Ευρωπαϊκή Περιοδεία 2007

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And heres the official announcement from English version



Inspired by Rembetiko

Featuring: Melina Aslanidou, Michalis Tzouganakis


27.04.07 - Sofia / National Palace of Culture

29.04.07 - Budapest / Palace of Arts

01.05.07 - Vienna / Konzerthaus

02.05.07 - Munich / Cirkus Krone

03.05.07 - Stuttgart / Beethovensaal

05.05.07 - Frankfurt / Jahrhunderthalle

06.05.07 - Duesseldorf / Philipshalle

08.05.07 - Amsterdam / Heineken Hall

09.05.07 - Brussels / Forest National

13.05.07 - London / Palladium

3 differences to our plan:

they call him George Daralas :pity: :lol:

start in Sofia, and Paris is missing

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Φίλος από τη Βιέννη, που θα παρακολουθήσει τη συναυλία του Νταλάρα, την 1η Μάη 2007, με ενημέρωσε, ότι, μισό σχεδόν χρόνο πριν από τη συναυλία, τα εισιτήρια για μεγάλα τμήματα της αίθουσας(Konzerthaus) έχουν, ήδη, προπωληθεί! :rolleyes::music:

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Athina posted in the topic 'Dalaras at London'

I put here :wow:

Trehantiri started selling tickets for the 13.05.2007

Prices £30, £35, £50, £55

booking only by phone: 0044 20 8802 6530

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... and at the official website they deleted the concert at Sofia.

So I think this is the final version of the European tour 2007:

29.04.2007 Budapest Palace of Arts

01.05.2007 Vienna Konzerthaus

02.05.2007 Munich Cirkus Krone

03.05.2007 Stuttgart Liederhalle

05.05.2007 Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle

06.05.2007 Duesseldorf Philipshalle

08.05.2007 Amsterdam Heineken Hall

09.05.2007 Bruxelles Forest National

11.05.2007 Paris Le Grand Rex

13.05.2007 London Palladium or by call to Trehantiri

17.05.2007 Zurich Kongresshaus

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I believe there was a mention of Ntalaras closing the tour

in Athens in the Megaro on June 13th.

Is it still on?

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There was a rumour that the Brussels concert was not confirmed yet. Anyone knows anything about it?

We have a link here to buy tickets for Brussels

We have a link at the official Dalaras website to buy tickets for Brussels

Which confirmation are you waiting for?? :pity:

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Luc Pardon (he's belgian and maintains a totally amazing site about Greek music) has posted a list of the musicians who will do the tour with Dalaras.

Since it's all in Dutch, I'll summarize the rest: he has no hard data on the programme & what songs Dalaras will sing; his best guess is that it will be based on last summer's tour, and he's warning the Dutch/Belgian audiences not to expect a pure-blood rembetica concert, since that's quite unlikely.

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Here we go Thanasis



Giorgos Ntalaras

European Tour 2007

After Xaris Alexiou, now also Giorgos Ntalaras is getting ready for a new European Tour after 5 long years of lull. At the moment it looks as follows:

Sofia, Budapest, Vienna, Munich,Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London en Zurich. In the list hereunder we mentioned only the neighbouring venues.

The programme is announced under the "not-much-saying" title: Inspired by Rebetiko. Not much saying, as Rebetiko covers so many areas.

There is probably no contemporary greek music which is not inspired in one way or another by Rebetiko. Maybe the reason is that rebetika in recent years is doing quite well commercially, also here in the low lands? One does not have to be an engineer to figure that in such a tour quite some interests are involved. I.e. the number of available seats multiplied by ticketprice to get the idea the magnitude of the amounts that are at stake.

We, on the other hand, have no interest whatsoever in the number of tickets sold. We would have naturally liked to see that all Greek concents are full to capacity, then there will be more following because music without full attendancy-guarantee stands no longer chance.

But still, we find it better that someone rather stays at home than he or she run a disappointment. In the previous concert of Ntalaras, in 2001 (link to the relevant concert/ aaz), especially in the Netherlands, there was no ,or very little, mention of the accompanying artists. We on our part, gave not only their names but also their backgrounds, and on bais hereof we have speculated months in advance that you should anticipate "put it mildly a highly exceptional performance" . Yet there were quite some Ntalaras-fans surprised and shocked and at the end disappointed.

Also this time it is difficult for us to make predictions, albeit that we have gained in the meantime eight years of experience. Based on that (experience) we think that this time there is less danger of disappointment - that is if you do not expect a Rebetika concert. As customary, Ntalaras will bring along a number of less known artists who have sufficient talent to support him. This time the honour fell to Melina Aslanidou and Mixalis Tzouganakis.

