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Thank you Anna and Gogo. I have heard that word apply to Mikis ... universal. :)

I have never looked at him that way, though. To me, Mikis simply embodies what Greece has best to offer, i.e. the Greek spirit.

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I just want to remind of the 3 days conference for and about Theodorakis in Chania. The website is almost ready, so heres the programme in English:


Mikis Theodorakis:

Man, Artist, Musician, Politician;

Native of Crete and Citizen of the World.



Friday, July 29

17:00 Opening registration of participants

18:00 Beginning salutations

19:00 BREAK




Presided by George Malouhos

19:30 Discovering Mikis Theodorakis

George Malouhos, journalist

19:45 Mikis, my friend the fighter

Dimitris Karahalios, lawyer

20:00 Mikis, the associate

Maria Farantouri - Petros Pandis, singers

20:15 My friend Mikis, a friend to all the Greeks

Byron Samios, physician

20:30 Mikis, the father

Margarita Theodorakis, Head of the Popular Orchestra Mikis Theodorakis and of the

Romanos publications

20:45 Discussion

Saturday, July 30




Presided by Dimitris Koutoulas

10:00 Ode to Pessimism: Mikis Theodorakiss creative temperament in life, art and common initiatives

Asteris Koutoulas, researcher, literary translator, producer of musical events

10:15 Mikis Theodorakis, the innovator, as ensuing from the documents of his archives

Stephanie Merakos, musicologist, Manager of the Lillian Voudouri Music Library of Greece

10:30 Through the music of the words: Mikis Theodorakiss poetic writing

Ioulita Iliopoulou, poet

10:45 Through the lyre and the word: autobiographical diphony

Lizzie Tsirimokou, Adjunct Professor of General and Comparative Grammatology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessalonica

11:00 Mikis Theodorakis, the producer of social resources

Dimitris Koutoulas, Professor at the Hellenic Open University

11:15 Discussion

11:30 BREAK




Presided by Elena Mouzala

12:00 Mikis Theodorakiss symphonic work

Gerhard Folkerts, composer, pianist, musicologist.

12:15 The first performances of Mikis Theodorakis s symphonic and choral works - Report from within

Peter Zacher, musicologist, journalist

12:30 Mikis Theodorakiss chamber music

George Demertzis, violinist

12:45 Mikis Theodorakiss piano work

Tatiana Papageorgiou, pianist, musicologist

13:00 Mikis Theodorakiss childrens songs

Dimitris Karvounis, choral conductor

13:15 Discussion



Presided by Ioulia Lazaridou-Elmaloglou

18:00 Theodorakiss Opera: Lyricism Triumphant

Gail Holst-Warhaft, Adjunct Professor in Comparative Literature and Classics at Cornell University and Director of the Mediterranean Initiative at the Institute of European Studies

18:15 Mikis Theodorakiss ballet music

Lorca Massine, choreographer

18:30 Mikis Theodorakis: singing for the stage

George Monemvasitis, music critic

18:45 Mikis Theodorakiss film scores

Nikos Koundouros, film director

19:00 From the symphonic music to the popular song and conversely: when the musical genres blend in Mikis Theodorakiss work

Sonia Theodoridou, soprano

19:15 Discussion

19:30 BREAK


Presided by George Papadakis

20:00 Mikis Theodorakiss historical breakthrough in the evolution of Greek music

George Papadakis, composer, music researcher and critic

20:15 The setting to music of Mikis Theodorakiss poems and the related research approach

Nena Venetsanou, composer, singer

20:30 Similarities and differences between the Greek and Turkish musical traditions as sources of inspiration in both Mikis Theodorakiss and Zulfu Livanelis works

Zulfu Livaneli, composer, singer, writer and film director

20:45 The social scope of Mikis Theodorakiss work

George Dalaras, singer

21: 00 Discussion

Sunday, July 31




Presided by Alkis Rigos

10:00 The modern Greek political scene and Mikis Theodorakiss presence on it

Alkis Rigos, Professor of Modern History at the Faculty of Political Sciences and History of the Panteion University of Athens

10:20 Mikis Theodorakiss visions: spring - winter 1960

Christopher Argyropoulos, lawyer, Chairman of the Greek Criminal Lawyers Association

10:35 Mikis Theodorakis and the wound of the Left

George Votsis, journalist

10:45 Mikis Theodorakiss political activity and international initiatives after the change-over

Elias Nikolakopoulos, Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Political Economy and Public Administration of the University of Athens

11:00 Discussion-testimonies

12:00 BREAK




Presided by Eratosthenes Kapsomenos

12:30 80 thoughts about Mikis Theodorakiss 80th birthday

Guy Wagner, writer, Mikis Theodorakiss biographer

12:45 Performing Mikis Theodorakiss works, the works of another culture

Arja Saijonmaa, singer

13:00 Mikis Theodorakiss political cachet on the international scene

Rashad Abushawar, writer

13:15 The values of Crete in Mikis Theodorakiss work and international activities

Eratosthenes Kapsomenos, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ioannina

13:30 Discussion

13:45 Speech by Mikis Theodorakis

14:00 Closing of conference

21:00 Popular Concert

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Hello Christina,

I hope you read already the answers of Agnie and Geeske at the topic discussion about songs of George Dalaras were you posted your question.

