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First fo all superb website.

I'm living in Uk and I can find just extremely expensive "compilations" and "best of". Does anybody know any European web site that features old and new records at a more affordable price?

Consider that unfortunately I can't read Greek.

I discovered Dalaras last summer while cruising by taxi around Hania, Kokkino Horio, Amiridha (sorry for dodgy Greek mispells), and I started trembling whenever I was approaching that taxi.

I'm Italian and Dalaras music is so far away, but so close to our Italian "pop" music. What I really like is the mix of emotions and atmopsheres George is able to build, mixing epical moments (that has something so common with some Morricone's intense soundtracks) with choral explosions.

I wish I could understand the lyrics!


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take a look at the thread "Links" on this webpage. There you will find a topic "Buy Greek music via Internet" with a list of online shops selling Greek CDs.

As you cannot read Greek, from this list remain for you the following shops whose websites are written in English or at least with non-Greek letters:

- is a shop in London, unfortunately the prices are quite high.  

- (in Thessaloniki) uses non-Greek letters (in order to find the CDs with Dalaras you will have to fill in his name in the field "Artist" in the following way: Ntalaras !!).

(If you have problems in ordering online you can also do it from this shop by e-mail.)

- (in Athens) presents its webpage not only in Greek but also in English. The list with CDs is quite small, but they write that they can also find other titles for you.

- Of course you can take a look also at the two websites in USA and Canada (at least in order to find out which productions of Dalaras are available)

Concerning the price, I think it will be the best to order from some shop in Greece.

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