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There is a very popular song of Haris Alexiou where George Dalaras is participating (is there a translation for "doing a second voice"?). Which one is it.

Simirarly, there is a very popular song of George Dalaras where Haris Alexiou is participating in the same way. Which one?

For both songs I am referring to a studio recording.

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Christo, I think that soc meant another song (as "Sarantapichos" is not a "very popular song" of Dalaras).

Let's start with Alexiou:

Soc, I assume you mean her song "I agapi einai zali" (obviously Dalaras is the second voice in the refrain, the last time it is sung). I think on this record there are also some other songs with Dalaras as second voice.

And the songs of Dalaras with Alexiou second voice?

I could imagine you mean "Apona matia" and "Kai pou den piga".

Alexiou also participates in the same way in some pieces of "50 xronia rempetiko tragoudi".

In case that I am right, let's continue:

There is a record of Alexiou (studio recording too) where Dalaras is playing Out(i) (in one [or more?] songs) and also (as far as I can hear) doing the second voice in at least one of the songs.

Which record and which song do I mean?

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My quiz is over since MIchael got the first answer right. For the second part I meant Oi eleutheroi ki oraioi but now I realize it was a stupid question since I had forgotten the Apona Matia

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