If you didnt read, heres the link:

Maybe I should add that we are not talking about typical Dalaras concerts, but his participation with the Oedipus Rex performance. To read more, go to this website. They also give a telephone nr.

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Thanks Angie

Will try to get tickets

pity there will not be a concert though

but i am sure the theater will be memorable


r u living in greece or elsewhere

i am an australian born greek

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I put here again a little update to the upcoming Oedipus performances, so you don't have to scroll the pages :pity:

01.09.2005 Theatro Katrakeio, Nikeia

05.09.2005 Theatro Tafrou Rhodes

08. and 09.09.2005 Theatro Vyronas, Athens

11. and 12.09.2005 Theatro Veakeio, Pireaus

30.09.2005 Amphitheatro Makariou Lefkosia, Cyprus

02.10.2005 Theatro Kourion Limassol, Cyprus

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Ann one more calender Dalaras appears only at 9th,and in the link you provided me about hellenicfestivel,it looks like the concerts will be at 8 and 9th of October...because of this little mismatch,I i would like to know if Dalaras will be performing both 8 and 9 or only at 9th of October :P ... thanks... :)

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Yes, youre right, its a bit confusing. But the first announcements from Athens festival told about 2 identical concerts. Meanwhile the information at the Greek version of Athens festival is different from their English version.

At the Theodorakis website they still talk about 2 identical concerts the 8th and 9th of October with this programme:

Carnival, Concert for piano "Helikon", Symphony No 1 (finale), Symphony No 3 (third part), Symphony No 7 (fourth part), Great Aria from the "Medea", Symfonietta (Scherzo), Concerto for piano (finale), Suite No 1 (first and fourth part), the Lovers of Teruel (three parts), Ballet "Zorba" (second action), Canto General (Voy a Vivir, Algunas Bestias, America Insurrecta), Axion Esti (I open my Mouth, Doxastiko) . Choir and Orchestra of the New Opera of Moscow , Soloist: Sofia Michailidou , Dinos Mastroyannis (piano), Direction Ilias Voudouris. Soloists: Maria Farantouri, Giorgos Dalaras, Petros Pandis, Tatiana Papageorgiou (piano), Direction: Miltos Logyadis.

I really dont know whos right :)

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and another loss for the Greek music

Moscholiou Breathed Her Last

16 Aug 2005 14:17:00

By Vicky Keleri

The great singer of Greek music, Vicky Moscholiou, died today after a tough two-year battle with cancer. The beloved singer breathed her last in the private hospital Igeia where she was hospitalised. The leadership of the Ministry of Culture en masse voiced its condolences over the death of the Greek singer. "The modest presence of our friend Vicky Moscholiou and her inexhaustible talent honored the Greek song, honored Greek culture. All her friends and all of the Greek people will always remember her. My warmest condolences to her family and close circle," stated alternate Culture Minister Fani Palli-Petralia. The General Secretary of KKE, Aleka Papariga, sent a condolence telegram noting "Accept my warmest condolences over the death of Vicky Moscholiou. She will remain in hearts for her beautiful voice, her great interpretations, her simplicity and character. Her contribution to Greek music was immense." The Ministry of Culture has taken up the expenses for the funeral of Vicky Moscholiou.

Her Music Career

Vicky Moscholiou was born in Metaxourgeio, Athens, in 1943.

She first takes the stage in 1962 aged 19 singing in the club "Triana tou Cheila" along Grigoris Bithikotsis and Doukissa. Everyone foresaw that a great singers career is just starting. She only stated her happiness over the fact that she is starting her career next to Doukissa and Grigoris Bithikotsis.

Two years later, her career reaches new heights when Bithikotsis introduces her to composer Stavros Xarchakos to sing the song "Chathike to Feggari" in the movie Lola . Her interpretation of the song will remain a special and unforgettable page in the history of Greek music.

