA MATIA, PARAMITH XEHASMENO, MATIA MOU MATIA MOY and TO KOKKINO FOUSTANI. The "big time" Dalaras on stage and KAPOU NIXTONEI, M'EKOPSAN ME XORISAN STA DYO, OTAN ANTHIZOUN PASHALIES, TOY KATO KOSMOY TA POULIA, ENAS KOMPOS H HARA MOU(with M.Papazisi), HTAN PENTE ETAN EXI, OLA KALA. At this point Dalaras finally promised that would sing some of the forgotten songs that was demanded from the audience occasionally. It continued with NTYLAN TOMAS, OI ELEFTHEROI & WRAIOI, KAPOIOS HTYPISE TIN PORTA, ETSI EINAI OI ANTHROPOI, STA XRONIA TIS YPOMONIS (together ' with Maria) and POU NAI TA XRONIA, Dalaras although he was touched he was in a very good mood! It was what we know from him. Manolis Hatzimanwlis with DIXWS THN KARDOULA SOU & PARAPONO MOU. Those singers Manolis, A.Karakotas but also the P.Theocharidis they proved that they are important singers and with a lot of future ahead. Karakotas sang MI GYREYEIS OMORFIES and TA KATA MATHAION PATHOI and the P.Theocharidis EISOUN WRAIA and VASANAKJ VASANAKJ.

All the singers as well as Dalaras together on stage sang XENAKJ EIMAI KAI THA RTHW, the POUKAMISO TO THALASI and TO SAKAKI MOU KI AN STAZEI and then we had the last part of Giorgos with AN DEIS STON YPNO SOU ERHMIA, O OURANOS FEYGEI VARYS, DOSE MOY TO HERI SOU, NA MOU O MEG.ALEXANDROS, STA PSILA TA PARATIRIA and THE song for me: AN HTANE NA S'ARNITHW with an amazing corona in 2nd refrain ..................

XANTRA STO KOMPOLOI SOU afterwards and another surprise DIPSA SA STIN PORTA SOU by Dalaras! I do not know anything for sure but I have a feeling that this song sometime will recorded by him, as he likes it so much... This amazing evening closed with all the singers on stage and MH MOU THIMWNEIS MATIA MOY and NATANE 21.

Maria Koygjoymtzi' gave to Sp. Papadopoylo final Stavrou scores, that wrote for the emission "Stin ygeia mas", while Dalaras it gave by one's own hand scores DIPSASA STIN PORTA SOU. At this point a lady that watched with particular "interesting" the concert shouted to Dalara (5-10 thinly after him had played): "SAY IT........" It would be omission if we did not report the exceptional presence of three choruses!!!!!!!!!I don't know if I forgot anything but I'm sure that either me as well as all those were in the Theatre of Gis last evening they will never forget this concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Giorgos, thank all of you...

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Please, forgive me if the translation is not the best it could be. I think though, you will get an idea of Thanasis' experience.

Thanasis wrote about the rehearsal:

Last Friday, I experienced one of the best days of my life. I had the chance to attend George Dalaras rehearsal for Stavros Kougioumtzis' concert. I will do my best to describe how it was and how we felt. On Friday, together with Makis, invited by a musician, friend of mine, we went at "Vardia" place to attend the rehearsal. When we arrived, at about 7 p.m., orchestra and George (sitting in front of them, at a small table, looking at the scores) were playing "To proto peristeri". We entered discreetly and took our seats, close to the stage.

They played "Kapou nyxtonei", "Itan pente itan exi", "Ola kala" and many more songs. About an hour later, George Dalaras turned and saw us.

G.N.: "What are you doing here?"

Thanasis: "Taking lessons"

G.N.: "I do not believe this. How long have you been here?"

Thanasis: "Early"

G.N.: "And why don't you say something?"

Thanasis: "I did not want to disturb"

He rehearsed more songs. After a little while, he turned to his musicians and asked them to play the song: "An itane na s arnitho". After the abstract of the song performed at "Athens Arena" on April 4th, here is the whole song performed by George. I have no words to describe how I felt. My prayers had been heard... They kept on rehearsing a lot of songs. Then as they played "An deis ston ypno sou erimia" and abstract of the song "Kapoion allo filises sto stoma" (as the orchestra could not play this song well), he turned to us and asked:

G.N.: Well, what do you say, should we play this one?

Thanasis: Absolutely

G.N.: And the one before?

Thanasis: Absolutely. This one and the previous one and "Mou dose o plastis tin kardia"

G.N.: Yes, but if we include these, we should exclude others

Thanasis: Exclude any song you want, except "An itane na s arnitho"

As musicians looked very suprised the drummer said: "These two are like the muppets, aren't they?"