Ntalaras had performed with them during summer of 2006 in various venues in Greece in a programme that was partially based on his recent album "Erima Xoria" (deserted villages). But the rest of the programme contained a wide selection of his old works in which all genres are represented: laika, endexna, ballades and - that's right- rembetika. It is to be expected,in broad lines, that also the European tour will be identical. In other words: the Ntalaras die-hards will stand more chance to enjoy if they could live with the fact that their idol is not going to sing by himself the entire evening. For Greek music lovers having some broader perspective, the introductionn of Aslanidou and Tzouganakis is an additional reason to attend the concert. Full volume loudspeakers is part of it, although this time do not expect hard-rock blasting out of it. But again, also for us it is difficult to predict.

We can however provide you with the names of the musicians :

Thanasis Sofras, Bas guitar

Giorgos Matsikas, Mpouzouki

Andreas Karantinis, Mpouzouki

Xristos Zervas, Guitar

Giorgos Papaxristoudis, Piano

Anastaz (Daso) Kurti or Zoi Tiganourgia, accordeon

Andreas Papas, percussions

Giorgos Marinakis, Violin

Giorgos Vranakis, Cretan Lyra

More information will follow. I.e. information regarding Aslanidou and Tzouganakis, over the album "Erima Xoria" and -if possible- the rest of the programme.

In the meantime you can get acquainted with Ntalaras biography (link given/aaz) which is not up to date since his last tour in 2001. Giorgos Ntalaras did not sit on his laurals since, he has a number of remarkable productions and cooperations added to his achievments. More about it later on our site.


Practial details

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Little concert-info from Budapest (MUPA- web-site)

"George Dalaras (Greece)

April 29. 2007 Sunday 19:30

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

George Dalaras was born in Pireus in 1950. His father was a famous bazooka player in the rembetika or Greek Blues movement that flowered in the 1920s and 1930s. This was the coffee house music played by Greek refugees from Turkey who were resettled in Greek harbour towns. After fifty years, this music underwent a renaissance which was launched by George Dalarass album 50 Years of Rembetika. In addition, Dalaras has also made many extremely popular and important records in virtually all Greek genres, from ethnopop to entechno scored for large orchestra. He has released sixty five solo albums to date and contributed as a singer to a further fifty. He has worked with international stars of light music such as Al di Meola, Paco de Lucia, Goran Bregovic and Sting.

In Greece, he can fill entire stadiums with capacities of seventy or eighty thousand people and while the Palace of Arts cannot compete with that, there is no question that we are expecting a wonderful celebration of Greek musical culture."


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Who is going to the Palladium? I am going to be travelling down on my own this time. Are there any arrangements yet to meet before the concert?

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Για τους Έλληνες ομογενείς της Ουγγαρίας

και όχι μόνο θα δώσουν μια και μοναδική συναυλία στο μικρό Παρίσι όπως την αποκαλούν την Βουδαπέστη ο Γιώργος Νταλάρας, η Μελίνα Ασλανίδου, και ο Μιχάλης Τζουγανάκης στις 29 Απριλίου 2007 στο Εθνικό μέγαρο μουσικής Bartok Bela. Οι τιμές των εισιτηρίων στον πολυτελή αυτόν μουσικό χώρο για την ελληνική συναυλία ξεκινούν από 2,800 Ft (huf) ή 11,50 Ευρώ και φτάνουν στα 6,800 Ft ή 27,63 Ευρώ.

Ενώ η συναυλία του Κυπριακής καταγωγής George Michael σε γήπεδο της Βουδαπέστης για ορθίους τα εισιτήρια θα ξεκινούν από 9,900 Ft(huf) ή 40 Ευρώ και φτάνουν τα 19.900 Forint (huf) ή 81 Ευρώ παρακαλώ. Μεγάλες καλλιτεχνικές ανισότητες. Πάντως πολλά μηνύματα έλαβε η τηλεφημερίδα μας για την συναυλία του Γ. Νταλάρα όπου μας ενημερώνουν ότι οι Έλληνες της παροικίας τον περιμένουν πως και πως, αφού δεν έμεινε ούτε για δείγμα εισιτήριο διαθέσιμο.

’ϊντε Γιώργο ,δώσε τον καλύτερο σου εαυτό σ΄ αυτούς τους Έλληνες που αγοράζουν τους δίσκους σου και τα εισιτήρια σαν καραμέλες.

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If someone happens to have an extra ticket for the Budapest concert, would you please be so kind to let me know? (It's for a friend who joined, alas, too late...)

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