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Dalaras on stage today and from yesterday

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You know just this month I had started to listen to Dalaras again from quite some time. When announced of his all of a sudden surprise North American Tour, I had not listened to Dalaras old stuff in a long time only cause I've played it so many times in the past and I guess I got so use to it that it was time to hear something else.

Since then, I've tried to get use to the New stuff and wasn't able too at least Not as much as of the old for the Number of Reasons I'll post now.

1) The new style of songs maybe

2) The lack of songs produced (quantity amount) as from the past

or is it just that

3) The voice has changed somewhat from the past and not all that better today unfortunately to say.,

So, now the Tour is announced and he's coming.

All of a sudden the Excitement is there, The Great Feeling of seeing him gon Stage again singin with his Guitar and his fans Shouting "KIALO


and we the audience getting to shout out Requests like from that of "Orpheas Concert" "H Fantasia Dentro, Alana" and so forth

Btw - Fyi, I too got to do this and can't wait to be a part of it again

So where am I going with this you ask and why I write this?

Well it seems like so much change has aspired from Dalaras over the last 5-7 or so years. Some for the better and for some not.

The last presentations or long program concerts he's given in Greece, it seems to be always the Basics - you know them as:

1) Fantasia

2) , To Prepromeno

3) Helidoni Moy

4) Paraponemena Logia

Now don't get me wrong folks, all these are Great songs and Classic hits, but lets face it Dalaras sings almost over 1000 other songs.

Lets hear some of those Great songs too we haven't heard from him in along time.


To add too things and not to make matters worse,

The Old songs I began listening again in prepartation for this upcoming North American Concert, I remembered how much these songs meant to me growing up with him. The times I shared with friends and family listening to them the Happiness and Great Joy it brung me especially during times of good days and bad mixed with sorrow and pain.

And above all else

The GREAT VOICE Dalarsa had back them

OMG - Unbelievable!!! even today nobody could touch him back then

"If I were to turn back time", as Cher says,

I would LOVE to have Dalaras sing from that of the Mid 1980's style of music right through that of the Mid 1990's mix. of music he had.

You remember which ones all those from the cd's of that era too.

That genre alone was among the Strongest Higlights to me from Dalaras Music Career. The Hits he had in Concert then

Every song was a Thrilling Roller Coaster Ride!!! Perfection!!!!

And I would love to see that again today as I now realize how much I miss it. And somehow, Sadly to say I don't think this will be the case

If I could have Dalaras sing from just that era alone, that would truly be Bliss. Would about other members here? Is there a time too they liked Dalaras best from?

I would say I really do like the older stuff by Dalaras better, at least thats what I prefer from him and miss most. Maybe he will surprise and revise that a little bit from this upcoming tour who knows

in 2 weeks I'll know my answer


waiting to hear other members ideas to share

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His feet?

of all things to watch Hristaki

his feet?

I'd rather watch him play the guitar and see his emotions he makes form singing


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