Maria Kougioumtzi: Thanasis, do not change the plans. Orchestra does not know these songs.

Aimilia Kougioumtzi: Tell him to play "Methokopi". He will listen to you. It is my favorite.

During a break, Dimitris Atzemis, the bouzouki musician, starts to play "Mou dose o plastis tin kardia" and then all musicians acompany

him. I almost bursted into tears. Aimilia Kougioumtzi: George, this song is quite unknown. May be we should not include this one. We have already included a big number of songs.

G.N.: Yes, but still it is a great song.

During this break, George alone with Kostas Matsigkos, the orchestrator, rehearsed the "Dipsasa stin porta sou".

Aimilia says to me: He thinks it is the most beautiful song in the world.

They stopped at about 11 p.m. We said good night to Maria Kougioumtzi and George Dalaras (Aimilia Kougioumtzi had left earlier).

George noticed Makis' black t-shirt with the red star and asked:

"Where is your beret?"

"Stayed at home", Makis replied. A great evening indeed.

Thanasis wrote about the concert:

I will do my best to describe last night's wonderful concert. It was a night full of emotions. I think that nobody felt Stavros Kougioumtzis'

absence last night. This is a privilege for all those great men. They always live among us, through their great work. It was like we used a time machine and transfered ourselves 15 - 20 years in the past, at a time we could enjoy great music. The concert began at 21:45 with orchestra playing some of the most popular Stavros Kougioumtzis' songs. Then George Dalaras appeared on stage to perform "Tora pou tha fygeis" and "To proto peristeri". Composer's daughter Maria Kougioumtzi followed, singing "S' agapo" and "Pos na sou po", giving a great performance. At the back of the stage there was a picture of Stavros Kougioumtzis smiling. M. Papazisis sang beautifully"San ta poulia skorpisame" and "To kalokairi to mortaki". Spyros Papadopoulos read some of the documents and books Stavros Kougioumtzis wrote, during the breaks beetween songs. Then Melina Kana followed singing 5 songs: "Tha tan 12 tou Marth", "Ta skoura matia", "Paramythi xehasmeno", "Matia mou matia mou" and "To kokkino foustani".

Then George Dalaras went back on stage. He performed "Kapou nyxtonei", "M ekopsan me xorisan sta dyo", "Otan anthizoun pasxalies",

"Tou kato kosmou ta poulia", "Enas kompos i xara mou" (together with Mixalis Papazisis), "Itan pente itan exi", "Ola kala". He mentioned old "forgotten" songs of Stavros, he said that a lot of people look forward to listen to those songs and promised to sing some of them

later at the concert. Then we listened to "Dylan Tomas", "Oi eleftheroi ki oraioi", "Kapoios xtypise tin porta", "Etsi ein oi anthropoi", "Sta xronia tis ypomonis" (tohether with Maria Kougioumtzi) and "Pou nai ta hronia".

Manolis Hatzimanolis followed singing "Dixos tin kardoula sou" and "Parapono mou". Then Andreas Karakotas singing "Mi gyreveis

omorfies" and "Kata Matthaion Pathi" and Pantelis Theoxaridis "Isoun oraia" and "Vasanaki vasanaki". All three young singers proved that they are great singers and the future belongs to them. Then all participants sang together "Xenaki eimai kai tha rtho", "To poukamiso to thalassi", "To sakaki mou ki an stazei". Then George Dalaras on stage for the last part of the concert. He sang "An deis ston ypno sou erimia", "O ouranos feygei varys", "Dose mou to xeri sou", "Na moun o Megalexandros", "Sta psila ta parathyria" and "An itane na s arnitho" (a great moment for Thanasis !) Then "Hantra sto kompoloi sou" and a great performance of "Dispasa stin porta sou" (it seems that he likes this song a lot, he may record it in the future). The last songs of this unforgetable concert was "Mi mou thymoneis matia mou" and "Natane to 21" with all artists on stage. A few minutes ago, Stavros Kougioumtzis' daughter Maria had given to Spyros Papadopoulos, as a gift, her father's scores, the ones he wrote for tv show "Stin ygeia mas" a few weeks before he died and to George Dalaras a score of the song "Dipsasa stin

porta sou", by Stavros Kougioumtzis hands. At that moment, a lady from the audience, probably not very familiar with Stavros Kougioumtzis work, prompted George Dalaras to sing the song, while he had already performed the song 5 - 10 minutes ago.

We should not forget to mention all three great choirs, framed and colored the songs.

We thank you George Dalaras and everyone. This was a magical night we will not forget.

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