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I want to start a new subject.

Everybody agree that Dalaras is among the best singers in the world (if not the best for many of us), well what about others countries.

Who are the Dalaras from another countries?

This is a starting draft:

Argentina: Alberto Cortes

Espaρa: Joan Manual Serrat

Cuba: Pablo Milanes

USA: Eric Clapton

France: Jacques Brel

Mexico: Oscar Chavez

I have seen that all you people are something like music gurus, so, if all of you have such a splendid music taste to be a fan of Dalaras, means that are able to choose the very best of your own country.

Greeks, please dont dare to suggest any body different from Dalaras, no one can be the Dalaras from Greece, Greece already has his one and unique Dalaras.

Just imagine the formidable international music collection that we can achieve at our homes with the title: Dalaras and his counterpart around the world.

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Adel, yea, I think it's a good topic...

but also an impossible one!

Take Jacques Brel for instance (who by the way was Belgian, not French): compare him to Dalaras as a singer? The 'pathos' is there, but: Dalaras can do with his voice anything Brel could, but NOT vice-versa. Also Brel was no kind of instrumentalist and we all know what Dalaras can do with a guitar.

Or take Clapton - he fears no one where it comes to guitar playing... but his singing is *limited*.

Or (painful subject, but good example), take Bruce Springsteen: Dalaras got compared to him for his political engagement, his 'working class hero' status - but Dalaras is a better singer, a better guitarist, and a musician of wider culture...

It's just hopeless!!

Then I think of my own country and all I want to do is hang my head and :cry: . Our one and only rock star jumped off the top the Hilton two weeks ago and he had been as good as dead for a good while anyway B)

Perhaps we should have teams, not individual artists, to measure up against Dalaras?

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I agree for France, as far as I know...

I am not Turkish but if Turkos and Kesan allow me, I will say my favorite Turkish one, it is Tatlises. A great voice...

I know I am not exactly answering Adel's question but anyway...

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Sorry but Eric Clapton is British not American for a start, and he never could sing that well but is a master guitarist, as was Hendrix who was American.

It's certainly too difficult to do with British/American singers and bands as there are just tooooo many of them I think to put one in that category.  Everyone will have their own choice.

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Michael: There are no crucial point.

The Greek is nothing but a Καλός adjective to the title The King of Music

Lynne: Good to know that Clapton is British (a white British that sing black American music, I dare to say). You are right, the rock and pop music has to many sources in Αγγλικά, that the list becomes to long to reach an objective decision (Paul Simon, Lennon, Morrison, Elton John, κτλ)

Geeske: Thanks for the data that Brel is a Belgian (I met some people from Quebec that loved very much to Brel and considered him as a French Quebecois that born by an accident in Europe).

Im agree with you, NO way to find an Artist that fulfills all the abilities and characteristics of Dalaras. But it could be nice to reach a good list, now Im thinking not in a list by country, but in a list by language.

Nikolas: Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ for your post mentioning Tatlises, about Turkish music all my knowledge come from Tarkan (a young pop singer very famous among the young women here in Mexico) and is FAR FAR FAR away from the top list that Im looking for, Ill make a surf in Amazon looking for a CD from Tatlises.

Ευχαριστώ everybody

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I will probably go to Turkey next week and I am willing to buy a lot of tapes. If you are interested I can buy a couple of tapes for you as well!

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Chris Apostolakis:

I think that the difference could be:

"The Greek King of Music" = The King of music is the King, but just happen that he is Greek.

"The King of Greek Music" = The Greek Music has a King (the same as the Spanish music as a king, and the Dutch music has is own king).

So, in my humble opinion, "The Greek King of Music" is Universal and "The King of Greek Music" is local.

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Chris, of course I am picking on you :) - and don't you love it :)

Adel, you have got it.

Positionnal grammar (meaning where the words are in the sentence) is much more important in English than in Greek, because Greek has cases to indicate the function of the word, and English does not.

So, "THE Greek KING OF MUSIC" is much higher praise than "the King of Greek music". [Try it with another adjective - like "the dead king of music" vs. "the king of dead music"  and you'll see what I mean :)  ]

Back on topic:

Seems good to go by language rather than country.

I'll go with Clapton as a "match" for Dalaras on the guitar, but I haven't yet heard a good candidate for vocals. Pity that Freddy Mercury is dead. He could really sing. Most pop singers can't.

I'm thinking Sting is maybe not a bad candidate. He has other things in common with Dalaras: a looooong career, and a large curiosity about styles of music different from what he grew up with, and certain political engagement (though perhaps a bit more... how shall I say... naive? than Dalaras')

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Hi Adel

Great having you in the club and welcome.

First I'll take a stab at trying to answer your question and give my insight as to whom could represent the states as an equivalent American Dalaras.  

