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Ela Chris

this thread is geared more to your reply

from the message board

except I can't find it anywhere.  

I was looking and looking and to no avail nothing.  So I am going to comment here on a new thread.

 As you've mentioned before, Minos has never published any of Dalaras works outside of Greece.  

Since this is a rare concert he is doing and not one of his regular programs, then Maybe Minos can make an exception.

 Or at least produce it for a video.  Heres why I think so.

  If we had the chance to witness on screen what took place, this would be even better than the cd!  

Take for example, the Recording at the 'Mann Audotorium' Dalaras sang with the "Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra", the songs were beautifly performed and recoreded, but we don't know what took place on stage or why the long intros played from the orchestra took so long as when the next song would start in this format?

  If we had the video we could then interpret what is being played and why.

 Which then brings me to the point of another view,

PBS here in the states shows so many diverse cultures in performances from all across the globe but nothign of Greek or Hellenism.

   Well not entirely ture, they did feature Yanni 'live at the Acropolis' once or twice.

 But this doesn't count as his muisc was pure instrumental and no greek lyrics were sung.

 Here they show, the 3 tenors Pavorritti, Domingo, & Carreras singing in Italian but never any Greek.

This would be a good opportunty to for MINOS to record the video and have PBS air it on tv here in the states.  

  Now what do you think?

 Can we make this happen???

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Do you know there has been a concert with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra and George Dalaras at the Herodian Theatre, Athens. That concert has been on TV, so it must have been on tape somewhere. Has the concert with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra been broadcasted? If so, maybey you can get a video tape of that concert.  

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 Are you serious? You have it on tape? Could it be possible to make a copy for me and send it? What if I beg you?

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 By the way if anyone knows where to find past concerts that have been videotaped, please say so...

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   In addition too,

It would be nice if EMI released a copy of the concert Dalaras particpated with the Ossipov Orchestra

  either be cd and video of course.

 Chris what do you think, will Dalaras give us fans a sample of his concert he did with them?

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