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Mia Deftera

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Question for everyone

the ballad Zembekiko Dalaras sings

from the participation album



Μουσική: Μίνωας Μάτσας

I have this cd and says the composer is Minos Matsas

and with lyrics Thodoras Poalas

However, recently while viewing some videos at

greek Tsiftetelia music,

I came across a site that features a folklore dance group I believe who resides here in the states. This folklore dance group is better known as Tribal American bellydancing and not Middle Eastern as they are classified in the genre.

Tribal bellydance is normally found in Western Civilization and not so much from the Middle East.

With this said, one musical vid on there has a Piano background music playing as an instrumental this very same song. Surprisingly enough, it even sounds like a Zembekiko mode too which is how I recognized the song.

And said to myself, hey wait a mintue I know this tune, it's from Dalaras.

And it sure enough it even asks another viewer the same thing, as one viewer asks who this was or what title piece the musical score is from.

Well believe it or not, The dancer acknowledged it as from someone else. It was an unknown artist to me. Could have had a french or irish background name who knows. But the artist name is in English

and I'm unfamiliar with it.

I posted a comment informing her this song is in fact a Greek song

composed 10 years ago and sung from an International Reknown Artist named Dalaras of course. I don't know where she got her source from

but I mentioned the song is titled One Monday in english.

The other thing that puzzles me is I lost her user ID name on there

and can't go back to check and see what she had to say from my post,.

I can't for the life of me find her profle agian in there.

If someone finds her by a fluke doing a random search on tribal bellydance in the US under youtube, maybe you'll find her and set the record straight for her and for us. At least find out what she had to say.

I tried searching under Dalaras and Mia Deutera but no luck so far.


please help

I really would like to know who the true composer is as the CD doesn't mention this song being an International Foreign song re done in Greek.


I think Mr. Matsas and Dalaras would like to know who this person was that recorded it on piano and failed to give acceptance recognition as to where it was originally recorded from!!!

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