Hmm well thught about it but not certain  it can be done

 but for english vocalists I like

1. Richard Marx

2. Bryan Adams

3. Neil Diamond

4. Barry Manilow

5. Roger Whitaker

6. Kenny Rogers

All whom are very good but no one can come close to the strong charisma and depth that Dalaras holds.  

British singer Tom Jones would be another good candidate.

 Now I have a question or two for you

just to go off on the subject mater a little.

How did you first become acquainted with the music of Dalaras?

I see your from Mexico, Is Dalaras big there with his Latin music or more from his Greek music?

Which do you prefer more of Dalaras to sing in Greek or Latin?

Have any of your friends heard Dalaras sing in Latin and what do they think of him?

          Have you seen him perfom in Mexico at all?

So many more questions to ask but I'll stop here

You can email me directly or send me a reply through Messenger.

I await your response.  Always good to hear from a fan across the globe whether a new fan is greek or non greek.

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 Hey Chris

  LOL  man  

 You know you are absolutely correct!

Don't want to be modest of mine or your opinion but you are still correct!

The sad thing is: there really are no American or Canadian artists for that matter that can compare apples to apples with Dalaras.

i just had to choose someone and those were the only singers I will probably listen too when it comes to listening ballads from english singers.

 Besides if you notice, I was asking Adel for other information and I couldn't just overlook his question now could I?

 Incidentally, what do you think of the lead singer from Journey

         Steve Perry?

Lead singer from Foreinger,

         Lou Gramm?

   and British singer from Genesis,

         Phil Collins?

Probably all good vocalists but none worthy compared again to Dalaras.

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Are we restricting our canditates to artists still alive, by the way?

'Cause if not, I will put Queen's Freddy Mercury forward again. That man could *really* sing.

Or else we have to retract Jacques Brel, he's been dead for ages. Pity.

Phil Collins is of course not a good enough singer but he *is* a very good and versatile musician and I agree  we can mention him in one breath with Dalaras.

No one reacted to my proposing Sting - do you all dislike him so much or what?

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Well for Greece it is good to think who will be sort of a new "Music king for the future" Recently I was in Greece and bought Giannhs Ploutarxos's new CD: "Mikres Fotografies" It is pretty good. When the king gets old there must be a Prince that goes for the Crown. Who is it?

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The greater the monarch, the harder it is to succeed him (that's history).

But please, let's not talk about these disasters yet? It is not a pleasant thought...

Chris, I think Paul McCartney is a really good suggestion!

Were the beauty of the voice is concerned, he is no match for Dalaras, nor when it comes to virtuosity on the guitar, but he IS an excellent singer AND a good intrumentalist AND an extremely versatile musician AND one who has coped successfully with all the excesses of fame for even longer than Dalaras has. AND he is a very nice, unassuming sort of person, AND he had a great wife (untill she died recently).

Yea, best suggestion so far.

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Concerning artists that are from the Anglo World I think Cher or Tina Turner can be mentioned as Queen's of Music.

I even think that Cher is the only artist that had number ONE top-100 notations in the 60s, the 70th, the 80s and the 90s and maybe for sure in the 2000s

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Come off it, O3!! They are ok, but not THAT good!

Weird though, that where singers are concerned we automatically compare the men to the men, the women to the women. I never thought of it till this minute, actually - but now I'm not sure it's justified!

Why shouldn't it be a female artist who has the voice, musicianship, versatility and impact to (almost) match Dalaras' ?

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Sting is a good choice.  I like him now that I've become a little more acquainted with his material like

Desert Rose and Mad about you of course.  LOL


Strike II huh?

Well FYI,

I was next going to choose Paul McCartney but chose not to for the fear you would have shot him down too!  LOL

So now that you have heard my suggestion would about you?  

Is McCartney the only selection you picked?

  Queen's lead singer was not too bad of a choice either Geeske, for I liked some of his songs like theme song to Highlander.

Which reminds me would about

'Ian Anderson' from Jethro Tull?

and  'Ian Gillian' from Deep Purple?

I remember he did a duet colloboration with Mixalis Rakintzis titled "I want to get away"

Stanisi is good Chris but like many other singers, have come and gone and now has been put aside among everyone else.

Now how about Katerina Kouka?

We haven't heard anything new from her lately?

Has she too disappeared from the great legends?

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I think Paul McCartney would be my choice, although his voice does not really compare with Dalaras in range etc, but he has written some great music and plays guitar as well.

I saw him live once with the Beatles but have to admit that couldn't hear his voice - we were all screaming too much at the time!!!! Youth!!!!!

Christo, I used to see Jethro Tull and Deep Purple all the time and Ian Gillian definetely has a great voice, but I've never heard him sing anything apart from Rock music - even the ballads that they sung were rocky. Also I believe he had problems with his throat and couldn't sing much any more.

