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Hi everyone,

This is a message for Fadi and all the Israeli members of the list! Apart from Greek music, I also listen a lot to Israeli "oriental" music (Musica Mizrahit=Oriental Music or Musica Yam Tikhonit= Mediterranean Music)). Musica Mizrahit is a style created by the Jews from Arab countries that came to Israel in the late fifties, and has many similarities with other musics from around the Mediterranean: Greek, Turkish and Arab music. Especially Greek laika music has had an enormous influence on Musica Mizrahit, and many, many of the most popular and beloved songs are actually covers of Greek laika tunes. Greek artists like Glykeria and Dalaras are also very popular in Israel-as you all know both artists have given concerts with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, and Glykeria has toured extensively over the years.

I won't go into too much detail right now, but I'll refer to a very informative article:

The reason I'm asking Israeli members for help is that an Israeli cyberfriend wrote me that yesterday there was a documentary about Musica Yam Tikhonit on Israeli television. She couldn't record it for me, and I would love to have it! I'm planning to write something on Israeli Oriental music and the Greek connection, and it would be very helpful to have this documentary as reference.

>Tonight on chanel 33 of the Israeli Television (21:00 our time), they will >have a documentary about the Musica Yam Tichonit from the 1970s >until today. Its title is "Eastern Pole", directed by Ely Ben David.

>I assume there's no way you can watch it, so just FYI. Unfortunately I >cannot record it (our VCR doesn't work).

If you have any tape of this documentary or if you could advice me how to get it from Channel 33, or help me in any other way, please let me know! My e-mail address is:

I wrote in English because I don't know how well you read Greek.

All the best, Eva

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Hi again,

I forgot to add the second installment of Shaister's articles on Zohar Argov/Musica Mizrahit:

And if you'd like to hear samples (clips) of the style, go to this large Internet store for Israeli music:

Current bestsellers are Sarit Hadad (who sang in the Eurovision one year) and Eyal Golan, who both have a pop-oriental sound. I personally prefer artists with a more genuine eastern sound, like Itzik Kalla or Zehava Ben, as well as "The King" himself, Zohar Argov.

And for a simple of the many Israeli artists who sing in Greek:

Few of these singers are of Greek origin, as far as I know-they just love Greek music so much that they decided to learn the least that's the story of one of the most popular singers, Shlomi Saranga (the Israeli Kazantzidis!)


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