From then one she collaborates with the greatest composers: Xarchakos, Spanos,Zabetas, Kaldaras, Moutsis, Theodorakis, Kougioumtzis, Tsitsanis and Vamvakaris.

Moreover, two nightclubs are named after her songs: "Ta Ximeromata" and "Ta Deilina."

In the early 1960s, Vicky Moscholiou performs concerts with Stavros Xarchakos and Grigoris Bithikotsis throughout Greece, while in 1968 she self-finances the first concert of a Greek artist in Cyprus.

In 1967, the great singer marries Panathinaikos footballer Mimis Domazos and attracts the attention of all media, while later on she divorces.

However, this great romance made her a mother of two daughters and a grandmother.

Translated by Eirene Nisiriou

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Vicky Moscholiou :

A sense of warmth is missing today. I never looked at my profession commercially. When I emerged, singers did not get paid the kind of money that goes around today. I did this line of work because I liked interpreting good songs, she said. We sang for all Greeks, regardless of political party, financial situation, education or whatever else.

And to read the whole article from Kathimerini 23.08.2005 go here:

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I just realised we didnt announce here at the English topic

The 10th of October 2005 Mikis Theodorakis will come to the golden green leaf, Cyprus. The 11th of October 2005 there will be a concert with Maria Farandouri, Petros Pandis and Giorgos Dalaras, accompanied by the choir of the new Opera Moskow and the Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra. The concert will be at 20.00h in Lefkosia, Tafro DAvilla.

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At the Theodorakis website they still talk about 2 identical concerts the 8th and 9th of October with this programme:

They made an update at the Theodorakis website. So, it's 'only' the 9th of October with Giorgos Dalaras.


Symphony Νο1, Sinfonietta, Helikon, Piano Concerto, Los Amantes de Teruel, Zorbas-Ballet. Choir and Orchestra of the New Opera of Moscow , Soloist: Sofia Michailidou , Dinos Mastroyannis (piano), -Direction Ilias Voudouris. IRODION, ATHINA


Carnaval, Suite No1, Canto General (Voy a vivir, Algunas Bestias, America Insurrecta), Μήδεια, Symphony Νο3, Symphony Νο7 Choir and Orchestra of the New Opera of Moscow , Soloist: Sofia Michailidou , Dinos Mastroyannis (piano), Direction Ilias Voudouris. Axion Esti, sol. Giorgos Dalaras, Popular Orchestra Mikis Theodorakis, Direction: Miltos Logyadis. IRODION, ATHINA

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The Greek newspaper Ta Nea announced today the winter programme 2005/2006 of Megaro Mousikis Athens

21th and 22nd of November 2005

to honour Mikis Theodorakis

Extracts from Medea, Elektra, Antigone, Lysistrata

Dresdner Sinfoniker and Eckehard Stier

Kamerata Orchestra and Alexandros Myrat

Singing: Dalaras

:) I edited these 2 concerts from the calendar, as I had a look at the annoucement and it seems these are different concerts :

- Αποσπάσματα από την λυρική «Τετραλογία»: Μήδεια, Ηλέκτρα, Αντιγόνη, Λυσιστράτη

Με την Συμφωνική Ορχήστρα της Δρέσδης και την χορωδία της ΕΡΤ

Σολίστ; Ευαγγελάτου, Τερζάκης, Βουλογιάννη, Κατσούλη, Σταμπόγλης κα.

Διεύθυνση χορωδίας: Αντώνης Κοντογεωργίου

Μουσική Διεύθυνση: Eckehardt Stier

Αίθουσα Φίλων της Μουσικής, 21, 22/11/05

- Έργα του Μίκη Θεοδωράκη για φωνή και ορχήστρα, με τον Γιώργο Νταλάρα

Raven, Επιφάνια Αβέρωφ, Λυρικά

Με την Καμεράτα, Ορχήστρα των Φίλων της Μουσικής

Μουσική διεύθυνση: Αλέξανδρος Μυράτ

Αίθουσα Αλεξάνδρα Τριάντη (ημερομηνίες θα ανακοινωθούν προσεχώς)

:) my translation:

Extracts from Operas: Medea, Elektra, Antigone, Lysistrata

Synfonic Orchestra Dresden, conductor Eckehard Stier.

Solists: Evangelatou, Terzakis, Voulogianni, Katsouli, Stabouglis etc.

21. and 22.11.2005 Megaro Mousikis

Works of Theodorakis for voice and orchestra, with Giorgos Dalaras

Raven, Epiphania Averof, Lyrica

with Kamerata Orchestra, conductor Alexandros Myrat

dates will be annouced shortly ...