Katerina Kouka still sings - we get some clips on TV sometimes, she has guite a good voice, nothing special though I would say.

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Well you guys are going to think this comparison is crazy but Dalaras reminds me of Neil Young.I think they are very similar in musical styles and thinking about music..Neil Young is one of my favorite american artists and an incredible guitarist.He sings ballads to rock and roll..Neil Young like Dalaras, its always about the music and not about the fluff!!   Chrsto, about Katerina Kouka.I had the great pleasure to be with her and drive her around during the 1996 tour with Dalaras .She is an amazing artist.Great stage presence,good voice..She is one of the few female artists that has stage presence and captures teh audience..I wopuld say she was on her way to being the next Marinella..I think she is still making CD's but had her run in the spotlight and has now blended into the woodwork.I still feel like Eleni Tsalangopoulou is the female artist to look out for..Great talent,voice and a

sweethart..I love this woman.She is great! When she is with Dalaras there is chemestry on stage....I would love for her solo career to take off and she would do U.S.a tour..

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To everybody:

Im shocked about your music knowledge; but:

Did you notice that if you take away the Αγγλικά music, its just a little the options left?

Actually in Mexico there are only two languages (Αγγλικά and Ισπανικά), available in music, thats why is very easy to be engaged in endless discussions about who is the best in English, so every time that any of you mention a singer, I slap my forehead and say But of course, How could I forgot this one?, and is easy to understand, maybe 80% (if not more) of the music market is in English.

Thats why lets make an interesting experiment: besides Aγγλικά try to find an option (hard, isnt?).

Maybe you will argue that the bests are in English, but I have to remember you that the best is Dalaras and till now looks that his best music isnt in English, think about not-English female singer, most of you live in Europe, so, you know about Enya or Madredeus, and when I listened to them, their voice capture me in a swift strike.

It is very possible that with out English singers, there are no reasons for this thread.

Little sad that the universal commerce and business language, is the universal language for art and music too.

Thats not bad at all, after all we are communicating each other using English, the bad thing is that, thanks to his broad use, the English language cover other languages and fade their achieves and their musicians.

No need to state that Im not against the English (I owe too much to this language in my professional and personal life), Im just eager to make little more difficult and interesting the thread.

Hope not to hurt any body feeling.

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Adel, GOOD POINT!!! I second the motion!!!

About English, I recently heard the following suggestion:

Every thinking person should aim at knowing 3 languages.

1. Your mother tongue - obviously.

2. International business English - it is useful for communicating with "everyone else".

3. An 'adopted' language of your choice - to feel, in some sense, "at home" in a language/country/culture other than the one you were born in - to combat xenophobia - to learn something for love not money.

Of course, the author adds, this is a dream and not a very practical one - but think about it anyway. (This author is called Amin Maalouf, a christina libanese writing in French, and what he does not know about mixed identities is not worth knowing - also a magnificent novelist).

Some of us, I think, have had the practice before the theory: learning Greek for the love of Dalaras, e, Adel?

Now to get back on topic - to find a singer/musician, who does not (primarily) work in English, and whose musical qualtities and/or impact are comparable to those of Dalaras. Let's not have the ones we "merely" love as well as Dalaras. Fame comes into it too.

For Holland, as I've said before, you might as well hang your head and cry.

I've suggested Jacques Brel before, but he is dead so it's not quite fair.

The next I came up with was, horribly!!! Julio Iglesias - thank god he is forgotten, how I used to hate him - and one person I know said Dalaras sounded like him (I almost did murder on that day except it was so nonsensical!).

Then, one I like, Youssou 'N Dour.

Great musician, great voice, great band, world-famous, not even white let alone anglo, long successful career...

Then this post was grown very long again. Sorry!

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 ok just to get back on track

Heres one more suggestion
Does anyone else other then me like the singer
Pitsa Papadopoulou or even remember her?

 She had some really good songs in the past and she has been around for a very long time.  She is considered to be one of the big giants in the Laiko Style like Glykeria, Alexiou, Marinella and so on.
Although it looks as if her time to fame has come.
She may have reached her peak and plateau as far as becoming any better or more popular and the fact I don't we have a cd from her now for more than 2 years.

 Even though it sounds like her voice is crying at times, she migth be a good candidate to sing a couple duets with Dalaras.  
Then there is always Barbara Streisand but she doesn't sing in Greek.     LOL

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I think this is a meaningless conversation because every country - every music style has different qualities. For example Bob Dylan is my favorite man but it's absurd to compare him with Dalaras. They're different. And why compare/ find equivalents. I try to enjoy as many things as possible.

By the way ibrahim Tatlises has really a great voice -it was better in the past. But as personality and style it's not that good. For whom interested in the matter I suggest you buy his early recordings where he sings folk music from south of Turkey.

(Edited by zeynep at 9:49 am on Aug. 10, 2001)

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