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About upcoming concert - Erima Horia in Nikaia

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Hello everybody,

I really apologize for writing this in Greece section, but I haven't used this site for quite a long time. I couldn't find the English section(and if such section still exist, then I guess this topic should be moved there). I wanted to ask about the upcoming concert( Erima Horia in Nikaia] at 18th of September ), or rather the details: where it will be held, what are the prizes of tickets, how/where can I buy/order them, who will be performing and etc. (since my parents don't know Greece as well, to read the sites in Greece langauge, I would appreciate only English replies/links). Furthermore, any additional info, about the stated topic, would be really nice.

Thanks for reading/helping me, with providing any help...

Best wishes,


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With this link:

you find the first part of the programme of Cultural Summer 2006 in Nikaia, Piraeus. The Dalaras concert is not mentioned, but if you call (you find some phone numbers within the link) Im sure they can help you getting more infos.

And the english topic of this community you didnt find? Did you really search? B)

Here it is :

Προτάσεις, απορίες, σχόλια - Suggestions, comments, questions

And the topic is called: Dalaras, whats going on? Informations only in English

And the current page is here:

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:razz: finally the annoucement in English:

George Dalaras sings for the "Deserted Villages" in Nikaia, Piraeus

His summer tour started from Kelly, the most "deserted" village in the northern Greek region of Florina, by the western Albanian borders, and concludes September 18, 2006, at Katrakeio open-air theater of Nikaia in Piraeus. In his series of concerts, George Dalaras presented his very interesting and most recent work, entitled "Deserted Villages", with songs and compositions by Dasho Kurti.

Apart from the "Deserted Islands," George Dalaras also sings some of the greatest hits of his career -Mediterranean, rebetika and popular songs, contemporary melodies and ballads- that established him as one of Greece's most distinguished singers.

Along with Dalaras, two very special female singers, Melina Aslanidou and Despina Olympiou, as well as the exceptional soloist Michalis Tzouganakis from Crete, guarantee a most enjoyable evening.




Katrakion Theatre


20,00 - 15,00


+30-210-4278147, 4278161, 4278163

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