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:D With the help of Dora, who had today a look into the 3 month programme Oct-Dec. 2005 of Megaro Mousikis Athens, we know a bit more

This is what she told us:

- Alexandra Trianti Room

10. and 11.11. 2005, 20.30h

George Dalaras sings Mikis Theodorakis

Axion Esti, Romiosini

with ERT Orchestra and Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra

Tickets: 13 euro (student), 22 euro, 40 euro, 60 euro, 80 euro

Sales begin on Oct 20th

- Friend of music Hall

22.11. 2005, 20.30h


extracts from the operas Antigone and Lysistrata

Dresdner Symphonic Orchestra, conductor: Eckehard Stier

Singers: Dafni Evanggelatou, Marie-Elen Nezi, Mata Katsouli, Julia Souglakou, Marianna Voulogianni, Carolin Masur, Takis Christogiannopoulos, Antonis Koronaios, Haris Andrianos and Giorgos Dalaras.

The evening before, the 21.11.2005, there will be extracts from the Theodorakis operas Medea and Elektra but without Giorgos Dalaras singing.

Tickets: 9 Euro (students), 15, 27, 38, 55 Euro

Sales begin on 27th Oct.

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Today here in the Forum started a new topic "ΝΤΑΛΑΡΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΙΟΥ ΣΕ CD" ("Dalaras Alexiou on CD"):

The topic deals with the following:

A Greek radio station ("Love Radio 97,5") plays a new song written by Haris Alexiou which is performed by Dalaras and Alexiou together. It is called "O allos mou eavtos" ("Ο άλλος μου εαυτός").

This song (together with a second one written also by Alexiou) will become part of a reissue of Dalaras' last CD ("Sta tragoudia pou sou grafo"). That means: This CD will be released again with the addition of these two songs!! That is a practice which ennoys many members writing in the above mentioned topic: They regard the reissue as a simple marketing measure of the record company. (And I think they are right.)

A member mentioned that the reissue is expected to be published in the mid of October.

The link to "Love Radio 97,5" in the Internet (there can be found the announcement of the new song, but obviously it cannot be heard there):

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There is a whole topic devoted to the birthdays etc. of anyone who is anyone in Greek music - not something I'd report on, but let's have an exception to confirm the rule: today, September 29, is the birthday not only of Giorgos Dalaras, but also of Socratis Malamas and Foivos Delivorias.

Let's all drink their health :):D

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Concerning the new song(s), in the meantime there was posted an article from the newspaper "Elevtherotypia". They write that the reiusse of Dalaras' record "Sta tragoudia pou sou grafo" will have 3 additional songs:

a) The new song "O allos mou eavtos", written by Haris Alexiou especially for Dalaras and performed by both of them together.

b ) A new song written by Andonis Vardis and Vasilis Giannopoulos, performed by Dalaras together with Vardis ("Mia zoi ta idia leme").

c) The song "Mystika" (also written by Vardis and Giannopoulos) which was already part of an older CD of Vardis where Dalaras had participated.

And to make things still a little bit more complicated, the three songs respectively the reissue will be released in three different ways (!!):

1. A box which consists of the old version of the CD "Sta tragoudia pou sou grafo", a CD single with the three above songs and a DVD with video-clips of some songs and an interview with Dalaras.

2. A box (?) (obviously one CD) with the initial songs of "Sta tragoudia pou sou grafo" and the three additional songs.

3. A CD single only with the three additional songs.


The planned date for the release: October 15th.

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IAs a new member, I am finding it very difficult to follow this web site. I do not speak any Greek. I am not of Greek descent, but I am a fan of George Dalaras. I would like to learn more about him and his music, but until I found this topic (need for English posts) I have been lost.

How do the English only speaking people here deal with recent information if it is posted in Greek only?

Best regards,

Music Lover

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Hello Music Lover

Welcome in this forum. :( The same problem for me. I also do not speak greek. It is very difficult for us , to " follow this web site". Maybe two years ago this was a international web site ,with half english and half greek language. But now we have maybe 90% greek language. :music: But we have this topic. :music::confused:

Have much fun with this web site!

Franz :music:

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Please keep shouting to remind us that we should post stuff in English too. I've reached the point where i simply forget :blink: :music::(:music: what language I'm reading. Franz, don't let us forget you, ok?!!

Music Lover, here's a first tip for you: go to the part of the forum with the tv appearances and interviews ( and look for the topics with translated interviews. The topic title should tell you. If you have trouble finding the interesting bits, contact me by PM - I 've got a list somewhere (somewhere......) with older topics containing interesting background information etc.

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How do the English only speaking people here deal with recent information if it is posted in Greek only?


I think they give up ...

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